GTBets Offering Rebates on Horses

GTBets - 15% Rebate on Horses

Online sportsbooks are always offering new and exciting promotions to their new and existing customers, and that is definitely the case at GTBets. GTBets has just announced that it is currently running a promotion offering a 15(%) percent rebate on horses.

This rebate does not happen overnight, but it will be something that can be taken advantage of every single month. While there are some rules and regulations that come with this promotion, taking advantage of the 15 percent rebate on horses is extremely easy.

The amount of this rebate is accounted at the end of each month, and GTBets will do all of the math and put the money back in your account at the beginning of each month. The rebate amount is only awarded for net losses while betting on horses, and bonus money will not be included. This promotion is new to GTBets, and it is unclear how long it will be running.

Other Promotions At GTBets

The 15 percent rebate on horses is the newest hit promotion at GTBets, but it has several other promotions that you should be taking advantage of. Most of the promotions that it offers are for their current customers, but it is also trying to bring in new customers as well.

They are currently offering a 150 percent sign-up bonus, which comes in the form of two separate cash match opportunities. GTBets will match your first deposit of up to $500 by 100 percent, and it offers a 50 percent cash bonus on your second deposit.

GTBets also recognizes that bettors enjoy betting on their favorite professional teams, and it offers promotions with that in mind. GTBets will give you a free half-point on your favorite team in each of the four professional sports as a way to get you in on the action.

Game Time Rewards is the loyalty program offered by GTBets, and it can be joined when signing up for a new account.

Terms and Conditions

Even though this promotion is relatively easy to take advantage of, there are some rules and regulations that must be followed. One of the biggest rules and regulations is the type of bets that must be placed for this rebate.

Any bet placed on horse futures, propositions, match-ups, or any wager that is part of a weekly contest does not qualify for this promotion. Also, all of the wagers must be placed online to be a part of this current promotion.

To take advantage of this promotion, and receive funds from GTBets, the amount must be at least $1 USD or greater. GTBets will not credit any accounts for an amount less than $1. The rebates will be paid out on the first day of the next month at some time before 3 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Any account that has a withdrawal request within the last 30 days or any accounts that have had a profit over the last 30 days are not eligible for this promotion.

GTBets reserves the right to cancel and remove this promotion at any time, so you should take advantage of it before it is too late!


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