Make Money Using a Strategic Baccarat Systems at Casinos

Baccarat is known to be a game of chance and thereby, if you want to make money using a baccarat system, you need to be aware of your betting decision. This includes the bet which you decide to place, the amount of money on a bet and changing bets from hand to hand. It is very important to bear in mind that all strategic baccarat systems do not guarantee to win. The outcome is a pure chance of luck and hence, the system is used to augment the player’s payoffs when he wins.

Majority of these baccarat strategies systems are quite similar to Roulette Systems because they are primarily based on either increasing or decreasing the betting units as per the last bets. It is nonetheless important to manage these strategic baccarat systems with some own knowledge of how to use them if you want to make some money and do not want to end up with any loss.

A pertinent aspect to all baccarat systems used at casinos is that it requires some quick management of the bankroll. If you have a sufficient amount of chips in hand, you will never fall short even in the midst of a losing stake before you are able to win back the money you had placed for betting. Starting with a small betting unit can be beneficial as well as there would be fewer chances of getting stuck after hitting the table with a high limit.

A very popular betting system, Martingale System, is used by players where they are able to start with a fixed but lower betting unit i.e. $1 but then can double it as well after every loss. As soon as the player wins, he can go back to the small betting unit he started from. This again might remind you of the Roulette system used by players for even bets. This endows most of the players with a 50-50 winning probability and thereby, with each loss, you are closer to winning.

On the other hand, you have the opposite of Martingale System as a strategic system as well wherein you can double the bet after every win and reverse to the original unit in case there is a loss. This is known as the Anti-Martingale betting strategy which is followed by players who start with doubling the bet.

There is the Fibonacci System that is employed by players who intend to recover their lost bets and hence, using this system, they place bets that are equal to the last bets which were lost. After only one loss or a win, the player can then start by placing his original betting unit.

Lastly, the 1-3-2-6 betting system is another strategic baccarat system which is quite a beneficial one as the player initiated by betting only 1 unit and as he wins, he then bets 3 units altogether. A subsequential win leads to 2 units bet and another win in a row leads to a bet of 6 units. However, in case of any loss, the player goes back to 1 unit and then follows the 1-2-3-6 betting order following a winning move.

12 Baccarat Strategies

Because Baccarat is such a straightforward and easy-to-play game, it is often said that there are no perfect strategic baccarat systems that you can use to improve your game-play. This is debatable; many people have published some systems that seem to at least slightly increase your chances at winning. But regardless of whether you believe in the existence of strategic Baccarat systems, it is obvious that there are some tips that you must know.  Remaining ignorant of these strategies puts you at a huge disadvantage. 

Here are the 12 most notable Baccarat strategies

1)  The number of decks used in a game can vary.  The standard number is eight decks, but any time you find a game with a fewer number of decks, your chances of winning through the banker’s hand improve.

2) There are three options for betting in Baccarat:  Player’s Hand, Banker’s Hand, and Tie.  Both the Player’s and Banker’s hand offer a similar House edge, so betting on either one will make similar winnings.

3)  There’s only an extremely slight chance of tying in a Baccarat game.  If it happens, you get back the initial bet amounts.  But any time you bet on a tie to be the outcome, you can not get back the bet amount.

4)  Along the same lines as #3, remember that if you bet that a tie will be the game’s result, and if you prove to be right, you will pay 14 percent of the jackpot to the casino.  As a result of tips #3 and #4, it is rarely a smart move to bet on a tie.

5)  Baccarat is a game in which you are betting on pure chance. There’s no set pattern for a game’s outcome.  Never bet more than you can afford to lose because you simply cannot control the outcome.

6)  Before you play your first game for money, make sure you know the rules well enough to notice any mistake by the dealer or other players.  Although not common, a mistake that goes unnoticed could hurt you.

7)  Be ready to risk a fairly high amount of your bankroll.  Tis is considered a high-limit game, so you should establish a bankroll of between 20 to 50 units.

8)  Keep in mind that it is in your best interest to bet with the house any time the commission is less than 5 percent.

9)  On the other hand, whenever the commission is more than 5 percent, it is normally advantageous to bet that the player will win.,

10) Never bet against a streak of Punto or Banco.  Following a streak of three consecutive Puntos or Bancos, you should cease betting until this streak stops.  On the other hand, some people prefer at this point to bet with the streak a time or two.

11) If you find yourself in a streaky shot, with Banco and Punto both participating in short streaks, it is usually smart to play the streaks to continue at parole of three.  This will mean you are parleying the bet twice, betting on a win of three hands in succession.

12)  But if you are in a choppy shoe instead, you should bet that the side that won the previous hand will not win three hands in a row.

These baccarat strategies are considered basic–but they will help you win more hands than you otherwise would have if you had not known them. 

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