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Learn How to Play Live Dragon Tiger

Learn How to Play Live Dragon Tiger

One of the most popular variants of baccarat, Dragon Tiger is also very similar to Casino War. Initially introduced in Cambodia, the game has since spread to hundreds of online casinos across the globe. Asian players enjoy the face pace and simplicity of the game, which makes it perfect for streak bettors and high rollers.

Mainly developed for baccarat aficionados, Dragon Tiger is a classic game where the goal is to predict whose hand is higher–Tiger or Dragon. Like in other casino games, you won’t be playing against other players or a dealer. There are no extra cards that are drawn during the game, which makes Dragon Tiger more similar to Casino War even than baccarat.

Basically, only two cards are available in the game with 3 possible outcomes. It’s either the Tiger or Dragon that is going to win. The third outcome is a tie. Regular versions of this game do not offer multiple side bets. However, you can bet on the suit of cards to win and bet on whether the winning cards will either be Small or Big.

Keep in mind that the live variant of Dragon Tiger offers a Suited Tie option bet that has a huge payout.

How To Play Live Dragon Tiger

To enjoy Dragon Tiger players place their real money wagers on the Tiger or the Dragon. A player then waits for the dealer to place cards on the table. Both cards are dealt face up. No further actions are taken in the game. As mentioned earlier, the highest cards win the round.

The game is played with the standard 52-card deck that is dealt from the blackjack shoe. It doesn’t use any jokers or wilds. The game starts with the player placing real money bets on either the Tiger or Dragon. Dragon Tiger starts after two cards are dealt face up. The order and rank of the cards usually follow their numerical value. Therefore, Learn How to Play Live Dragon Tiger, Learn How to Play Live Dragon Tiger, Learn How to Play Live Dragon Tiger, and Learn How to Play Live Dragon Tiger are highest whereas Aces Learn How to Play Live Dragon Tiger are low.

While Dragon Tiger is still one of the simplest and fun games, you can find at the best online casinos, the game has a higher house edge as compared to Casino War or Baccarat. Dragon Tiger’s house edge is 3.73% on the 2 main bets and higher on a Tie bet.

With the 52-card deck, every hand has 86,320 possible outcomes. About 6,448 of the possible outcomes might end up with a tie with an 8:1 payout. Unfortunately, a Tie’s house edge is quite high at 32.77%. After you have placed a real-money bet on a tie and both hands are equal, your original bet gets returned and a Tie wins the payout of 11:1.

Over the years Dragon Tiger has become increasingly popular across the globe, especially in Asia. Recently, the popularity of Dragon Tiger exploded after Evolution Gaming; a renowned software provider released their version of live Dragon Tiger. An interesting casino game with two side bets, live Dragon Tiger is a very attractive game.

Dragon Tiger Software Developers

Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Xpro Gaming, and Playtech make Dragon Tiger.

Below is a quick look at the most popular live Dragon Tiger software provider.

Evolution Gaming

Live Dragon Tiger developed by Evolution Gaming is a great game. This is a fast-paced title with each round taking just 25 seconds. The game is set inside a comprehensive setting with Chinese symbols. Stunning light effects are perfectly synchronized to match the outcome of every hand. There are two optional side bets with payouts of upto 50:1.

Streamed in real-time from Evolution Gaming studios, there is no doubt that the Live Dragon Tiger reflects a cinematic gaming experience. Once the round starts, the dealer deals two face-up cards and places them on the table. Players bet on the highest card or a tie. The game’s user-friendly interface provides detailed statistics to players. The payout for each of the main bets (Tiger/Dragon) is 1:1.

Top Tips For Playing Live Dragon Tiger

As mentioned before, the most precise description of Dragon Tiger is that is pretty similar to baccarat and Casino War. Also, it has the foundation of Casino War and follows the betting system of baccarat.

1. The Best Option Is To Bet On Tiger Or Dragon

For those players looking to play Dragon Tiger without card counting or using any betting strategies, the best thing they can do is to stick to the Tiger and Dragon bets. The casino edge for these types of wagers is 3.73%. Just place a bet if you think the Tiger hand or Dragon hand will have the highest-ranking card.

2. Live Dragon Tiger is Ideal for Card Counting

The simplicity of this game and with only a few cards dealt in every hand, it’s very easy to count cards and know how many big or small cards have been dealt so far.

3. Apply Suit-Based Strategy

Like other casino games, luck plays a major role in Dragon Tiger. However, there are a few strategies you can use to boost your chances of winning. First, you can keep track by watching the suits that have been dealt multiple times. For instance, you can calculate the suit cards that are in play and the decks that have already been used. If your predictions indicate that after a while the club’s suit has been played less, the best bet you can place is on the clubs.

4. A Tie Bet is Not A Good Option

While the tie bet can help you win huge payouts of 8:1. They have one of the highest casino edge of 32.77%, which makes it one of the most difficult bets when playing Dragon Tiger.

Final Thoughts

Dragon Tiger is one of the simplest games you can play at the best online casinos. Also, you can never go wrong if you choose to play at Playtech or Evolution Gaming casinos.

Always keep in mind that betting systems don’t work when playing Dragon Tiger.

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