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Best Online Bingo Websites

Yep, it’s here: Online bingo has joined the likes of Poker and Slots as a popular online game. Many of them pay out real prizes. There are several benefits to playing online, too. For starters, most bingo websites allow you to play for fun before you play for a jackpot. This is an option that’s available at most online casinos. You’re either in or you’re out. Also, playing online means you don’t have to make a special trip just to enjoy your favorite game. It’s as close as your laptop computer.

But now, you can play the best online Bingo websites right in your living room. Are you ready to explore this exciting world that so many people have experienced for generations? Then don’t go to your local church or Bingo hall or even the casino. Instead, check it out the best online bingo websites right here at.

Brief Bingo History

Bingo, of course, traces its history to the real-world version. Despite the extraordinarily popular belief that Bingo was created either in Miami Beach or your Aunt Connie’s local Catholic church, it is, in fact, a rather old game which dates back to the 1500’s in Italy. Originally created as lottery played in Italian. About 150 years later, it managed to move up the continent into France where wealthy gentlemen played and added the cards, tokens, and reading out of numbers. German schoolchildren were taught the game as a learning tool; educating them on such things as spelling, animal names, and math.

80 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is and has always been the most popular and based on feedback it is known to be the best online bingo game. However, with time, and the increasing number of online bingo players, has caused an innovation of many variations of online bingo. One such form is 80 Ball Bingo. It has been around for some time now and was earlier called Shutter Board Bingo; because it was played on a board with little windows and shutters on them, but that was in the past. Now a lot of online bingo websites offer 80 Ball Bingo variant and it is kind of a middle road, between the 75 Ball Bingo and 90 Ball Bingo. Since it is a random number game, it is very simple and easy to learn. You don’t have to learn any list of rules or any complicated tricks, thus the game is loved worldwide for its simplicity.

Since it’s a game of chance and if it is your lucky day, you are on your way to winning. You can start off by learning the basics and practicing them in the first few games; with the free bingo money provided by most of the best online bingo sites. The game is a mixture of 75 and 90 ball bingo. The tickets on the 80 ball bingo are arranged in four rows and four columns. The tickets are of different colors; red, yellow, blue and silver.

90 Ball Bingo

The 90 Ball Bingo game has been classified into 3 winning stages:

  • Stage 1 is any stock bingo, which is a horizontal descent across the strip.
  • Stage 2 is termed as any two lines bingo, which has two horizontal lines across the strip.
  • Stage 3 all the numbers in the strip are called off.

You can pick to perform 90 ball bingo either for genuine cash or just for fun at nearly any of the best online bingo websites. When playing for exact pension, the winning cards begin appearing in the first dispute as you profit closer to the winning calls. The best cards will be highlighted in various colors. If you have a winning card with the ticket goes red. The names of the winners of 90 ball bingo and the amount they win are announced in declare of a flash pop that appears just nearly on the screen.

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