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How to win online pokies: finding out these secrets will provide real winnings!

How to win online pokies: finding out these secrets will provide real winnings!

All Australian gaming machines have almost the same names: video poker, poker machines, or “pokies”, even though many of them have nothing common with poker. Gamers use one of the three proposed options. The official name of the slot machines is “Gaming Machines”. Today, professional players are developing their strategies of how to win online pokies Australia and hone their skills. Owners of modern gadgets can use various options to play and win. They can use a browser, a mobile platform, or use downloadable versions of games to discover all the secrets of AU pokies.

How to Win Online Pokies: Facts of Development & Types

In 1995, the first video slot appeared in Australia, and the game was called Three Bags Full. The further history of pokies’ development emphasized both the technical improvement of slot machines and the variety of bonus games. The line of online pokies is so wide that it is sometimes difficult to choose the best one. There are no fundamental differences between AU online slots of different software. The basic principle of the game is respected: reels, pay lines, coins for betting, the spin button that starts the game. The breakdown of slots by main types is as follows:

  • High-dispersion AU slots. The group includes devices that give long lines without wins. Users can spend 100-200 spins without getting anything. But in the future, a combination falls out, or a bonus round comes, which not only compensates for the invested funds but also gives a tangible plus. The highly dispersed pokie is suitable for players with a large bankroll, which will allow them to survive the black line and wait for a big win. Such AU devices are the best variant for rather patient people;
  • AU devices with an average degree of dispersion. They often form winning combinations, and payouts on the lines are high. Black stripes that are too long are missing. Users do not need to wait for a pleasant bonus, as a rule, they receive it after 10-50 spins;
  • A large number of winning spins characterizes the low dispersion of the slots, but they rarely exceed the size of the bet made. Winning a large sum, which will block the bet 500-1,000 times, is almost impossible. Low-dispersion gaming machines are a good way to have fun in the casino, spend a pleasant evening in a small plus.

The choice of strategy on how to win online pokies should be based on the type of device itself. The development of computer technology (minimization) at the end of the 20th century brought to the gambling market a new type of pokies designed individually for mobile devices. Mobile pokies differ from online slots in that their design is optimized for small screens of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Tips on How to Win Australian Virtual Devices

Australian slots have several differences from the classic versions of virtual casino games. The use of video screens in the Australian type of slots helps simulate real reels. Besides, there is a special deposit bonus series, additional functions of the second screen and most importantly – absolutely free prize games. Australian gaming machines have the highest level of difficulty in execution. They allow users to play on several lines, the maximum number of which can reach 50.

Visitors of online casinos can also select several game paths simultaneously (up to 243). This provides players with a great chance of a possible win. According to gamers, playing in such a slot machine is much more exciting and more fun. The proof of this statement was the rapid growth in popularity and demand for slot machines. There are a lot of strategies on how to win online pokies. Winning money in an online casino is not difficult. The main thing is to choose a licensed AU casino and a virtual device with a high percentage of return. By it, they mean the percentage that the casino takes to itself – it varies, due to the software manufacturer. On average, the indicator varies from 1 to 3% (it is only about licensed clubs).

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