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Online Gambling And Social Media In The 21st Century

Online Gambling And Social Media In The 21st Century

Social media and online gambling are the two fastest-growing elements of the Internet. Both industries are major parts of our everyday lives. These two industries intersect in different ways. Essentially, simulated casino gaming attracts more people to social media websites, while social media function as the perfect marketing tool for online casino gambling.

However, over the years there have been many questions asked by researchers in Australia and the UK on whether online gambling or social media are healthy. Many professionals have studied the impact on both children and adults when these two are combined. Read on to find out more about the studies and the interesting results.

Online Gambling Meets Social Media

Online gambling started in the late ’90s, but the industry has evolved over the past few years, most significantly with social media sites and mobile devices. Poker sites, sportsbooks, and online casinos have pages on Facebook and Twitter that they use to market themselves to all potential new customers.

However, casino operators do not offer real money casino games on the many important social media websites, though the UK doesn’t allow such gaming. The best online gambling operators provide social gaming applications that are available on Google Play and Apps iTunes.

How Social Media Is Shaping Online Gambling?

Most Americans spend a larger amount of time on social media websites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Whether at home, lunch, or work in their leisure time, most people utilize social media to handle most of the interactions with family members, new acquaintances, and old friends. Social media increasingly drives marketing for political candidates and even businesses.

The Child-Focused Casino Games

Back in January 2018, UK Facebook users criticized scientific games for the child-focused slot games on their jackpot gaming app that allowed children to play free video slots such as OMG! Kittens. This case is a clear illustration of how online gambling and social media intertwine, despite laws against real money online gambling on many versions of Twitter and Facebook.

Beyond real money casino operators, many Facebook users usually play the best social gaming apps such as Doubledown casino, Game Show Network (GNS), Big Fish Games, and Zynga. The free casino games usually draw lots of criticism from anti-gambling activists and parent groups, who have said that these are habit-forming. Free casino games usually create online gambling habits.

Simulated Casino Games And Adolescents

The same concerns led the group of Australian casino researchers to set up a 2014 research called the “Adolescent Simulated Gambling via Digital and Social Media”. The study largely focused on underage simulated gaming on social media and general electronic media use by Australian adolescents.

Relationship Between Online Gambling And Social Media

Research has shown that free casino games prepare children for real money gaming because they familiarize gamers with how to play real money casino games. The researchers found development in gambling habits of 3-5 times the baseline level.

Effects of social gambling on Young Children

Pathological gambling and problem gambling are major concerns. Social media casino games increase the possibility that a child will engage in real money gambling later in life. Companies ought to adopt policies to keep children from playing casino games on social media whereas governments must consider policies that ban such gaming if the companies do not act.

Paying attention to gambling addiction alone will be a huge mistake. There is a big number of adults and children who spend more time on social media websites risk and developing smartphone addiction and social media. If you cannot get through a single meal without looking at your phone, you are showing signs of either smartphone addiction or social media addiction. In the same way as problem gambling, people ought to pay close attention to such behaviors and take the right steps to counter this.

Social media allows us to connect to friends and family, just like online gambling is a great form of entertainment to millions of people across the world. Leisure and fun can pave the way to addiction in case a person losses themselves in activities that they love. Any activity we engage in becomes destructive if it’s done to excess.

 How Online Gambling And Social Media Are Merging

Social online casino games are enjoyed by gamers across the globe and are usually played every day. Despite the fact that they are free to play, social casino games enjoy the same elements of traditional casino games. A few years ago, you could have just headed over to the nearest casino establishment to gamble or possibly play poker at your friend’s house, today you can enjoy mobile casinos while on the move.

With the evolving social media over the past few years, gambling online has transitioned into social media. You can easily enjoy a wide range of table games; scratch cards, online slot machines as well as poker for free on social media websites.

With thousands of social media users not able to stay away from the best apps for too long, it’s important to understand social gambling through casino apps and live casinos to see what the future holds for online gaming.

What is Social Gambling?

Social gambling is playing casino games on social media. Over the past few years, many gaming operators have launched different social media games on MySpace and Facebook among others intending to reach out to more players.

A few years ago, Zynga, a renowned gaming company had already started offering real money online poker games to UK players on Facebook. All social gaming apps offer players a chance to play casino games for free.

Considering the fact that Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world, it doesn’t come as a surprise that social gaming is ubiquitous on Facebook. For instance, about 61% of all gamblers who play social media games do so on Facebook.

However, real money gaming on Facebook is only allowed in certain countries with authorization. Since there are just a few nations that meet this criteria, apps and free games are highly likely to remain the same and would continue to dominate the social gaming scene.

The most popular casino games you can play on social media today include blackjack, Texas Hold’em as well as slots, all of which may be played without spending real money.

The Future Of Online Gaming

Some of the biggest names in the gambling industry have been considering ways to merge social media and online gambling. These two fast-growing industries are capable of catapulting each other’s rapid growth. With social media games attracting tens of millions of players around the world, the online casino sector can easily fuse the two. Furthermore, social media can attract more people, but online gambling can generate much more revenue.

Gaming operators are always looking for ways to enter the social gaming arena to boost their reach. While the games can remain relatively free, money on social media games may be generated from players that pay for virtual goods in Facebook currency so that they can unlock extra features.

If we take a closer look at social games on Facebook, most of the available games have sufficient paid games benefits with numerous players utilizing Facebook to buy the features. When we consider casino games like online slots and online poker that function as the virtual version of the gaming environment, no real money prizes are won.

Also, it means that some players are gambling money by purchasing extra features without standing any chance to win real prizes. The fantasy of winning real money is still evident although the prize is just virtual, the drive behind the monetization of social media games comes from the primitive need for more winnings.

Social gambling is presented in a different outlook from real money online gambling because most people think about them just as casual games. Essentially, the amount of money spent is much smaller and uses a more interesting manner to entice users. This is the playfulness that comes from chasing prizes that appeals to millions of users.

Social Gaming And Facebook

If social media opened its doors to real money casino gaming, the social media world will go through drastic transitions. The network unveiled Facebook credits back in 2011, the virtual currency which allowed users to buy goods in apps and games. Some have indicated that allowing real money gambling and betting on a large scale will make sure that large amounts of money move through Facebook, which will further push the prices of stocks higher.

At this point in time, it’s a wait and see approach to find what the future of social gaming and online gambling brings. Online gaming makes the move into social media a big challenge for the companies that have been offering free games on Facebook.

If you are looking for the best casino adventure with all the bells and whistles of various missions, different rewards, and incentives, you can try out the best online casinos for an amazing gaming experience.

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