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The idea of online keno almost seems like a contradiction in terms. After all, Keno is truly an ancient game, coming to us from old-world China, about two thousand years ago. However, as online casinos have become increasingly popular, online Keno has proven itself to be one of the most popular games on gambling websites today.

    It’s a fact that playing online Keno is undoubtedly the easiest way of playing. It opens the game up to a worldwide audience, including those who would otherwise never enter a casino door. Playing the game online doesn’t require you to fly or drive to a casino, doesn’t make you spend money on gas and hotel, or even make you tell your friends that you’re going to go gamble. What’s more, playing Keno online allows you to play without being distracted by the loud sounds and blinding lights of the real-world casino. It’s a known fact that brick-and-mortar casinos deliberately stun the visitor’s senses with the sights and sounds to increase the odds for the House. This is not an issue for those who play online Keno.

    Another good thing about playing Keno on the Internet is the option to play for free. You’ll search a long time at real-world casinos to find a table that lets you play a few times “for fun,” just so you can get in some practice. This is common with online casinos and gives you the option to play online Keno for real money whenever you feel you’re ready.

    Other than the ease of play, playing Keno online is not much different from playing it at any Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino. The rules are the same, but you usually have a better chance of winning. Signing up for an online Keno casino through us will offer you the benefits of access to strategies and tutorials, as well as an easy-to-access guide to the rules of the game. Let’s face it: If you visit a real-world casino, there’s not likely to be a guide with you at the table, reminding you of the rules and strategies and we can offer this while you play!

    Online Keno Casinos

    Register now to get a better idea of how online Keno is played by trying the game a few times for free then you can try it for real money.

    Fortune Clock CasinoFortune Clock Casino

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    Slottica CasinoSlottica Casino50 FREE SPINS & 200% WELCOME BONUSVISIT CASINO

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    Casino RocketCasino RocketUP TO $1500 WELCOME BONUS & 50 SPINVISIT CASINO

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    Fastpay CasinoFastpay Casino100% WELCOME BONUS UP TO €100 & 100 SPINSVISIT CASINO

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    King Billy CasinoKing Billy CasinoUP TO $1,000 WELCOME BONUS & 200 SPINSVISIT CASINO

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    Trada CasinoTrada Casino10 FREE SPINS & 100% WELCOME BONUSVISIT CASINO

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    Mr Play CasinoMr Play CasinoUP TO €/£200 WELCOME BONUS & 100 SPINSVISIT CASINO

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    Red Dog CasinoRed Dog Casino225% WELCOME BONUSVISIT CASINO

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    Playluck CasinoPlayLuck CasinoUP TO €500 & 100 LUCKY SPINSVISIT CASINO

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    iLucky CasinoiLucki CasinoUP TO $500 WELCOME BONUS & 100 SPINSVISIT CASINO

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    Basic Rules

    Even at physical, brick-and-mortar casinos, Keno is one of the most relaxing of all casino games. This is even truer when you play online Keno. What’s more, the rules are easy to learn. Here’s a rundown of the basic gameplay:

    You play the game with Keno cards/tickets. With online Keno, these are virtual cards. Each ticket shows a number from 1 to 80. Each number corresponds to a number on a ping-pong ball inside an aerated machine located on the keno table (again, a virtual “machine and table” in the online casino). This virtual machine selects a ball at random.

    Each player pre-selects 20 numbers, marking them on their Keno tickets. You then decide how much you want to bet and how many online Keno games you want to play. This is indicated on the blank space on the ticket. You – the player then gives his tickets to a runner (or online, submits them). The House draws 20 numbers. If the selected numbers match the player’s numbers, that player wins.

    Tips For Keno

    If you play the lottery, then you will like Keno – but there’s not much to influence the prediction and the outcome of the game. It depends on how lucky you are!

    Playing Online Keno

    In online Keno, always play from 3- 8 spots and maximise the number of coins allowed. Before you attempt to play Keno, here are some useful tips that will give you a better chance of winning:

    • The computer uses algorithms or systems to pick the numbers. This is what you do: place the numbers in patterns rather than spreading out throughout the board.
    • When Playing Keno, REMEMBER the payouts and keep your winnings below the taxable amount.
    • Keep your numbers the same- the chances are you WILL win something. Even if you win $1, cash in and play again.
    • Playing the top two lines will increase your chances of cashing in. For example, pick 1,2,5,10,11 plus numbers of your choice. Vary your choices and it will hit at 5/7 and maybe 7/7 an hour!

    Playing Keno online is the best way to familiarise yourself with the strategy of the game. If you’re feeling confident, take a trip one of the traditional casinos.

    Playing Keno at Casinos

    Before you even step inside a casino, decide how much you are willing to bet. It is best to know that this stage, otherwise you end up in the red – so you were warned!!

    If you’re a serious player always, explore the different ways that the game is played online, at casinos, and at clubs, before gearing up to play. The reason you should do this to get an appreciation for different styles and to see the different payout schemes and selection choices.

    Once you found a site which offers the best payouts and selection choice, sit down a few games and TAKE NOTE OF THE NUMBERS – that way you can take note of the numbers that haven’t appeared in the previous games. The idea is that those numbers will soon appear.

    When you’re ready to play Keno, pick consecutive numbers, for example, 28, 29, 30, or 33, 34, 35. There is no scientific reason behind this – although the usual occurrence of the numbers somehow justifies this logic.

    Regular Keno players found that playing the same list of numbers and play continuously over an over games has proven to be successful, as the same numbers come up continuously for hours, days or weeks on end!

    However other players prefer to choose numbers that have come up recently, believing that there is something irregular about the selection process that prefers those numbers.

    If you do become interested in playing Keno for hours on end, it is best to select a large number of spots. That way, you’re guaranteed to win something on each card – even if you’re losing money!

    If you want to win life-changing money, you should play more spots on each card. If you get all the numbers on a card, the winnings are mind-blowing. BE WARNED: the odds of that happening is almost non-existent – having all 14 numbers are around 1 in 389 million.

    The History of Keno

    Keno is an intriguing game with just an intriguing history, dating back more than 2,000 years. We first find traces of it during the Han Dynasty in China.  According to legend, a prominent Chinese official named Cheung Heung wanted a way of raising money to provide food for his troops and to help fund the building of the Great War.  Heung introduced a game that would eventually evolve into Keno, paying to take part.

    In those early years, it was found that the best way to communicate the picks and results was by carrier pigeon.  This idea was clever because the soldiers were losing morale at a disturbing pace, and Heung was losing money daily until this early incarnation of Keno saved him.

    Surprisingly, Keno kept the same basic format for most of its 2,000-year history.  Most other casino games change more in just a few hundred years than Keno did in two millennia.  True, the number of characters has changed from 120 to 80, but otherwise, today’s version of the game is remarkably similar to the very first game.

    It wasn’t until the 1800s, though, that Keno found its way to the United States. This was during the massive Chinese Immigration of the 19th century, as millions of immigrants carried the game with them.  The game remained popular with these immigrants and also became popular with the locals in America, too.  One problem:  The locals could not easily distinguish among the Chinese symbols,  so they soon translated the game into simple recognizable numbers.  This was also the time when the character count was reduced to 80.

    Although the rules themselves have remained fairly consistent over the centuries, the name has changed.  There were several different names for it, including the “Chinese Lottery,” until the name was officially changed to Keno in 1931–the year that Nevada legalized gambling.

    After Keno became a hit in Las Vegas, it quite naturally moved out into other casino cities, such as Atlantic City.  Plus, as often happens when games became popular in Vegas, Keno travelled from the U.S. again overseas, to become popular in casinos around the world.

    In recent years, that has included online casinos.  In the 1990s, online casinos became practical alternatives to real-life casinos.  And almost immediately, Keno joined the growing number of games offered.  It has since become one of the most popular of online casino games.  And because the game has so much mystique associated with its history, it now seems almost blasphemy for any casino, including online casinos, to change it too much.

    At the opening of each Keno game, the payout chances are clearly displayed.  In an online casino, the minimum bets are lower, making it accessible to even the casual players.

    Today, the future of casinos seems to lie largely with online gaming.  Keno appears to be poised for a growth spurt unlike anything in its history, as the game opens up to audiences around the world, looking to become involved in this fun, mysterious game.

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