Odds to Win 2018 FIFA World Cup

odds to win 2018 fifa world cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off this weekend, and will take place in Russia. The United States failed to qualify for the 2018 tournament, but there will still be great intrigue and excitement for American futbol fans. Let’s take a look at the betting odds of teams with a realistic chance to win.

The Favorites

Brazil +450: Brazil comes into the 2018 FIFA World Cup as the early favorites, but this is a deep and talented field. Brazil is hoping to get some revenge this year, after a disastrous defeat to Germany in the 2014 World Cup Final. Brazil has a pretty favorable draw in group E, which features Costa Rica, Switzerland, and Serbia. The Brazil team is led by Neymar, but has a roster full of talent.

Germany +475: Germany will be looking to win their second straight FIFA World Cup, and have the second best betting odds. The Germans stormed past Brazil in the 2014 Final, blasting 7 goals en route to their 4th World Cup title. Germany dominated teams in World Cup qualifying play and will open the World Cup as the favorites in group F, but a tough Mexico team awaits.

Spain +600: The Spain team features one of the most experienced roster in the 2018 World Cup, and they know how to perform on the big stage. Spain finds themselves in group B, where a dangerous Portugal team awaits. If Spain can mix young talent with their experienced group, they could be the team to beat.

France +650:  France is the clear favorite to win group C, with only Peru posing a real threat to them in group stage. France’s hopes will lean heavily on Paul Pogba, who is capable of doing many things to help his team win. France is a team to keep an eye on.

The Sleepers

Argentina +950: Argentina could arguably be considered a favorite to win this field, but it is yet to be seen, but having the fifth best odds lands them in the “sleeper” group. Lionel Messi will get perhaps his final chance to win a World Cup, and he always performs on the big stage. Argentina will go as far as Messi can take them, and he might be able to take them all the way.

Belgium +1200: Kevin De Bruyne is the key player to watch for the Belgium team. Belgium has underperformed in recent years, but have the talent to contend for a World Cup Title. It appears that Belgium and England will square off for the right to advance out of group G.

England +1500: England comes into this tournament with a question mark in goal, but the England team is filled with young, exciting talent. If England can find a way past Belgium in the group stage, they could receive a favorable path to the Final.

Best of the Rest

Uruguay +2500:  Uruguay struggles to score goals, but also is one of the best in the world at not allowing them. Uruguay will go as far as their defense can take them. Uruguay appears to be the favorite in group A, but will have to deal with the host country.

Portugal +2800: Portugal faces a tough test in the group stage, having to take on the experience team from Spain. If Portugal can advance out of group stage, they could find a way to make a deep run.

Russia +5000:  Russia hopes that hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup will give them a boost needed to advance deep into the tournament. Realistically, the Russia team is a longshot, but it would be fun to see the host team win the World Cup.

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