More Fun and Excitement With Bet-stacking Roulette Strategies

Bet-stacking Roulette Strategies

Strategies for different table games have been developed over time in an effort to maximize a player’s chances of winning (or at least minimize the chances of losing). Roulette strategies are no different, but they often involve some variation of increasing your bet after each losing, spin, which is proven to be a one-way street to disaster. In single-zero games like French roulette, however, a bet-stacking approach can be used that takes advantage of some of the basic math behind how the game works to give you some pretty creative options.

The Concepts Behind Bet-stacking Roulette Strategies

The first concept to understand is that in single-zero roulette games, every single available wager has the same house advantage. What this means is that there is literally no right or wrong way to place bets in terms of choosing the bets themselves. This piece of information puts you in a position to understand that volatility is the only thing that changes between the available options. For example, a straight-up wager on a single number will have a much higher volatility than a bet on an even money option like red, black, even or odd.

The second concept to understand is that you can mix and match overlapping wagers as much as you want, but you don’t want to ever put yourself in a situation where you’re wagering on two opposing events. For example, betting on red and even at the same time is a good example of a basic bet-stacking approach. However, betting with red and black at the same time is always going to break even except when you get a green zero, in which case you lose. This is a no-win situation, and you’ll want to avoid this type of thing.

Third and finally, bet-stacking strategies in roulette work well with varying bet sizes as well. You’ll generally want to put smaller bet sizes on the wagers with the higher levels of volatility with larger bets on the lower-volatility bets. For an easy example of this, you may want to bet one unit on a straight-up wager while you bet five units on a even/odd and black/red wager each that match up with the number you’re betting on originally. By stacking up bets in this way, you can win several times if your number hits.

How to Make These Strategies Work for You

To start with, you need to pick out a wager that will be the basic wager that the rest of the strategy is built around. This is typically the bet with the highest volatility of the bunch that you’re interested in. The amount that you wager on this bet will be called your betting unit no matter the actual monetary value.

From there, you’ll pick other wagers with lower levels of volatility that overlap with your original bet. By overlap, we mean that you must pick other bets that will also win if your original bet is a winner. For example, if you pick a straight-up bet on 1 in a French roulette game, then a bet on 1-6, 1-18, red or odd would all be good additional bets to use. You’ll also wager larger numbers of your betting unit on these extra bets. Put all of that together, and you have a customized, bet-stacking strategy.

Pick the Right Roulette Game

We have a guide to roulette online that will help you to find the right games and right casinos to fit what you’re looking for so that you get the best values. The strategies we have discussed above will work on all single-zero games other than mini roulette, and you’ll want to make sure to avoid the double-zero American roulette tables as well.

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