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online casino customer service

Online Casino Customer ServiceThere have been a lot of studies done about customer service in the general sense, but not very many have been performed about customer service specifically for the online casino industry. The most recent study, and the most relevant to current times, was performed by iXP Consulting during July, August and September of 2013.

As many media outlets have noted, the general consensus is that the study showed how a potential majority of new casinos are aware of the importance of customer service but fail to follow through on turning this awareness into a consistent, actionable plan. There were two main topics that this report used as suggestions for making big improvements to the customer service available at the sites, and here we’re going to offer a brief overview of those two ideas.

Small Differences Create a Much Better Impression

One idea that iXP Consulting’s report focused on was how customer service for online casino sites tends to have a cold, detached feeling to it. Everything about online gambling is designed to give players a fun, exciting experience with a chance to win and all of the positive emotions that come with that. The disconnect happens when someone logs into a live chat option or calls the customer support telephone hotline and is met with a cold, robotic reception.

For a concrete example to drive this home, consider how robotic this sounds: “This is ________ Casino support, how can I help you?” It breaks the fantasy and the experience as a whole, and it doesn’t provide as welcoming of a reception as the rest of the presentation of the site. There are a lot of options to change things up, but as an example, consider the difference in tone with this introduction: “Hi! This is Tammy from ________ Casino support. What can I help you with today? :)” These are small changes, but it keeps the presentation consistently happy and exciting with the rest of the website and the software.

Outdated or Unhelpful Self-Help and FAQs

Another key idea that iXP Consulting’s report hit on is that the FAQs that sites offer are usually borderline useless. They come across as being thrown together on a whim, and they are typically limited to extremely basic topics like how to deposit or how to request a cash out. These FAQs aren’t seen as very important, but in fact, they can help to keep a good bit of the load off of the customer support team if they are crafted and maintained with this goal in mind.

The main suggestion their report gives is focusing on your FAQs or self-help support section as being the most reliable, most helpful and most trustworthy source of information possible for the most commonly-asked questions. A good place to start would be to have updated, step-by-step instructions for new players on how to do things like install the casino software, create an account and fund the account. Once they have arrived, then you can identify the things that the most players are asking about and develop your FAQs around those topics to consistently take some of the load off of the support team.

The Mechanical Culture had this to say: “A good business looks to optimize their growth in both the short-term and the long-term. Right now, the customer service side of the online casino industry is stuck in a bit of a mechanical rut that is keeping them from making improvements. These improvements do have short-term costs, but they are an investment into much larger long-term gains. This mechanical culture is costing casino sites customers on a regular basis, and it’s a leak in the bucket that can be fixed if the data from reports like the one from iXP Consulting is taken seriously.”


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