Oshi Introduce Build Your Bonus Feature

Oshi Casino

Oshi casino has announced the launched the Bonus Crafter where you can Build Your Bonus, a feature that allows both new and existing customers to choose the offer that is most suitable to them. The development is centered around a unique slider tool and it is available for both welcome and reload bonuses.

The tool itself is similar to those used by loan sites that allow give customers the choice of borrowing levels and repayment terms but in this case, account holders are balancing a percentage match on their deposit against free spins.

Bonus Crafter - Build Your Bonus


  • 20 different welcome bonuses
  • Bonuses range from
    • 150% match bonus with no free spins
    • 500 free spins and 0% match bonus
  • 20 different reload bonuses
  • Reload bonuses range from
    • 40% match bonus and zero free spins
    • 80 freespins and 0% match bonus
  • Works for six currencies: BTC USD EUR RUB AUD
  • Available in: English, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish
  • Comprehensive help page in multi-language
  • Average bonus selection to deposit time 20 seconds
  • Built using responsive design for desktop, tablet, mobile

“Oshi is all about choice,” explained Affiliates Manager Marko Csokasi. “That choice is found across the site in terms of games, currency options and more, so this is a logical and innovative extension that gives players the bonus that they want.”

The Bonus Crafter – Build Your Bonus™ tool is designed for immediate ease of use. Players use a simple ‘slider’ to select any one of 20 different bonus choices. The more match bonus you want, the less spins you claim and vice-versa. For new account holders, the parameters range between a 150% match and zero free spins and a 0% match and 500 spins.

Meanwhile, existing customers who are looking to claim a reload bonus can have 40% match bonus and zero free spins or a 0% match and 80 free spins. Minimum deposit levels vary between 10 and 48 Euros, 0.02 and 0.096 BTC or, there is a change currency feature that allows the user to additionally choose USD, RUB, AUD, SEK or CAD. Build Your Bonus™ Reload bonuses can be used once every 48 Hours (2 days).

“The Bonus Crafter – Build Your Bonus™ tool is an exciting new innovation for iGaming,” Marko Csokaemphasizedsed. “It also underlines the choice, simplicity and flexibility that Oshi players enjoy. Research shows people want bonus choice. From research we found match deposit players are different to free spin players, so it made sense to innovate around this insight. Now with Build Your Bonus™, Oshi customers have the freedom to choose.”

Oshi’s Bonus Crafter – Build Your Bonus™ was launched on February 27, 2017 and is now available to new and existing Oshi players.


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