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Video poker is not just another online slot. In fact, more so than other slot machines, this game is based considerably on the player’s poker knowledge and skill to determine the results. When you play online Video Poker, it’s also a more of an interactive game than other online slots games are.

If you play online video poker, you can potentially determine the payoffs if you look at the correct place. When you choose the game intelligently, you could potentially hit a Royal Flush or other high hand, and thus come out as a winner. One other way that the player’s thinking skills are useful in online video poker is in betting. As with any other form of poker, a significant part of the strategy is determining when to bet (or fold) and just how much to bet.

So play online video poker with our comprehensive list of reputable gambling websites!

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Brief History of  Video Poker

Video poker was one of the earliest casino games that were ever played on the Internet. In fact, it was also the first casino game to be played on a computer at all. A crude form of the game was available on some of the earliest personal computers, dating back to the mid to late 1970s. Today, video poker’s popularity remains strong, exceeded only by the popularity of slots and blackjack.

Video poker is an old electronic game based on an even older card game. Some people believe that poker is the most ancient card game. It’s quite similar to the Iranian game of Nas, which was played up to 3,000 years ago. Game historians believe this game came to North America via New Orleans, being introduced by Iranian sailors in the early 1800s.

Because New Orleans was a major port of entry for both the western and central United States, the game of poker spread via riverboats along the Mississippi River to the ports of Nashville, Memphis, St. Louis, Louisville, Davenport, Kansas City, and even Minneapolis. From those places, the game spread westward with the settlers as they blazed new territory.

Then, as noted, as computers started springing up in the 1970s, along came online poker. Then with the Internet came the online video poker games.

Online Video Poker Options

Today’s online video poker offers you many options. For instance, you could play against other players or play against the computer / “house.” You can even download software versions of it to your computer that you can play by yourself (strictly for entertainment, not money). Other benefits of playing online video poker include the fact that you can learn as you play (without losing money), you have easy access to the rules, and you can play anytime you get the urge—even if it’s at 3:00 in the morning!

We Only Recommend the Best Online Video Poker Casinos

One last thing you should know is that you can trust all of our recommended online video poker casinos. That’s because all of our gambling websites have gone through thorough research and as a result, they are all found to legal authorities.

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