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Playing with Online Baccarat Casinos

It’s often known as the gentleman’s gambling game – but now you can play it from home easier than you can at a casino. That’s because, along with most other casino games, Baccarat has now found a home online.  Many homes, actually, are finding online Baccarat casinos to be a popular choice.

When you play casino games online, you can play for fun or for real money. Even better, though, you can also be connected with a real live casino, allowing you to take part in an actual online Baccarat game with live dealers.  Today, most online casinos offer a complete range of betting, offering the same odds you’d get at any Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino.

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Basic Rules to Online Baccarat

Baccarat is a natural for an online gaming experience.  It has simple rules and game-play, so you need not worry that you have nobody in the room to explain how things work. This also means that there’s no need to worry about embarrassing yourself because you can’t play.

Unlike many other casino card games, such as online Blackjack, where you bet after receiving some cards, online Baccarat allows you to make your bet before the cards are dealt–a fact that newcomers find makes the game easier to understand (although also a bit more challenging).  An additional feature that is unique and exciting is that you can make money by betting on other players or the House, and how they will perform against each other. You can even bet that the result will be a tie (though it seldom is).

Online Baccarat vs. Land Base Version

Although online Baccarat plays mostly like the casino-based game, there are subtle differences that are required by the fact that this is not a face-to-face competition.  Normally, you would find Baccarat in a quiet back room of the casino.  And there is usually a very high minimum to get into the game.

With online baccarat casinos, though, you can get into the game for considerably less.  Also, a unique aspect of online play is that every player gets his chance at being the dealer. It does not require; you can request not to be the dealer.  If you do decline, the dealer chores will pass to the next person.  The dealer continues dealing until the banker wins (making the game similar to online Craps).

How to Play Online Baccarat

The dealer places two cards beneath the shoe.  He then deals two cards to the person that placed the biggest bet. These cards are faced down.  The player who received them looks at these cards and then gives them back to the person who dealt.  The dealer then places all cards face up.  Sometimes a third card might be needed, depending on the totals.  The dealer counts the totals and all winning bets are paid off.  Winning bets are those who correctly predicted who would win: the bank, the player, or a tie.  Exact rules as to the definitions of hands and who wins in what circumstance will differ depending on the version of online Baccarat being played. You should consult your online casino’s rules for more specifics.  You’ll catch on fast–and you’ll probably end up loving the game.

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