Net Entertainment Canada Players Abruptly Blocked

net entertainment canada

There’s no denying that Net Entertainment is one of the top online casino software providers in the world, particularly when it comes to high-quality online slots. However, they’re also known for being very cautious about where they offer their games, and they tend to focus exclusively on areas where the games are explicitly regulated, licensed and legal. This has led to them recently deciding to completely pull out of the market in an unexpected country: Net Entertainment Canada games have been pulled completely until further notice.

Why the Net Entertainment Canada Ban Happened

If you like to play online slots powered by NetEnt and you live in Canada, you’re going to be disappointed with this ban, and you might wonder what caused it. The simple fact of the matter is that the legal environment in Canada is a bit more complicated than many people believe. The federal government allows the provinces to run their own games, and the only type of gambling banned on a national level is sports betting on one or more contests (betting on three or more in a parlay is not banned).

However, provinces are not allowed to create licensing jurisdictions and go that route. Instead, they have to operate their own portal, and this makes it extremely difficult for them to compete with foreign sites. While most provinces that regulate the industry have laws not allowing their players to play with foreign casinos, the fact of the matter is that there is no enforcement, and there are no effective means of blacklisting sites because of net neutrality concerns.

The State of Affairs in Canada

As a result of this atypical legal situation, Net Entertainment has decided to pull out of the country for the time being. This is in line with how they have handled other situations, and it’s also coming at a time when they have gotten a strong foothold in New Jersey and are looking at other regulated state jurisdictions that could be coming up soon in the United States like Michigan and Pennsylvania. In short, Canada needs to reform their legal approach to online gambling before NetEnt is going to be comfortable getting back in on the action.

What Should Canadian Players Do?

At this point, the Net Entertainment Canada games are done, but Canadian players still have plenty of other options for high-quality video slots. The Microgaming Quickfire platform in particular, especially when paired with BetSoft, provides tons of high-quality games and several new releases each month. Because the Quickfire platform includes games from great providers like Quickspin, Endorphina, Rabcat and others, you’re getting more than just great Microgaming titles. Moreover, when you add BetSoft to the mix, you’re getting slots with some of the best graphics that you can find anywhere in the industry.


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