New Microgaming Deal Could See Tarzan Online Slot

Tarzan Online Slots

In the online casino world, one of the reasons why there are so many more slots than any other type of game is that such a wide range of themes and concepts can be used for the titles. A new group of Tarzan online slot games could be coming from Microgaming along these lines after they’ve signed a licensing agreement that lets them produce games using the characters from this series, who have been around for over a century (having originated in 1912).

Launch Date for the Tarzan Online Slot

There is no concrete launch date for this game just yet, but Microgaming has pointed out in a press release that they expect it to release before the end of 2016. They’ve also noted that there will likely be multiple launches in a series thanks to this agreement, and that’s the type of thing that players like to see more of. When you get multiple games in the same line, that creates a lot of new opportunities for features and storyline progression, both of which drastically increase replay value.

Pushing Against the Competition

Something Microgaming has had to deal with, in particular since the revamping of UK regulations, is the fact that they have fewer operators running in a number of major markets. This regulatory chance combined with a shifting paradigm in the online casino industry as a whole put them into a position where they’ve had to focus a lot more on the quality of their releases and not just the quantity of them.

If you look at the average online casino these days and compare it to five or six years ago, you’ll find that operators now are much more likely to go for titles from multiple software providers. The point is that they want as wide of a range of high-quality games as they can get, and this is what led to the major push that the Microgaming Quickfire platform has gotten. It has a number of games from third-party providers, and it cuts out a lot of their older, lower-quality titles at the same time.

Moving Forward With Tarzan

The upcoming Tarzan online slot is a good example of how Microgaming has been changing things up and going for brands and concepts that set them apart from the competition. They know that they can really turn up the heat on specific releases due to having an overwhelming insight of how things work, and we’ve seen this before with Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park, for instance. If they go this route with Tarzan, then they could easily end up with the most popular game in the second half of 2016.


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