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Football Betting: How to Handicap

Football Betting: How to Handicap

Football, like all other competitive games, has one team whose quality is perceived better than the opposing team. The difference between the two sides is a calculation of historical dominance and financial backing as well as the form of the team at a given moment.

Other situational factors that come into play when determining football handicap may include home advantage, injury profile as well as recent transfers. For instance, if team A recently acquired superstar players or a coach, they’re likely to perform better than they have been doing in the recent few weeks.

All these factors improve the chances of a team to win over another in a soccer match. And, when you are betting, you must put all these considerations in the form of odds.

Handicap betting is, therefore, one of the most popular systems used in placing a wager on football, rugby as well as baseball and basketball. What you need to bet on depends on the handicap. The system adds more value to matches that are not quietly inviting for the punter.

So what is handicap betting?

Handicap betting is a type of gambling whereby there is one side that is perceived to be stronger than the two opponents. Although many people heard about handicap betting, they don’t understand it, and you don’t even apply. That is why this post should act as a tutorial to help you become better at the handicap.

Explaining handicap betting

In team sports, the outcome is mostly based on a specific set of factors. As aforementioned, these factors could include the form of the team as well as new signings and home advantage.

If one team is used to winning against the other, then it could mean that the odds are for that. When betting exchanges or online bookmakers look at these factors, they interpret them in terms of odds and represent them per player or team.

In short, they give a perceived probability of winning the match to the team that has more advantages. Depending on the odds, the difference between the two sides can be either large or even and sometimes too small.

When the difference between the teams is too small, then it means that the match might end up in a draw. And, when it is quite large, then it shows that there is an outright winner already.

Each team, therefore, is assigned a specific virtual deficit or surplus, and this the handicap helps the exchange to decide how much they can wager on each team. To get the calculation right, there betting market assigns specific points to players and advantages on each side so that they can find out the positive or negative handicap.

The favourite or negative handicap is the one that’s likely to win while the underdog has a definite handicap, which means they are likely to lose. You will earn your bet when after the final whistle, your chances are far higher than those of your opponents.

The Types of Handicap Betting Market and Systems

If you want to understand how you can apply the handicap system in games, then you must understand the three main types of handicap bets as follows:

Level Handicap

In a level handicap, no team has an advantage. In this case, Team A Versus Team B have no perceived differences in strength. Therefore, no bias value is assigned to any of these teams.

It could be that both teams are strong, or they are weak, and they belong to the same bracket, which means there is a likelihood the match will end up in a draw.

So, anyone who wins the bet must predict the team that is likely to score more goals than the opponent is. Of course, this doesn’t apply to one-sided and counters, but it helps to eliminate the draw.

And, in case the teams end up in a tie, it means that or people who placed the bet will have to be refunded because both sides have a 0 handicap.

Single Handicap

A single handicap is a situation where the teams have differences in strength. Team A and Team B have distinct advantages over each other. Therefore, there is an outright superior team and another that place as an underdog.

The superior team, therefore, receives a goal handicap that it is supposed to accomplish during the match. This could be -0.5 goal, -1.5 goal, -1 goal or anything like that.

In case you bet on a team with a -1-goal handicap, then it means that they will have to score more than one goal to cover that deficit. This is the only way that you will be a winner. And, if they only end up scoring one, then it means that it will be treated as a draw, and your bet is refunded.

In case the match ends in a draw, then it means you have lost your bet because you are already below there one-goal deficit. The same situation happens if Team B wins.

The Split Handicap

The split handicap is different from the single and level because you have the chance to place your bet on both teams. After all, their ability difference is minimal.

Therefore, you can split your handicap between the opposing teams. For instance, you can have Team A with a 0 and -0.5 handicap. This means that if Team A loses, then you will as well lose both bets. You will only win if Tim A covers both handicaps.

And, in case the match ends in a tie, then your stake will be refunded, but you will lose the 0.5.

But, both handicaps will win you the best in case the team wins.

No doubt understanding the concept of the three odds betting systems will help you get a return for your investment. The perspectives that the football handicap provides are going to open your eyes to the endless opportunities that lay ahead in your gambling endeavours.

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