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Top Online Craps Tips To Play Like A Pro

Top Online Craps Tips To Play Like A Pro

When it comes to playing casino games online, craps is highly popular among casino enthusiasts. Offered in a unique and traditional format, craps are by far one of the fascinating games you will find at the best online casinos.

If you are new to playing craps, you might feel overwhelmed by the extensive selection available or not sure how to proceed if you have just started to play online. However, by following these online craps tips, it will be straightforward for you to get started playing craps online and hopefully enjoy a profitable gaming experience.

Differences Between Online Craps And Land-Based Craps

Players who have played craps offline will find it very easy to play on the Internet. Essentially, the house edge is the same for both offline and online craps. Nevertheless, if you choose to play online craps, you will have to agree to the fact that the highest odds are set at 3x.

On the other hand, the land-based casinos offer winning odds bets which increase to 10x or go up to 100x. Furthermore, while playing craps online, you might not be able to enjoy the amazing atmosphere that craps are largely known for. The good news is all the other options aren’t changed, and you can rest assured that you will enjoy a fantastic gaming experience playing at the best craps casinos.

Best Online Craps Tips

1. Stick to Free Odds, come and Pass Bets

A pass line bet is the most common wager while playing real money craps. This is placing bets on the fact that the shooter would roll an 11 or a 7 on their come-out roll, or the fact that the shooter would roll the point number and ultimately hit the point number once more before rolling the 7. The pass line bet will lose incase the shooter starts roller 12, 3, or 2 on a come-out roll.

Technically speaking, the come bet is similar to a pass bet, even though it treats the roll immediately after the previous come out roll as the new roll.

On the other hand, the free odds bet will only be available in case you have made the come or pass bet, and a shooter has already set the point. The winning odds bet will pay off in the true odds for rolling the points once more after rolling the 7.

In case you choose to stick to these bets; you will be playing an exciting game at the casino, with a chance to face the best odds. These wagers make craps a beautiful game, with many similarities to blackjack.

2. Many Bets On The Craps Table Have Lousy Odds

A great aspect of online craps is that it’s pretty easy for you to learn how to make the winning odds from the bad ones. This is because there are very few good bets at the craps tables: these includes:

  • Place 8
  • Place 6
  • Free odds
  • Don’t come
  • Come
  • Don’t pass
  • Pass

You typically have many bets to pick from when playing online craps, although the house edge on all the bets listed here is below 1.5%.

3. Understand the Craps House Edge

The craps house edge represents the main difference between the games payout odds and the winning odds.

Like other online casino games, craps payout is less than the winning odds. The casino makes a profit based on the difference between the house edge and winning odds.

A game’s house edge is usually outlined as a percentage; it’s usually an estimate of the amount of money a player might lose in the long term as they continue playing the game.

When it comes to online craps, the come bets and the pass bets have the same house edge, of 1.41%.

On the other hand, the house edge for don’t come bets and don’t pass is 1.36%.

As the name suggests, the free odds bet is exactly that; it doesn’t come with any house edge. The best payout is similar to the winning odds.

By laying or taking odds on the don’t come bets, come, don’t page or pass, you are significantly reducing the game’s house edge.

4. Do Not Use Betting Systems While Playing Craps

Any casino game with bets offering even money payouts is available for players that want to use betting systems. And craps are not excluded from this list. You won’t have any trouble finding a Paroli or Martingale system.

These betting systems work differently from one another. Unfortunately, none of these systems does anything to help players win this game. A bad bet is a bad bet, regardless of what some other betting systems might promise.

The Paroli System and Martingale System are good examples of negative and positive progression systems. You lower and raise the size of your bets depending on whether you have lost or won the previous bets.

When using the martingale system, players will have to increase their bet size after every loss. The main goal is to recover their losses by making some profit. On the other hand, when using the Paroli system, players are required to increase their bet size after a win. The ultimate goal is to get a winning streak and take advantage of the chance to win more cash. Unfortunately, none of these betting strategies works in the long term, and both techniques can cost you lots of money eventually.

Following is an illustration of how the Martingale betting system works:

You place a $10 bet on the pass line and lose the bet after the shooter 7s out. You then place a $10 wager on the pass line and in case you win, you will have won back $5 alongside the $5 profit.

However, in case you lose, you will have to wager $20 on your next bet.

Ultimately, it’s likely that you will encounter a losing streak, which means you might end up losing most of your winnings.

5. Don’t Attempt To Become A Professional Craps Player

Besides, what you might have out there, it’s possible to play online craps and win real cash prizes. This will happen if you can play this game of chance and reduce the house edge. If you are not able to reduce the game’s house edge, you will never be able to earn enough money playing craps.

Even for the free odds bets that don’t have a house edge, can only be made after you have made the first wager with the negative exception.

Besides the negative expectation, you will be playing a high volatility game. The mere fact that the odds bets don’t have any house edge does not mean that these bets regularly pay off.

That’s it, hypothetically, in the long term; you might win as much cash as you lose on these bets.

If you are looking to become a professional bettor, handicap sports or learn card counting at online blackjack or choose to play poker as a professional.

You will be much better off if you choose to stay away from online craps if you are looking to become a professional craps player.

If you are new to craps, skip don’t come and don’t pass bets.

While some players think that don’t come or don’t pass are the most lucrative bets when playing craps online. This might be true considering that the house edge of these wagers is 1.36% and not 1.41%.

However, this does not mean that you should place such bets.

As a matter of fact, if you are a new player, it’s highly recommended that you avoid such bets.

Here’s why you should avoid these bets:

Most of the players you find playing this game are wagering with the shooter, it makes lots of sense to bet on the shooter to win, and it also makes sense to understand the camaraderie and teamwork at the craps table.

If you are wagering against other players at the craps table, you will most likely not have as much fun.

6. Try out Free Online Craps

Like other casino games, if you are to online craps, it’s always important to learn the rules of the game through the casino’s demo mode. Most of the leading online casinos allow their patrons to play free online craps. This is one of the best online craps tips because it gives beginners a new chance to learn the rules of the game. Many real money online casinos allow you to practice by playing for free before you start playing real money online craps.


With a proper understanding of how online craps work, you can play this exciting casino game and have fun. The great news is that you can play real money craps for a chance to win good money.

Hopefully, the online craps tips listed here will help you learn everything about this game. Don’t forget that the most effective way of becoming a craps expert is by practising as much as you can.

You don’t have to wait any longer, sign up at one of the best online casinos and start playing real money craps today!

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