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The idea of online keno almost seems like a contradiction in terms. After all, Keno is truly an ancient game, coming to us from old-world China, about two thousand years ago. However, as online casinos have become increasingly popular, online Keno has proven itself to be one of the most popular games on gambling websites today.

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The Benefits of Play Online Keno

It’s a fact that playing online Keno is undoubtedly the easiest way of playing. It opens the game up to a worldwide audience, including those who would otherwise never enter a casino door. Playing the game online doesn’t require you to fly or drive to a casino, doesn’t make you spend money on gas and hotel, or even make you tell your friends that you’re going to go gamble. What’s more, playing Keno online allows you to play without being distracted by the loud sounds and blinding lights of the real-world casino. It’s a known fact that brick-and-mortar casinos deliberately stun the visitor’s senses with the sights and sounds to increase the odds for the House. This is not an issue for those who play online Keno.

Play Online Keno for Free or for Real Money

Another good thing about playing Keno on the Internet is the option to play for free. You’ll search a long time at real-world casinos to find a table that lets you play a few times “for fun,” just so you can get in some practice. This is common with online casinos and gives you the option to play online Keno for real money whenever you feel you’re ready.

Online Keno VS. Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino

Other than the ease of play, playing Keno online is not much different from playing it at any Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino. The rules are the same, but you usually have a better chance of winning. Signing up for an online Keno casino through us will offer you the benefits of access to strategies and tutorials, as well as an easy-to-access guide to the rules of the game. Let’s face it: If you visit a real-world casino, there’s not likely to be a guide with you at the table, reminding you of the rules and strategies and we can offer this while you play!

Online Keno Basic Rules

Even at physical, brick-and-mortar casinos, Keno is one of the most relaxing of all casino games. This is even truer when you play online Keno. What’s more, the rules are easy to learn. Here’s a rundown of the basic gameplay:

You play the game with Keno cards/tickets. With online Keno, these are virtual cards. Each ticket shows a number from 1 to 80. Each number corresponds to a number on a ping-pong ball inside an aerated machine located on the keno table (again, a virtual “machine and table” in the online casino). This virtual machine selects a ball at random.

Each player pre-selects 20 numbers, marking them on their Keno tickets. You then decide how much you want to bet and how many online Keno games you want to play. This is indicated on the blank space on the ticket. You – the player then gives his tickets to a runner (or online, submits them). The House draws 20 numbers. If the selected numbers match the player’s numbers, that player wins.

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