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How To Make Money Playing Online Poker?

How To Make Money Playing Online Poker?

If you are looking to make money playing online poker, you must understand the game. Success in this game requires sacrifice, dedication, and practice. Besides understanding the rules of the game, you should know the difference between online poker and live poker.

While there are many famous poker players who’ve won millions of dollars playing poker, like Phil Ivey, who has won the World Series of Poker about ten times. It might seem like a tall order if you try to implement the same strategy to poker online.

Earning a living playing poker is one of the most exciting things you can achieve in the world we are living in today, but it isn’t easy. It’s always essential to evaluate whether you possess all the necessary skills to maximize your profits. Thousands of players have earned good income at the poker tables, but each of them had dedicated many hours to perfecting their poker skills to become professional players.

In this article, we’ll help you find out whether you can make money playing online poker and some of the things you should consider.

How Much Does A Grinder Earn?

While this question might be impossible to answer in real life, if we start looking at things pragmatically, we can start forming some guidelines. For starters, you should note the amount and the rate at which gamblers earn more varies drastically based on whether you choose to play cash games or tournaments.

It’s often presumed that at the best tournament players rake in vast sums of money every other month. The main reason is that the poker games news outlet usually focuses on the festival’s winners. They do not consider the money they had to spend on the buy-ins. Because the net profits resulting from winnings are less than the buy-ins, the actual amount of money the player makes is less than most people would assume.

Learn From Daniel Negreanu

To understand whether one can make money playing online poker, let’s consider what Daniel Negreanu did. Back in the year 2012, Daniel had a very successful career, and a year later, he posted the breakdown of his results.

Playing about 51 poker tournaments, Negreanu accrued a $944,126 profit with a $166,300 standard deviation per tournament. Nonetheless, although the net result was, without a doubt, pretty impressive, things become more fascinating if you consider that from all the 51 tournaments, Daniel only won 11. In essence, this means that if he hadn’t won 2 outright wins (WSOP High Roller and WSOP APAC), he would have made a loss.

Technically speaking, Negreanu spent about $898,080 in the tournament buy-in and went through a 12 round losing streak. Moreover, although it can regularly pay to join a poker tournament, the reality is if you aren’t able to win a substantial amount, you might find that making a profit from the games isn’t easy.

The Interesting Case Of Gus Hansen

There was a time when Gus was one of the most dominant players of poker across the globe, but with the surge of younger poker players, who started controlling the game, Gus couldn’t handle the game any longer, and he eventually lost his mojo. Nevertheless, even though the players around Gus became better than him, he was still an elite gambler even though he hasn’t been able to win more games online. Technically, after playing a whopping 1,383,179, Gus has lost $15,628,983. The losses cast doubt on how skilled Gus is and contrasts the amount the player won in tournaments and other live cash games ($11,240,677).

How Can You Boost Your Earning Potential?

Now that you know what’s possible and what can happen when playing poker online, it’s wise to take enough time to look at ways to boost your winning chances when playing real money poker games. The game is quickly evolving, and research is fundamental if you want to hone your skills. Indeed, besides making sure you choose the suitable game, you must ensure that you understand the most modern gaming trends in the realm of poker.

For instance, in the past, a stronger player could 3-bet pre-flop in the wide range and still expect to win from other players who folded too quickly. Nonetheless, since online poker has evolved, many players have started embracing this aggressive gaming style, and today 3 bet pre-flop isn’t a powerful option. For you to take advantage of the recent change in in-game mechanics, some players are today raising less pre-flop. Furthermore, they have significantly reduced the opening wagers to 2bbs and 2.5bs from 3bbs.

You can stay updated with the latest developments by reading the newest poker strategies, reviewing your style, and checking for tips to play poker. Luckily, you can visit our website for detailed guides to earning money playing casino games. Furthermore, playing free games gives you a chance to perfect your gaming skills.

Another crucial aspect of this game is you must understand if you want to make money playing online poker you should change your mindset. For instance, you should avoid playing when you’re angry or stressed because it can quickly turn a winning session into a losing session since your emotions might interfere with you making informed decisions. Luckily, there are numerous resources, which can help you improve your mindset.

Is It Possible To Make Money Playing Online Poker?

Truth be told, any player can earn money by enjoying this game. Becoming a professional poker player is something different. Many professional players who’ve made millions playing this game have perfected the art of reading other players.

If you choose to play online poker, you’ll be wagering against the computer, and the game is run by random number generators (RNGs). Essentially, it’s you against the system since the computer won’t fold out because it fears losing, while human gamblers can be frightened into folding out a perfect hand, leaving the intimidator to win even with a lesser hand.

It’s for this reason why it’s easy to make money playing poker at brick-and-mortar casinos than poker sites.

Tips On How To Earn Money Playing Online Poker

If you decide to earn a living playing casino games online, the best option will be choosing to play tournaments or live dealer games where you get a chance to play against human players.

  • Proper bankroll management is very important for knowing how to properly manage your bankroll when playing online poker.
  • Implement a basic poker strategy – Do you want to win consistently? Then you need to have a good poker strategy that you’ve tried over some time and found to work to your advantage. You can do this by trying out the free demo games available at the best casinos.
  • Choose progressive games – The best poker sites offer players a chance to play progressive games that make it easier for lucky players to win big. Nonetheless, you need to understand that poker is a risky game.
  • Study the odds – Understand the odds of the game you wish to play and know different poker variants. Make sure you choose games with the best odds.

Final Thoughts

Overall, making money playing online poker is possible, but it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes both time and effort to perfect your gaming skills to become a pro poker player.

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