NYX Gaming Group Earns Online Romanian License


In the current state of the online gambling world, getting a license in the countries you want to operate in has become more of a reality than it would have been ten years ago. The reason for this is that each country, especially in Europe, has their own licensing process, and while they all share common threads, they also have individual differences that make them unique. That’s why the NYX Gaming Group earning their Romanian license for their online gambling license (Class 2) is so important to their growth.

Major Growth for the NYX Gaming Group

If you look at any list of the 25 to 50 of the newest online casinos available today, what you’ll find is that games from NYX’s OGS (Open Gaming System) platform will most likely be found all over it. While they don’t go so far as to develop their own in-house titles very much, they have purchased a number of high-quality studios that produce games and other content. From there, they’ve produced their Open Gaming System platform, which combines titles from multiple providers and puts them together in an easy-to-use package for online casino sites.

The Importance of the Romanian License

Software platform companies like NYX have to focus on their growth strategy in terms of getting into different individual markets. To get into a specific market, they have to apply for a license, make sure they are adhering to the rules, regulations and policies of that license, and then if they’re accepted, they get to offer their games in the region. They have to do this over and over again, which costs a fair bit of money, time and other resources, which might not be optimal in the short-run, but it gives them a long-term advantage in terms of getting their titles in front of more and more players.

The best way for companies like this to keep ahead of the competition is to get into markets that have opened their doors as quickly as possible. This allows them to establish a foothold and grow faster than companies that come on the scene later. That’s exactly what they’ve done in Romania with this move to get a Class 2 license.

What’s in the Future for This Company?

The NYX Gaming Group has titles from companies like NextGen Gaming, which they acquired, and titles from other developers like 1x2gaming, Aristocrat, Amaya and ELK through content distribution agreements. This gives them a tremendous selection of high-quality titles to offer players, and they’ve done an awesome job of providing a great platform that we’re sure will do well in the emerging Romanian market.


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