Gibraltar Gambling Commission

Gibraltar remains a British territory, although at this point it is self governing. Situated towards the south of Europe, the area has been associated with gambling since the 1980’s and it was in 1998 when the first gambling license for an online establishment was issued from this area.

Any online or land based gambling establishment that wants to operate from Gibraltar needs to receive a gambling license from the Gibraltar Gambling Commission (GGC) and it is currently one of the most popular types of licenses in the industry. Those who have spent any time playing in online casinos will likely have come across a GGC licensed establishment in the past. It is interesting to note that as much as 10% of the workforce within Gibraltar currently labours within the gambling sector.

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Submitting a Complaint to the GGC

Players who are considering submitting a complaint to the GGC should make themselves aware of the organization’s complaints procedures. The organization will always advise that players first attempt to have the issue sorted by the casino in which they have been playing, before turning to them for a resolution.

In the event that an issue is left unresolved and the player has exhausted any potential options with the casino, they should then refer to the guidelines for complaints submissions at the GGC, which begins with the filling out of the Complaint Resolution Request Form. It is important that players make their complaint as early as possible and keep all evidence pertaining to the issue, to make it as easy as possible for the GGC to investigate the matter, and to potentially aid the player and the casino in coming to a fair resolution.

Applying for a License with GGC

Before an online casino can apply for a license with the GGC, they will need to start out by proving that they have established themselves as a presence within this market. They also need to prove that they have a good reputation, including honest business practices. The GGC looks for reliability in the casinos that they license, and this is something that bodes well for players who might be looking to support these casinos.

All applications must come complete with business plans, and these should be both realistic and detailed. While many casinos might be drawn to Gibraltar because of their very low tax rates, obtaining a license from this organization is not easy, which means that less-than-reputable establishments will struggle to take advantage of the benefits offered.

The Gibraltar Gambling Commission not only has strict regulations for applying with a license, they also require that casinos adhere to certain standards in order to keep their license. This means that players will benefit from the knowledge that when they are playing in a GGC licensed casino, they are playing within an establishment that they can trust.

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