New Bitcoin Casinos

Our team at know how time-consuming it can be searching or the best Bitcoin casinos and this is why we have gone through the trouble of doing the research for players on new Bitcoin casinos so that you can sit back and enjoy everything that our Bitcoin casino reviews have to offer. Most US casinos are now accepting bitcoin as a currency to deposit with and also we are seeing a rise of most Australian casinos converting into Crypto gambling casinos. This just simply means that players are receiving more option when choosing to deposit or withdrawal. And with these new Bitcoin casinos, withdrawals are instant!

Below is a list of the latest Bitcoin online casinos that we have reviewed and we are constantly updating our list. So stay tuned and visit us on a regular basis.

5 Newest Bitcoin Casinos – Updated October 2019

New CasinosReviewBonusPlay
FastPay CasinoFastPay Casino100% WELCOME BONUSUP TO €100 + 100 FREE SPINSPlay Now
TrueFlip CasinoTrueFlip Casino200% WELCOME BONUS plus 200 FREE SPINS!Play Now
4King Slots Casino4King Slots Casino20 FREE SPINS +€750 WELCOME BONUS & 100 FREE SPINS! SUPPORTS BITCOIN.Play Now
Gudar CasinoGudar CasinoUP TO €750 BONUS +100 FREE SPINS! SUPPORTS BITCOIN.Play Now
Kaya CasinoKaya Casino$50 FREE + UP TO $1,000 WELCOME BONUS. SUPPORTS BITCOIN.Play Now

Read New Bitcoin Casino Reviews

Not every Crypto gambling casinos on the market are trustworthy, and banking with an establishment you do not know can be really daunting. Our team is well aware of this, and it is for this reason that we have recruited professional gamblers to determine which new Bitcoin casinos are trustworthy, and listed the results below. We look at different facets, such as security, customer support, bonuses, and promotions, among other things, to determine which casinos are going to provide players with an outstanding online gaming experience. Because we have experience in the industry, we know what players are looking for in a new casino site.

It does not matter whether you are looking for the casino with the toughest security measures in place or the most thrilling bonuses, we have all the information you need to find the best Bitcoin casinos on the market. Players should keep in mind that we are constantly updating our lists, so you will need to ensure you check back with us on a regular basis. If you are looking to sign up with one of these casinos, simply visit one of the many brands below.

Bitcoin Casino Reviews – Full List Updated October 2019

Safe Banking Crypto Gambling Casinos

Just because you want to bank safely online, that does not mean you should not have your pick when it comes to choosing from among the best online casinos on the market. You should be picky when it comes to placing your best in an establishment and you can do just that by reading through our Bitcoin casino reviews to find out everything there is to know about these new Bitcoin casinos before signing up. Only once you know about everything that casino has to offer, should you then make a decision about whether you want to sign up for an account on the site?

New Bitcoin Casino Games

Crypto gambling casinos offer wide selection of games by leading software providers where BTC casinos have made deals with just a hand full of them.

With so many new Bitcoin casinos appearing, some even have their own unique games that can’t be found on others websites. This guarantees superior quality of games that are being launch by the leading gaming software providers.

With the high level of competition between online gaming sites, casinos have no option other than to add new Bitcoin casino games to their platforms regularly. Since new and experienced casino players are ever scouring the web in search of new ways to make money, there is no way around the need to add new casino games. As such, gaming software providers are working round the clock to ensure that casino players get a fresh feel of gaming every time they settle down to play.

Currently, there are thousands of casino games for players to choose from. While this results in a subjective choosing process, the best games offer superior functionality, special features and attractive payouts.

Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin Slots

The same criteria applied when narrowing down on slots to play when the money transfer method is BTC borrows from the process where real money is involved. Every casino player wants to engage in a profitable venture, one that is worth their time monetarily and still offers them an unforgettable experience. Does the slot you are considering have a generous pay-out? To consider Bitcoin Slots worthy of play time, it must have the potential to reward players handsomely when they win.

Picking Bitcoin Slots from the many that are currently on offer on the industry gaming space is quite an uphill task. It is important to therefore keep tabs of slots as they hit the market. Most are inspired by television series, games and history.

Bitcoin Blackjack

Bitcoin Blackjack

As opposed to playing with real money, Bitcoin users have an edge especially when they play blackjack. There is widespread recommendation from seasoned casino players that new blackjack players should first try out Bitcoin Blackjack before anything else. This is dues to the fact that gamers are always open to simple yet fun experiences like that provided by the Bitcoin Blackjack gaming providers.

Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin Roulette

Gamblers are always on the lookout for opportunities to multiply the money they have. Playing Roulette presents players with good odds and favorable wagering options that are a great combination for doubling Bitcoins.

It is as if those who invest in Bitcoins have an automatic notion that that their value must increase in one way or the other. Bitcoin Roulette is the perfect avenue to turn those left over Bitcoins that may appear worthless into decent amounts after a number of wins. Why Roulette to grow your Bitcoins? Players pick Roulette as the ultimate Bitcoin minting game because it offers players an opportunity to double up the money in their account through the setting of attractive odds. That is not all, games are fair and players are able to verify wins on their own.

Bitcoin Craps

Bitcoin Craps

One of the first casinos to embrace and use Bitcoins is SatoshiDICE which is also famous as the place where Bitcoin dice was invented. Luckily, a lot of information concerning thee Bitcoin Dice Games has been preserved in documentation to act as historical data for upcoming players or stakeholders. There is no doubt that there are other games that have graphics that are fancier than those of Bitcoin dice games, but the fact that these games are much simpler puts supporting sites in the lead.

Gambling should be as simple as picking a number then placing the bet without including numerous other conditions. This is the raw implementation of staking that is getting all gamblers attracted to Bitcoin craps.

Bitcoin Video Poker

Video Poker

Long gone are the days when a game of poker had to be played with people seated around a table holding cards. With stable internet connection and some money in your Bitcoin account, all a player needs to participate in a game of poker is getting a good grasp of the rules of the game. Bitcoin Video Poker is often played on a console, a computerized device that resembles an ordinary slot machine. Those who are familiar with the five-card poker game variety will easily relate to Bitcoin Video Poker. With a return to player rate of 99%, an in-built random number generator and a progressive jackpot, players need nothing more to assure them that the game is fair.

Bitcoin Betting in 2019

For people who would like to diversify on ways to grow their Bitcoin fund without having to stick around the crypto trading platforms, Bitcoin betting is a great alternative. With games ranging from regular slots, roulette, video poker and blackjack, the adventurous Bitcoin Investor is out to make a kill as they have some fun. Just like investing in Bitcoins is considered a luck-based affair, so is gambling. Crypto enthusiasts must therefore be used to the adrenaline that overwhelms them when they are hoping to gain. That is the link between crypto investing and gambling.

The History of Crypto Gaming

There is no documentation as to when the first incidence of crypto gaming took place but online discussions give us crucial leads. Bitcoin talk forums have been in existence since the time Bitcoins were released into the market as alternative currency. In 2011, there was interest from Indie developers in Bitcoin to use it as one of their payment options. These discussions do not seem to have yielded much because it is only in 2013 that online games started accepting Bitcoins as wagers. Another surge in crypto gaming would take place in 2015 but this incorporated altcoins.

How do new Bitcoin Mobile Casinos look like?

The use of crypto currency is growing exponentially, and it can be hard to keep up with this type of change happening over a short period of time. It is no wonder that new Bitcoin supported mobile casinos are mushrooming every day. The potential of the Bitcoins is still being unleashed so it is expected that mobile casinos coming up will in one way or the other accommodate its use. A new Bitcoin mobile casino entering the modern gambling space would typically have Bitcoins as an option for receiving and making payments. In choosing a casino in which to play, gamblers are encouraged to match the operations of the platform to individual preferences and needs.

Mobile Casino
FortuneJack is a quality responsive site that work on all mobile devices.

Bitcoin Exchanges & Wallets

Here is where we recommend you to buy Bitcoins to gamble at the newest Bitcoin casinos. We’ll also show you how you can store your Bitcoins safely in an easy manner.

Exchange for Gambling

What websites I can use to get Bitcoins?

Here are my recommendation of where get Bitcoins. These are the safest most reliable Bitcoin Exchanges that I personally use myself. These Exchange websites is how you convert FIAT money like USD or EUR into Bitcoins or different types of cryptocurrencies.

Ledger Nano X – Keep your Crypto Assets Safe and Secured Everywhere

If you are wondering if there’s any type of physical devices like a USB stick that stores Bitcoins then I would suggest you look into Ledger Nano X which I put to use myself as well. It’s a Bluetooth secure device that makes sure that your cryptocurrencies are safe and secured. You’re also able to physically take this device with you wherever you go.

Besides Bitcoins, this hardware device allows you to store a wide variety of cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin and many others.

Learn more about the Ledger Nano X here.

Ledger Nano X
Ledger Nano X – Trade securely on the go and manage a bunch of Crypto assets all in one device.

Is Bitcoin legal?

The debate on whether Bitcoin is legal or illegal depends on the jurisdiction in which it is being used. So far, only Japan, out of all the countries of the world has accepted Bitcoins as legal tender. More and more people are now choosing to use cryptocurrency over traditional currency for the convenience. There has been a buzz around crypto regulators as they provide oversight and regulation over the use of digital currency. While licensing and regulation of Bitcoins is underway in many parts of the world, just because it is not legal tender yet does not declare it illegal.

Provably Fair Gaming

Gaming results must be fair if players are to come back and want to spend their resources trying their luck on great winnings. It is however not easy to tell if a casino operates on grounds of fair play or not – until now when the Bitcoins players on the internet have come up with their own verification process. By making use of this fairness proofing tool, it is possible for players to verify game results in real time. To facilitate this process, the system combines seed generators, hashing and random number generator.

To follow through a proofing process there is a seed number generated by gaming site sent to player, the player will add their own seed; the game is played and results given, and after the round the player receives the seed as used to bet.

Responsible Gaming

Also referred to as responsible gambling, the concept of responsible gaming is upheld in many countries around the world. The goal behind responsible gaming is to assist customers to avoid, identify and seek help for risky behaviors that may arise in the course of gambling. Whether gaming is happening in a physical or online casino environment, casinos are supposed to apply procedures for responsible gambling.

Before starting to gamble, people should understand that gambling is a leisure activity and not a business activity. While this is clear to some people who maintain this thinking throughout, others get carried away to levels where it becomes toxic to them and those they relate with.

Are there any disadvantages using Bitcoins in gambling?

As the use of Bitcoins gains momentum in many domains where cash had been the traditional medium of exchange, those who use them might easily overlook the disadvantages. First and foremost, there is the issue that the number of casinos that support Bitcoins is still low and this means limited choice of casinos where to play. Then there is the risk that the value of Bitcoins may drop, creating a loss in an individual’s ewallet. Lastly, processing of Bitcoins is in most cases done manually for security purposes and this takes much more time than direct deposits or credit & debit card payments.

Is it possible to gamble with Altcoins like Ethereum or Litecoin?

Altcoin Casinos

Yes, it is possible! Some online gaming sites support the use of Altcoins and this is the most direct way of using them. Alternatively, a player can create a Bitcoin profile on a casino site that accepts Bitcoins only, and then transfer what they wish to gamble with from an Altcoins wallet. This second option might take a bit of time but it allows players to use digital currencies they have instead of gambling with money from their pocket.