Best Online Baccarat Casinos in 2021

Here are the top 10 online casinos to play baccarat games!

Fortune Clock CasinoFortune Clock Casino

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Slottica CasinoSlottica Casino50 FREE SPINS & 200% WELCOME BONUSVISIT CASINO

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Casino RocketCasino RocketUP TO $1500 WELCOME BONUS & 50 SPINVISIT CASINO

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Fastpay CasinoFastpay Casino100% WELCOME BONUS UP TO €100 & 100 SPINSVISIT CASINO

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King Billy CasinoKing Billy CasinoUP TO $1,000 WELCOME BONUS & 200 SPINSVISIT CASINO

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Mr Play CasinoMr Play CasinoUP TO €/£200 WELCOME BONUS & 100 SPINSVISIT CASINO

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Red Dog CasinoRed Dog Casino225% WELCOME BONUSVISIT CASINO

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Playluck CasinoPlayLuck CasinoUP TO €500 & 100 LUCKY SPINSVISIT CASINO

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iLucky CasinoiLucki CasinoUP TO $500 WELCOME BONUS & 100 SPINSVISIT CASINO

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Introductory Guide to Online Baccarat

When playing online, players will often come across the game of baccarat in their table or card game selections. This classic card game has been popular amongst players, especially high rollers for many years. You will also see this game in Live Casinos and land-based casinos.

Baccarat will benefit the high stakes player, and it’s not unusual to watch players at a land-based casinos bet huge amounts of chips on a single hand. Many players may be intimidated by the game of Baccarat, however; the game itself is not difficult to learn or play. Being a high roller isn’t a credential for playing baccarat, and there are plenty of low limit tables at online casinos that will attract all bankroll sizes. Playing baccarat online is even more ideal than playing in a land-based casino as there are tips, strategies, and free play that teach players how to play baccarat before risking any real money.

To get started, players must select their favourite casino, and make sure they have baccarat available. Select the table limit that suits you, and feel your way around the table. There are only three betting options, and the tables are similar at any casino you decide to play. The three betting options consist of “Player”, “Banker” and “Tie”.

The game of Baccarat is strictly a game of chance, and there is no skill required to play, however, strategies and tips will enhance your time at the tables. Once a bet is placed, the object of the game is to obtain a hand of nine points or as close to nine points as you can. The player and the Banker are both dealt with cards. Face cards and 10 cards have a value of 0, while 2-9 cards are valued respectively to the number on the card. Players are dealt with two cards as is the banker, and third cards are drawn on certain occasions based on the outcome on an individual or relative values of the hands.

Usually, six decks are used to play baccarat, and they are shuffled after each hand. The payout odds are usually the same no matter the casino chosen by the player, however; the payouts may change slightly. The “player” and “banker” bets are paid out evenly, and the casino takes 5% of the bank wins. Ties are paid out 8:1, and the most advisable bet for players according to guides and expert strategies is always the bank.

Play Online Baccarat

Online Baccarat Casinos

It’s often known as the gentleman’s gambling game – but now you can play it from home easier than you can at a casino. That’s because, along with most other casino games, Baccarat has now found a home online.  Many homes are finding online Baccarat casinos to be a popular choice.

When you play casino games online, you can play for fun or real money. Even better, though, you can also be connected with a real live casino, allowing you to take part in an actual online Baccarat game with live dealers.  Today, most online casinos offer a complete range of betting, offering the same odds you’d get at any Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino.

Basic Rules to Online Baccarat

Baccarat is natural for an online gaming experience.  It has simple rules and game-play, so you need not worry that you have nobody in the room to explain how things work. This also means that there’s no need to worry about embarrassing yourself because you can’t play.

Unlike many other casino card games, such as online Blackjack, where you bet after receiving some cards, online Baccarat allows you to make your bet before the cards are dealt–a fact that newcomers find makes the game easier to understand (although also a bit more challenging).  An additional feature that is unique and exciting is that you can make money by betting on other players or the House, and how they will perform against each other. You can even bet that the result will be a tie (though it seldom is).

Online Baccarat vs. Land-Base Version

Although online Baccarat plays mostly like the casino-based game, there are subtle differences that are required by the fact that this is not a face-to-face competition.  Normally, you would find Baccarat in a quiet back room of the casino.  And there is usually a very high minimum to get into the game.

With online baccarat casinos, though, you can get into the game for considerably less.  Also, a unique aspect of online play is that every player gets his chance at being the dealer. It does not require; you can request not to be the dealer.  If you do decline, the dealer chores will pass to the next person.  The dealer continues dealing until the banker wins (making the game similar to online Craps).

Live Dealer Casino Baccarat

Baccarat is a gambling game that has been played for centuries and is famous amongst gamblers. Even James Bond liked to try his luck as baccarat is his favourite game. Many casinos offer this game but weren’t aware know of its popularity amongst online players and that all is about to change with live dealer casinos.

Everyone who is into online gambling should try it once. The game has two hands which you can bet on. The whole idea behind the game is to guess which of the two hands has a number closest to nine. The first hand is called the banker or dealer and the second hand is the player. The game begins when the dealer distributes the cards. At first, only two cards are dealt with, but the dealer might also place a third card on both or either of the hands, depending on their sum.

The game begins when the players bet on the winning hand. Though the players can also bet on a tie, that is a very unlikely outcome. For that reason, the payouts for a tie are the highest. The game has many variations and thus different payouts. The dealers also get to charge a commission of 5% on winning players.

All cards have certain predetermined values, which are added up to calculate the total of a hand. Aces have a value of one whereas cards between 2 to 9 have the same value as the number that appears on them. Remaining cards, i.e., 10’s and faces cards have no value and do not add any value to the hand. If the sum on a hand is a single number then that’s the value of the hand, but if it is a double number then the first number is ignored and the unit value of the sum becomes the value of a hand of baccarat. For instance, if you end up with one card bearing 8 and the other card bearing 7 then the total would be 15. 1 is ignored and the hand has a value of 5.

Before you start with a game, it is better to read the rules in detail. Play live dealer casino baccarat, if you’re into online gambling then you should try it at least once.

Baccarat Variations

If you are into gambling, American Baccarat must be a familiar term. The object of the game is simple; you need to bet on the winning hand, i.e. the one that has a score closest to 9. American baccarat has only two hands; the “bank” (played by the casino) and the “player” hand. You can bet on either of the hands or you can even bet on a tie before the hands are dealt. The bet should be between the table’s maximum and minimum limits.

Classic baccarat is a similar version of the game with high betting limits; intended only for “High Rollers” so not many people can play it. On the other hand, there is also a mini-baccarat, which is commonly played, but not commonly found in most casinos.

Though the American baccarat was the original, there are a few European versions of the game which have become quite common. The differences are; who is allowed to play the role of the bank, drawing rules and a few minor other differences.

Chemin de fer is a European version, mostly played in French Casinos. The object of the game is the same, and the hand values are also determined by the same rules. The main difference is that one of the players has to play as the bank rather than the casino. So you become either the bank or the player, and players wager among themselves. The role of the bank can be declined, which then passes on to the player on the right and the circle continues anti-clockwise. The casino plays the role of a dealer overseeing that the rules are being followed. Another variation is that the banker can decide whether to draw the third hand or not.

There 2 major differences in European baccarat; the player has an option of drawing on 5, and the banker can decide whether to draw the third hand or not like in Chemin de fer. Though in practice, most casinos usually follow the American baccarat rules. If the bet matches the banker’s fund, other players are not allowed to bet. A single player can cover the entire bet of the banker by calling out “banco”.

Other variations include different commission rates, the payouts on tie may vary, and that European casinos use chips for betting instead of real money like in North American casinos.

The History of Baccarat:  Then and Now

Baccarat, pronounced as ‘baaku ‘raa, is a card game believed to have been invented during the middle ages by an Italian gambler named Felix Falguierein and was introduced to France somewhere around l490. As an ancient Etruscan legend goes, a blonde virgin tossed a nine-sided dice which would choose her fate. An eight or nine on dice would make her a priestess, a six or seven bannings all her sacred rites and had to walk into the sea for any other number. Sounds pretty middle-aged! Soon the game was introduced to the French and became popular among the aristocrats, remaining elite for many years until it made its way as a plebeian game.

So much is unclear about Baccarat, that its exact origins remain mysterious.  Most likely, the game began, albeit in a primitive form, in Italy.  Nevertheless, the most prominent area during its early days appears to have been France.  A few historians argue that France is where we will find the game’s true origins.  Regardless, we do know that this is where it found its true, first popularity.

The game in its original French style became popular in England, where rules were modified by the gamers. It then spread to South America and then to the rest of the world. Through centuries, the game spread across the continents with different variants played in different parts of the world. Today three main variants of the game are known and played which are Chemin de Fer, Banque, and Punto Banco. Chemin de fer is the first French style and is still the most common form of the game played in French casinos. An interesting fact about Punto Banco is that it is strictly a game of chance unlike the other two in which player’s ability plays a role. Another modern variation invented is the mini Baccarat, which with its lower table limits and comprehensible rules has appealed so many people that it is a leading impact in casino’s, both land and virtual.

In modern culture, Baccarat is played everywhere, but it still carries the aroma of exclusivity and elegance in present day casinos. In most American casinos, it is played in rooms that are separate from other areas, typically behind velvet curtains away from the main gaming floor. The games usually involve high stakes. Minimum bets usually open from $25 and continue till $500.

The game usually attracts high rollers and celebrities owing to its elegancy and high social status. But with the Internet booming in every corner of the world, Baccarat has been breathed in with a new life and has become one of the major forms of gambling attracting millions of people on the virtual tables. Whatever your preference is- Chemin de Fer, Banque, Punto Banco or the mini Baccarat with lower minimums; online Baccarat has something for you. Despite the game appearing to be a bit confusing to a beginner, it is a remarkably easy game to learn.  There are a few rules to be memorized. Better still, it has better odds for winning than most casino games—another fact making it ideal for casino newbies.   This new accessibility to the “everyman” promises to keep the popularity of Baccarat growing for the foreseeable future.

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