Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy takes the privacy of our players very seriously, which is why you can rest assured that when you visit our website, your privacy will be respected and your information stores with the utmost care. You do not have to provide us with any information about yourself when you pay our site a visit, but there might be times when we need certain details about you to provide you with the services that you ask for and in these instances, it is important that visitors read and understand our privacy policy.

With that in mind, we have created a privacy statement that will inform you, a visitor to our website, about how we intend to not only collect, but also handle your data. Please make sure that you read it all very carefully.

Keep in mind that our website includes links to third party websites. These websites have their own privacy policies and so this particular one is not applicable to any third party website.

Our Policy on Browser Information

Browser information is collected and stored by our website for the purposes of improving our website and the various services provided to our players. These website logs that we collect will not personally identify our users and we do not make any effort to link the logs with those players who visit our website.

Persistent cookies and session cookies are both used by our website to track the traffic that passes into and out of our website. Once again, we do not make any attempts to link this traffic with any identifying information, particularly those belonging to players visiting the website.

Our No Spam Policy

No one likes spam and operates a very strict policy on spamming. For this purpose, we do not sell, trade, rent, lease or loan the personal information that we collect on our website to any third party, including mailing lists. We treat the personal information belonging to our players with care, ensuring that it remains confidential and ensuring that we use it strictly in the manner in which it was intended to be used. Our website will always obtain consent before making use of personal information in any manner, unless visitors have chosen to use the website in a manner that is deemed unlawful.

With this in mind, is obligated to respond to court orders, subpoenas and legal process in order to exercise its legal rights, as well as to defend itself against legal claims. If the situation calls for it, we may resort to disclosing visitor information, including and not limited to assigned IP numbers, account use and account history to law enforcement agents who provide written requests, without consent or notifying our visitors. reserves its right to update and replace this Privacy Policy without providing notice, at any point in time.

For more information about our privacy policy, including questions and comments regarding its content and the way in which it is implemented on our website, please contact us.