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Pay N Play – Will it Revolutionise Online Casino Play?

Pay N Play – Will it Revolutionise Online Casino Play?

While it is true that there are many problem gamblers on this planet, the majority of people play at online casinos and sports sites without any issues. While it is also true that restrictions need to be put in place to help problem gamblers, the impact on responsible gamblers seems to be increasing with no end in sight.

Let’s compare problem gamblers to people with alcohol dependency issues. The majority of people can drink responsibly, but some have real problems. So, what limits are placed on alcohol sales? Practically zero … aside from the fact that you cannot buy alcohol until you are over your countries permitted legal drinking age.

But problem gambling is treated differently, even though you are unlikely to develop liver problems via gambling, and very few people have crashed their car while under the influence of online pokies.

Making payments to online casinos is a problem that many people have to face.

One common trend put in place by governments is restrictions on how online casino players can ‘pay’ for their online gambling. In April 2020, in the UK, the use of credit cards at online casinos and online sportsbooks was banned. Since 2011 banks in the US have been told not to accepts payments to or payments from any form of online gambling site including online casinos and poker sites. People in other jurisdictions such as Canada sometimes have problems funding online casino play.

Naturally, there are ‘workarounds’ for people with funding problems including using cryptocurrencies of which Bitcoin is the most well-known, but now there’s another option called Pay N Play.

Pay N Play is a new and extremely convenient way of funding your online casino and wagering play. In fact, it could not be more convenient as once you have a Pay N Play account, you do not even have to register at an online casino. Just head to any of the casinos that allow Pay N Play and start playing – it really is that simple.

Pay N Play means you do not have to open multiple accounts with multiple casinos.

If you want even more good news about this option then here it is – every penny or cent you spend on any casino game is taken directly from your Pay N Play account. Every penny or cent you win at any casino game is paid directly into your Pay N Play account. No need to apply for a withdrawal or wait three days for your money as your winnings are ready for you in an instant.

Say you open a Play N Pay account and fund it with $10. You play one spin of Starburst or any other available slot for $0.10, but unfortunately, it is not a winning spin. The amount of money in your Play N Pay account is now $9.90. On the next spin, you spend $0.10 and win $1. The value of your Play N Pay account is now $10.80. If you want, you could stop gambling there and then. No need to ask the casino for a withdrawal as your money is already there! You could spend it elsewhere, or you could withdraw it to your bank account.

Player verification is automatic with Pay N Play, as you are verified when you open an account.

You may ask what about player verification at online casinos offering Play N Pay? Most online casinos have to make sure their players are verified by going through age verification checks and proof of identity and residency checks. It may seem that by using Play N Pay, online casinos are skipping required verification procedures.

This is not actually true. As part of the Play N Pay application process, customers need to provide verification documents to be permitted to open an account. Compare this to eWallets such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller where you only really need to supply a valid email address to open an account.

When you first connect via Play N Pay to an online casino, Play N Pay will send the casino notification that you have been verified. This will allow the online casino to create a ‘pseudo account’ for you, which means they are fulfilling their verification requirements.

The player does not have access to their pseudo account, but they are automatically logged on whenever they use Play N Pay to access the casino. While they are playing, they are kept informed about their Play N Pay balance, but deposits and withdrawals are processed seamlessly in the background. The final balance transfer does not happen until the player disconnects from the casino (or rather, Play N Pay ends the connection and the player is logged off).

The brains behind Pay N Play are the leading online payments provider, Trustly.

Pay N Play is the brainchild of one of the most successful online ePayment companies – Trustly. Trustly is a Sweden-based company that is one of the most commonly found payment methods available at top online casinos. Currently, Trustly (and, therefore, Pay N Play) is only available in Sweden, the US, Germany, Finland, Poland, Norway, the Netherlands and Spain. No doubt Trustly hopes to increase its global scope in the coming months.

At the time of writing 24 casinos have signed up for the Pay N Play model (including ComeOn!, Betsson, Ninja Casino, Dreamz Casino and Spela Casino). Still, more casinos are likely to jump on the Pay N Play bandwagon soon. Pay N Play was first unveiled in February 2020, and initial statistics have been encouraging to say the least. Pay N Play’s partners have reported a 124% increase in average monthly player growth during the time it has become available.

Could Pay N Play become the norm for online casino payments methods in the not too distant future? All signs point to that becoming a strong possibility.

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