LeoVegas Casino Compliance Now Covered by Wag.io

The Advertising Standards Authority in the United Kingdom is an important part of the UK Gambling Commission, and adhering to all of their rules is important for any gambling operation licensed there. To help with LeoVegas Casino compliance, a new deal has been struck with Wag.io, a company known for helping with this sort of thing. They have an excellent reputation with innovative software ideas that have made it easier for operators to stay inside of the correct bounds while also helping to create a more friendly environment for players overall.

Why LeoVegas Casino Compliance Can Be Tricky

What you have to understand is that it can be pretty easy to mistakenly go outside of the rules and policies laid out by the Advertising Standards Authority because they are particularly strict, and a lot of the guidelines they have are fairly nuanced. Along with that, the penalties and fines for going outside of those rules can be pretty serious. This creates a situation where it’s like walking a tight-rope for the operator, so they naturally want to get as much help as they can reasonably get when it comes to this type of compliance.

This is where Wag.io comes in. It was created by Roo Wright, who is also its CEO, and he’s been around the online gaming industry as a whole for most of the time it’s been around. He knows the advertising side of the business extremely well, and he created Wag.io to help companies like LeoVegas to manage their advertising to stay within the rules and regulations of regulatory bodies like the UK Gambling Commission.

What Happens When There’s a Problem?

Something really great about Wag.io and how it’ll work with this operator is that it’s all about monitoring what’s happening so that problems can be spotted as soon as possible. When there is some kind of issue, they work with operators to help correct it so that it doesn’t happen again. As a result, the operator’s advertising processes steadily and systematically improve over time so that they become less and less likely to fall out of compliance, even with the fact that regulations and rules are adjusted and change over time. It’s a very smart way of handling things, especially when it comes to monitoring hundreds (if not thousands) of affiliates.

Staying in Compliance in Other Ways

Aside from the advertising and affiliate side of the business, which is covered by the Wag.io software, LeoVegas Casino also has to stay inside of key regulations for banking and other parts of the industry. While they want to make it easy to make online casino deposits and withdrawals, they also have to make sure that they avoid situations of potential money laundering and other issues like keeping player information safe. As such, they have special teams and working relationships with other groups and software that help them to stay within the given regulatory policies on these points as well.

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