Beginner’s Guide to Online Blackjack

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Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino game offered at any online casino. They all offer the basic American and European Rules version, but more variants are being introduced frequently. Depending on the players’ software choice, there are many new versions of online Blackjack available. This is a well written online blackjack casino guide specifically designed for beginner players and by the time you finish reading this guide. You’ll be playing like a professional blackjack player.

    The general concept of Blackjack stays the same no matter what variant the player chooses. The player must try to get to as close to 21 without going over. The general rules allow players to use the deck to their advantage, and the breakdown is as follows:

    Face Cards - have a value of 10

    2-9 – are valued by the number on the card

    Ace can be used as a 1 or an 11.

    Players are dealt two cards, where they will then have a choice to “Hit” or “Stand”.

    Players will sometimes have the option to double down, which means raise, if they are confident in their hand, or split if they are dealt a pair.

    Doubling down is a great way to win more; however, players should use this option wisely as it could deplete the bankroll even faster.

    If you would like to learn more on when to “Double Down” or when is the best time to “Split”, I would suggest you read first, our full detailed guide how to play blackjack like a pro and to walk away as a winner.

    There is a computer dealer who is also dealt two cards, and usually, only one of his cards is face up. Players must try their best to beat the dealer’s hand, and should the player and dealer tie in value, it’s considered a push and the players’ initial bet is returned.

    If the player busts, which means they have cards that total in value over 21, all bets are lost. Should they be successful and beat the dealer, or are dealt a blackjack, the wins can be substantial depending on the bet.

    Different versions of the game have different odds, so it’s impossible to detail them all in this online blackjack casino guide; however, all casinos have their odds printed directly on the table for easy reference.

    Also, the limits on tables differ between software and casino brand. There are usually tables for average players and high limit tables for players that enjoy playing with high stakes.

    Depending on your bankroll, choose your table carefully. If you don’t find a table that suits your needs, ask support if they can raise the limits for you.

    Play Online Blackjack

    Blackjack is perhaps the most popular casino game in the United States, and this status is no different in the online gambling community. With the increasing popularity of online casinos, gamblers choosing to lean towards playing for digital revenue need to be aware of what to expect that may be different from playing at the tables. As is the case with many other online casino games, online blackjack has little significant difference from its physical counterpart.

    The first necessary task for the online blackjack player is to join a casino that has earned a reputation of trust. Most of the best online casinos, those that operate with honour and ethics, can be found on our site. One of the nicest things about is that most of the homework has been done for you.  You already know that the names listed here are trusted names in the industry.

    There are numerous basic advantages of playing online blackjack rather than heading to a land-based casino. Among the benefits is the fact that you can play almost instantly at any time, there are no distracting background casino sights and sound, and you can practice to your heart’s content under conditions virtually identical to “real world” play.  Practice mode in online blackjack generally plays the same, but with tight control on the stakes – not that this characteristic matters much, since practice money is unlimited due to the ability to continuously rebut.  Also, practising is not only a good way to warm-up without fear of loss, but can be used to gauge the hidden operation of the table to evaluate the effectiveness of card counting (see below).

    Online blackjack is classic blackjack, with identical rules to casino play, though gameplay options vary depending on the casino.  There may be multiple players to a table or there may be the option of a private table with stakes placed on multiple slots.  Blackjack pays the player 3 to 2, the dealer must hit at 16 or below and stand at 17 or above, and there is the option for insurance if the dealer shows an ace.  The rules for splitting vary: at some casinos only identical cards may be split, at others, any pair may be split if the cards share the same value as shown here for example (i.e. and ), and in the case of a split resulting in another pair, the new pair could be split as well or not depending on the house rules.

    The general advice for playing online blackjack is the same as advice for playing blackjack at the regular tables, with one notable exception: the online blackjack may shuffle the deck in the background after each round, which effectively nullifies the benefits of card counting. There is no clear way to tell if this is the case or not except to test the system in play, which is why spending time in the practice mode is highly recommended. Card counting is not possible with online blackjack and it will fail, so only basic strategies may apply.

    Online blackjack tends to be very user-friendly. For those unfamiliar with the online casino controls or for those just starting with blackjack, some kind of tutorial may be included. All things considered, the best feature of online blackjack not found in Las Vegas is the ability to practice risk-free to get a feel for the system.  It can be a viable means for the entry-level or recreational gambler, and a new challenge for the card shark used to play on the green felt.

    Live Dealer Casino Blackjack

    The real thrill of playing blackjack is at a casino, where you have a live dealer dealing the cards to the players and you are playing against the dealer. When internet gambling casinos started offering live blackjack among other table games, a lot of people took to playing online blackjack. However, what they missed was the thrill of playing against a live dealer. The casino operators realized that their traffic on the blackjack games was declining. Now computer technology has progressed in leaps and bounds, and costs have reduced dramatically.

    Nowadays almost all laptops and notebooks have inbuilt webcams and microphones. Also, webcams are easily available and come with inbuilt microphones that can be hooked up to a desktop computer. Online casinos have made their blackjack games live, and you can see the dealer dealing the cards and it’s almost like playing in a real casino. With interactive games being played, the player becomes more involved, and in case you get stuck on a hand you can seek live help from the dealer.

    I only play blackjack at live dealer casinos, I got hooked as I can play anytime and with the webcam and with the sound, I feel as if I am playing in a real casino. Live dealer online casinos have taken away all the speculations that players had about playing against a computer. Now you can see the dealer dealing the cards and it’s interactive. I don’t have to search for a casino, or head over to Vegas to play blackjack; I can play it from my home.

    When playing online live dealer blackjack, remember a blackjack game ends quickly and then the next hand is dealt out. Keep a check on how you are progressing in a game. Don’t ever over bet. There are so many online casinos that now offer live blackjack 24/7, that you can start playing any time and choosing the site on depends on you. Do check out the betting limits and the number of decks being used before you join a game. Winning and losing can be very fast in online blackjack; therefore, keep a tab on your bets. If a single or two decks are being dealt, a smart player can work out the odds of the next card that will be dealt with. Playing online live dealer blackjack is a lot of fun and quite exciting.

    The real thrill of playing blackjack is at a casino, where you have a live attractive dealer dealing the cards to the players and you are playing against the dealer.

    Variants of Online Blackjack

    Being that it’s the most popular casino game in history, there is no wonder that there are many variants of blackjack. In this online blackjack casino guide, I will detail a few of the latest variants available at your favourite online casinos. Depending on your personal software preference, there are many blackjack games available in the table game section, in most cases. The general concept stays the same, no matter what version you play; here are the general rules of three popular variants found online.

    Single Deck Blackjack General Rules:

    • 1 deck.
    • The dealer always hits on soft 17.
    • A player may double on any dealt hand.
    • The player allows doubling after split.
    • A player may split only one time.
    • Dealer checks for blackjack.
    • One bet position.

    Blackjack Switch General Rules:

    • The dealer will always hit on soft 17.
    • The player must place two equal wagers.
    • Cards are dealt face up.
    • The dealer will check for blackjack with an or . Dealer blackjacks will immediately win, except if the opponent gains a blackjack as well, then it’s a push.
    • The player has the option to switch the second dealt card.
    • A player may double on two cards.
    • Doubling is allowed after a split.
    • A player may only split once.
    • Blackjack pays even money.
    • A dealer’s total of twenty-two will push against any player’s total of twenty-one, however, if a player gets blackjack it will then beat the dealer’s twenty-two.

    Double Exposure Blackjack:

    • Dealers cards are dealt face up.
    • Dealer wins all push, except blackjack.
    • All player wins (including blackjack) pay even money.
    • Blackjack push pays even money.
    • 8 total decks are used.
    • Dealer hits on all soft 17 hands.
    • Player able to re-split up to four hands.
    • Player able to double on hard 9 to 11 only.
    • One card to split aces.
    • A player may double after split.

    There are strategies to play each of these games, and resources for players to use to get the most out of their blackjack experience. Beginners to blackjack should try these games for free, in a fun mode, at their online casino of choice; this is a great way to brush up on your blackjack skills or learn the rules of a new variant before risking any real money. has many online casino reviews which can be read to guide you to an online casino that fits your needs when playing blackjack.

    History of Blackjack Then and Now

    If your adrenaline starts pumping any time you see the number 21, chances are you’re a fan of the casino classic, “Blackjack”.  For those not so familiar with the game, that’s the card game in which the object is to keep receiving cards until you get as close to 21 as possible, without going over.  The ideal hand, therefore, is one which totals 21–and especially one which does so with an Ace and just one other card.

    The history of Blackjack is a somewhat murky one. Although we have hints of where and how it originated, we can’t say for sure.  There’s a growing consensus, though, that it originated in the 1700s at French casinos with a game called Vingt-et-Un.  This means “Twenty-One,” a name which is sometimes used for the game even today.  Vingt-et-Un is thought to have derived from two other French games popular in the 1700s, called Chemin de Fer and Ferme.

    There was another version of the game prevalent at the time in Spain. This one translates to “One and thirty,” where the object is to reach 31 in three cards (as opposed to reaching 21 in two cards with standard Blackjack).

    Twenty-one continued growing in popularity until it reached North America via French colonists.  The rules, though, were slightly different from modern Blackjack rules. For instance, in the early North American version, only the dealer was allowed to double, plus there was a betting round between each card dealt.

    Twenty-one was not an especially popular game until it started gaining prominence in Nevada casinos in the 1930s.  At that time, many casinos started paying 10-to-1 odds for a hand featuring a blackjack plus the Ace of Spades.  This is when the name “Blackjack” began replacing “twenty-one” as the preferred name.

    Today’s Blackjack is more popular than ever.  Not only is it played at multiple tables in almost every casino worldwide, but it is the second most popular card game seen on television (behind Texas Hold ‘Em).  Its current popularity is also seen by the fact that it’s been created in dozens of video games programs for home play.

    And now, there’s the most recent incarnation of the game:  online blackjack.  The online version features all of the game’s standard variations that are found in a physical casino. These include Spanish 21 (offering payout bonuses for certain combinations, and uses no tens), Vegas Style Blackjack, wherein a “bust” is not always a loss, as well as “Double Exposure, in which a player may increase his bet even after displaying his “up” card.

    Naturally, most online blackjack games allow the option for betting real money (meaning, of course, that you may win or lose actual cash).  However, there are also places where you can play the game online just for points.

    No matter how you play it, and regardless of whether you play for money or fun, Blackjack is an addicting game that continues to grow in its popularity.

    I hope that you found our online blackjack casino guide rich with useful information. So What do you say: Wanna play?

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