New Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin Casinos

There are lots of people who wish to play at new Bitcoin casinos! The advantage of using BTC is that your payments do not have to go through any kind of finance-based organisation, like a bank or credit card company. Not only does this mean you can keep your financial online activity to yourself, it always means there’s no risk of your sensitive financial information being stolen by hackers.

However, it can be difficult for people to find some new Bitcoin casino reviews, and even then it’s tough to work out which are the best. Thankfully, help is at hand, as here at we are the best people to turn to when you’re looking to indulge in a little bit of online gambling. Stick with us and we’ll help you to find the best newest Bitcoin casinos online in 2021, which you’ll do by reading our reviews.

Below you find a list of new BTC casinos that we have reviewed. This list is constantly updated, so make sure you visit this page on a regular basis to keep yourself informed.

Best Newest Bitcoin Casinos in 2021


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New BTC Casinos from Around the World

When it comes to new Bitcoin casinos online, you will find that many casinos that accept US-based players will accept Bitcoin as a payment method. This is because players in the US experience the most difficulty in getting money into their casino accounts. The same really goes for players in Canada, as many casinos that accept Canadian players also accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

For Oz players, finding new BTC casinos that accept Australian players was an issue. Such casinos prefer players to use traditional payment methods such as Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards. For any commercial enterprise, setting up and maintaining a Bitcoin wallet is not easy, so it is not something that they would typically bother with. However, due to the new laws, more and more Aussie players are finding themselves playing at BTC casinos. So don’t be surprised to see Bitcoin more and more as a deposit and withdrawal option at Australian online casinos.

The same can be said for BTC casinos that accept UK players, as it has become much harder for UK players to use credit cards. As of April of 2020, eWallets and pay by phone bill options will be the only way UK players can make a deposit. So I do believe soon we will see Bitcoin as a payment option at UK online casinos as well. Today, with a little searching though, it is possible for UK players to find crypto gambling options. However, by April that should change

Of course, the best way for players all over the world to find the best newest Bitcoin casinos online is for them to read our reviews.

Newest Bitcoin Casino Reviews – Full List Updated April 2021

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Read Bitcoin Casino Reviews

While the majority of crypto gambling casinos on the market today can be trusted, a few of them you need to be a little cautious about. You may end up sending your Bitcoins to an online casino and then find that your access to your account has been revoked. As there is no way to get your Bitcoins back, they are gone forever.

Fortunately, few players experience any kind of loss when it comes to online casinos, but there are rogue casinos out there that exist solely to steal your money. It only takes a very small amount of care, however, to keep yourself safe when it comes to new Bitcoin casinos. The first step in keeping yourself safe is to read our reviews. We will immediately tell you whether the Bitcoin casino we are reviewing can be trusted.

Of course, there is more to BTC casinos than the simple asset of trust. There is a lot that goes into the make-up of an online casino and we review it all, as follows:

  • The range of games available and whether an online casino has software from the leading names in the business, such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech.
  • A decent number of payment options including, of course, Bitcoin.
  • Very good levels of support, including live chat applets, phone and email support.
  • Decent bonuses with fair terms and conditions for both new players and existing ones.

We keep a regularly updated list of the best newest Bitcoin casinos, and we make sure that only the casinos that score highly in all categories make it to the top of the list.

Safe Finances at BTC Casinos

As we mentioned previously, the true beauty of online casinos that accept Bitcoin is that you are one hundred percent safe when it comes to your financial dealings there, as long as you only play at new Bitcoin casinos that we recommend. Bitcoin (like all similar cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Dash) is a peer-to-peer currency, meaning that you send it directly from your Bitcoin wallet to the Bitcoin wallet of the person, merchant or business that is going to be in receipt of it.

There is no need to get your bank involved at all. Of course, you will have to get your bank involved when you ‘purchase’ Bitcoins from a reputable dealer, but that has nothing to do with the online casino that you are going to use. You need never share details of your credit card, debit card, bank account, eWallet account or anything else related to financial matters with the casino itself. There’s no surer way to keep your bank account safe from the intentions of online hackers.

Bitcoin Casino Games

All online casinos live and die by the games that it has. New BTC casinos will struggle in particular if they don’t have a decent array of video slots and casino games from the leading software providers in the business. Poor quality games are not entertaining at all as they are slow to load, slow to function, difficult to use and they keep freezing, crashing and losing connection.

There are huge numbers of very nice games available for all new online casinos to select from. As well as the latest and greatest 5-reel video slots, there are also plenty of traditional casino games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat, and many of these games are available to play at live casinos.

Some of the best games for BTC casinos are made by the following companies: NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Play ’n Go, Red Tiger, Yggdrasil Gaming and RealTime Gaming.

Bitcoin Slots

Typically, the most prosperous games at all online casinos including BTC casinos are 5-reel video slots. Such video slots have been around in Las Vegas since the late 1980s when computerised games began to find their way into real-world casinos. Such slots now appear online, programmed using Adobe Flash or, as is much more common now, HTML5.

Slots are popular as they are easy to play and entertaining, although some games are unpopular as it is just a case of watching the reels spin around time after time after time. The best Bitcoin video slots are those with wilds, scatters, bonus spins and side games.

There are also slots with progressive jackpots. These can spiral up into impressive amounts in excess of £/$/€1 million! Unfortunately, you have to be incredibly lucky to win one!

Bitcoin Blackjack

Blackjack is by far the most popular gambling card game in the world (unless you count poker, which is a game of skill with a fair amount of random chance). Nearly all BTC casino sites will offer at least one blackjack game, and the best Bitcoin casinos will offer more than one.

Check out the different types of blackjack and remember two golden rules – always play with ‘perfect strategy’ (look this up on the internet if you don’t know what it means) and try and find the blackjack version at a site that uses the least decks.

Bitcoin Roulette

While blackjack is the most popular gambling card game, roulette is the most popular gambling game overall. It’s a very easy game to play, as all you do is select the numbers that you want to cover, place your chips accordingly, and then wait to see where the little ball will land upon the wheel. Hopefully, fortune will smile and you will not lose your chips.

Just like blackjack, there are two golden rules when you play roulette at a new Bitcoin casino or any online casino for that matter. The first rule is to always choose European or French roulette over American roulette, and the second is to ignore people who say systems such as the Martingale or the Fibonacci are guaranteed winners, as it is simply not the truth!

Bitcoin Craps

Of all the games listed in this section, craps is perhaps the hardest to find at BTC casinos. Craps is a dice game that is very popular in North American casinos, is sometimes played at Asian casinos, but seldom played at European casinos.

Craps is a very social game. During play, one player is designated the shooter and rolls the dice down the table, typically to a great deal of shouting and hollering. They continue until they hit a dreaded seven when the dice are then passed to the next shooter along the line.

Craps is also a game that’s very favourable to the player (although the casino maintains its all-important edge), which is another reason that online casinos do not typically offer it. If you want to find an online casino that offers craps, then makes sure you read our Bitcoin online casino reviews.

Bitcoin Video Poker

Just like online slots, online video poker began life in Las Vegas. The game is one for poker fans who want to play their favourite game yet are afraid of getting ‘cleaned out’ by experienced players at the poker table.

Video poker is draw poker. You are dealt five cards, they can choose which ones you can replace, one-time-only. With video poker, you usually have to end up with at least a pair of jacks in order to win cash.

There are several ‘flavours’ of video poker available. Some of the most popular titles include Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces and Double Bonus. All decent new Bitcoin casinos should have a decent range of video poker titles.

Bitcoin Wagering in 2021

Most people try to make money using Bitcoin by trading, but as all cryptocurrencies are subject to volatile fluctuations and prone to crashes, it can be difficult to know when to buy Bitcoins and when to sell. True, many people have become millionaires through Bitcoin trading, but just as many people, if not more, have lost millions through their cryptocurrency dealings.

In truth, Bitcoin trading is not for the layman. If you want to make money Bitcoin trading, then it involves study, and so much so that it will become your full-time job. It seems much better, to us at at least, to use your Bitcoin for wagering instead. It’s much more entertaining and, as long as you gamble responsibly, you are unlikely to lose millions.

The History of Bitcoin & Gambling

The first Bitcoin was mined in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Still to this day, no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is, if he is a real person, or if he is a group of people operating under a pseudonym. One thing is certain though – ‘he’ is now a very rich person indeed! No one has heard from ‘him’ though since 2010.

It was predicted that Bitcoin would revolutionise digital finance, as Bitcoin can be ‘transmitted’ over the internet from peer-to-peer, just like audio and video files can be. Of course, that has not actually happened.

It wasn’t really until 2014 or 2015 that online casinos started taking Bitcoin. The number of new Bitcoin casinos remains relatively small, but it’s a figure that is slowly growing, especially as more and more people are seeking to prevent people from stealing their online banking details.

Playing at Mobile Casinos with Bitcoin

Did you know that well over fifty percent of all internet traffic is now being passed to and from mobile devices? The smartphone and tablet have both revolutionised the way that we access the internet, and they have also both revolutionised the way people play online.

You can do everything you need to do at a BTC casino on your mobile device easily, and painlessly. Most people now store their Bitcoins in cloud-based wallets, so you can access your crypto-stash wherever you may happen to be in the world.

You can, of course, play at any of our recommended best new Bitcoin casinos, and funding your wagering is simply a matter of connecting your Bitcoin wallet to the casino’s wallet, and okaying the transfer.

All Bitcoin wallets can be used via mobile devices. One word of warning though – you should never store your Bitcoins on a mobile device, as your phone or tablet is much more likely to be stolen than your laptop or computer. To be safe from theft, save your Bitcoins in the cloud.

Bitcoin Exchanges & Wallets

If you are new to cryptocurrencies in general, then you may be scratching your head wondering how you get Bitcoins, and how you store them. The process is much simpler than you think!

Ledger Nano X – Keep your Crypto Assets Safe and Secured Everywhere

If you are wondering if there’s any type of physical devices like a USB stick that stores Bitcoins then I would suggest you look into Ledger Nano X which I put to use myself as well. It’s a Bluetooth secure device that makes sure that your cryptocurrencies are safe and secured. You’re also able to physically take this device with you wherever you go.

Besides Bitcoins, this hardware device allows you to store a wide variety of cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin and many others.

Learn more about the Ledger Nano X here.

Ledger Nano X
Ledger Nano X – Trade securely on the go and manage a bunch of Crypto assets all in one device.

Provably Fair Gaming

Gaming results must be fair if players are to come back and want to spend their resources trying their luck on great winnings. It is however not easy to tell if a casino operates on grounds of fair play or not – until now when the Bitcoins players on the internet have come up with their own verification process. By making use of this fairness proofing tool, it is possible for players to verify game results in real-time. To facilitate this process, the system combines seed generators, hashing and random number generator.

Fair and Transparent Wagering

If you stick with the new Bitcoin casinos as recommended by us here at, then you will be in receipt of fair and transparent wagering experiences. That’s because we only recommend casinos that have proper licensing.

In order to receive and maintain a licence, a casino must submit its games to an independent organisation such as eCOGRA. Such organisations test games to see if the results are as random as one would expect when playing at a real-world casino. If games are found to be unfairly weighted, then a casino’s licence can be suspended.

We also keep an ear to the ground for any casinos that have been reported as receiving a large number of complaints, and we edit our new Bitcoin online casino reviews accordingly.

Responsible Gaming

No matter how fair a casino is, you will still become unstuck if you fail to look after yourself and your finances. Gambling can become a habit that affects other aspects of your life in a detrimental fashion. Here are some tips designed to make sure that you always gamble responsibly.

  • When gambling stops being entertaining, stop gambling
  • Establish a wagering bankroll and stick to it. When it’s gone, it’s gone.
  • Limit the amount of time you spend gambling.
  • If you have lost money, don’t gamble in the hope of winning it back.
  • Luck is random. There’s no such thing as a lucky number, or a lucky casino game or table.
  • Remember that in a two-outcome scenario, scenario B is not more likely to happen because scenario A happened the time before.
  • If you haven’t got it, don’t spend it. Never wager with borrowed money.
  • NEVER, EVER gamble while under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

Final Thoughts

The ‘cryptocurrency revolution’ has not happened and may never will, as Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are a little hard for the layman to understand.

However, as we hope this article as supplied by will persuade you that using Bitcoins at new Bitcoin casinos does have a significant number of advantages.

Bitcoin Casino FAQ’s

Bitcoin FAQ's

In most countries, Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies are perfectly legal. The countries where the use of Bitcoin is illegal are Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nepal and Pakistan. While not illegal, you may face problems using Bitcoin in Canada, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, Bangladesh, India, China, Taiwan, Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam,

Bitcoin is perfectly legal in the US, the UK, Australia and all of Europe.

Where can I get Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are ‘bought’. Actually, that is not strictly true, as Bitcoins are exchanged for the currency of the bank account that you use to make the purchase. You exchange your fiat currency (as non-cryptocurrencies are known) Bitcoins at a Bitcoin exchange. There are plenty of reputable Bitcoin exchanges you can use, including:

Where do I Store Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are physical ‘things’ in a digital format, just as mp3s are digital music files and mp4s are digital video files. You store mp3s and mp4s on your computer, and you need somewhere to store your Bitcoins. In days gone past, people used to store their Bitcoins on their computers, but if their computer was stolen or their hard drive crashed, their Bitcoins would be gone and gone forever.

In the modern age, most people store their Bitcoins in the cloud. There are several cloud-based wallets available – just do your research. The benefit of storing your Bitcoins in the cloud is that (a) they cannot be stolen and (b) the chances of the cloud crashing and being wiped is negligible. Even if the cloud is wiped it’s likely that your Bitcoins are covered by insurance.

Are there any disadvantages of using Bitcoins in gambling?

Using Bitcoins to wager is the same as using any fiat currency, so there are no disadvantages at all.

Indeed, it could be said that there are advantages. You will not have your credit/debit card or bank account details stolen if an online casino is hacked, and you can set up a Bitcoin ‘bankroll’ purely for the use of wagering. It is very easy to continually ‘top-up’ your bankroll via your bank account, but buying Bitcoins takes just that little bit of extra effort.

Is it possible to gamble with Altcoins like Ethereum or Litecoin?

That depends on the online casino that accepts them! Not every new Bitcoin online casino will accept all cryptocurrencies. Here is a list of the most popular cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin: