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How Many Numbers Should You Pick When Playing Keno?

How Many Numbers Should You Pick When Playing Keno?

How many numbers do I pick in keno? This is the most frequently asked question about this great casino game. As a lottery-style game, keno requires you to select and match numbers in order to win. It isn’t a strange question if new players ask what numbers to pick for them to win.

So, we’ve done our research and created this guide to help understand how many numbers of keno players should pick to improve their chances of winning. Nevertheless, you should remember like other casino games; online keno is a chance-based game. As a result, there is no way to guarantee that the picked numbers will be the same once drawn. Below are numbers to pick when playing keno

When playing keno, you can choose between 1 and 20 numbers or 1 and 15 numbers from the 80 available numbers. Some games will require players to pick four numbers, although this varies based on the variation you’ve chosen to play.

Essentially, when playing keno, the best way to boost your winning chances is by selecting more numbers. Furthermore, you’ll have to strike a good balance between the risk and the payout multiplier. The payout multiplier decreases if you choose more numbers; therefore, if you increase your winning chances from choosing more numbers you might count the risk.

Perfect Number Selection

The best thing you can do while playing this casino game is picking between four and eight numbers. Essentially, this selection maximizes your payout odds and limits the losing risks. Selecting fewer numbers from this range will significantly minimize your winning chances, and choosing above this range might make it more difficult for you to match even five numbers.

Nonetheless, if you feel lucky and sure the numbers you’ll pick would match the ones from the random selection, you can then like more than eight numbers. Also, this might give you a chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

How To Choose Keno Numbers

Another fascinating topic that we’ve found is many players asking how they should choose the winning numbers. Keep in mind that keno uses RNGs (Random Number Generators) to select the winning numbers. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how you pick the numbers.

That said, there are different systems and ways that players use to make their final decisions. Following are some of the ways that keno players use to choose the winning combination.

Automated Pick

Keno has an automatic random pick that players can use to choose the winning numbers. The chosen numbers are randomly selected by the machine. This takes the pressure from you. This is a perfect choice to use when you cannot really come up with the numbers to choose manually.

Automated Pick

Lucky Numbers

In the same way as special dates, other players also have lucky numbers used to play. Their choice of numbers is based on the lucky numbers. It’s likely that when you use the lucky numbers, you might be the next jackpot winner.

Lucky Numbers

Special Dates

In the same way as lottery, most players choose to go with important dates or numbers that are special to them. This might include wedding dates, birthdays, anniversaries, or the day you bought your house. With this choice of unique numbers, you purely depend on the particular date to determine your luck.

Special Dates


Hot And Cold Numbers

If you frequently play keno or play multiple rounds in one session, you’ll start to realize that some numbers appear more times than others. In such a case, players generally choose numbers according to the frequency of numbers, which have been selected. Cold numbers are those that are hardly appearing, whereas hot numbers are the numbers that appear frequently. You can opt to go with the more frequent numbers or cold numbers. It’s all upon you to make the right decision.

Hot And Cold Numbers

Pattern To Choose Keno Numbers

While this might sound strange to some, most players choose numbers based on the visual pattern they have previously noticed. This might take a long time to figure out, and we aren’t even sure whether it works. Nonetheless, when you feel you’ve seen a specific pattern that seems to work for you and will ultimately get you the progressive jackpot, you can try it out. We don’t recommend you to go out searching for the patterns because winning numbers are randomly selected.

Pattern To Choose Keno Numbers

Keno Online Numbers To Play

In many online casino games playing more numbers improves your winning chances. While you cannot beat the casino edge, choosing the same numbers in different sessions will favour you.

Furthermore, picking cold numbers might also work in your favour. Some online casinos show hot and cold numbers. Therefore, it’s very easy for you to choose. On the other hand, you can pick consecutive numbers. The random number generators might now draw 23, but there is very little chance you’ll draw 24, 23, and 22.

Final Thoughts

Keno is a fair and straightforward casino game. There aren’t any complex strategies and rules to memorize, and the randomness through which numbers are selected is based on the random number generators and luck. In many cases, the more you play keno, the better your winning chances.

Whether you opt to play similar numbers for the next few rounds or choose your numbers using any of the suggestions we’ve outlined here. There is no surefire way to guarantee you’ll win every time. Most reputable online casinos even share the cold and hot numbers with players to help you make an informed decision. However, this doesn’t force players to use the cold or hot method to pick their numbers.

Overall, you should come up with a very clear strategy you can use when playing keno. Keep in mind that picking between 4 and 8 numbers will better your winning chances. Nonetheless, if you are looking to win a massive progressive jackpot, you’ll have to choose more numbers.

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