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How To Maintain Privacy When Gambling Online?

How To Maintain Privacy When Gambling Online?

Privacy when gambling online is one of the most important things you should consider if you want to gamble safely. Online privacy has been a big deal over the years, especially after Edward Snowden revealed how mass-scale surveillance is conducted. The latest information disaster has further compounded the privacy issue by Facebook and other renowned social media platforms.

You should not be surprised by the fact that many online players’ value privacy, with regards to how often and how much they spend while gambling online. If you are looking to reduce snooping by your bank, internet service providers, and marketing companies, we have compiled a list of tips to maintain privacy when gambling online and continue gambling anonymously.

Although you don’t have to go to the extremes to guarantee privacy, these little things will help immensely.

Understanding Casino Privacy and Security

Online casino gambling is one of the most fun-filled, enjoyable activities out there. However, you must ensure it’s undertaken in a safe and secure environment. Nevertheless, since casino gambling is conducted on the web, there are some special challenges. The most important thing is that our featured Australian online casinos are up to the challenge and guarantee a secure and safe operating environment. Let’s begin.

Use the VPN

Using a VPN will play a major role in helping you spoof your IP address. This makes it seem like you are accessing the gambling site from another location.

Use the VPN

The good news is that the VPN does not need any technical expertise. Most of these browser plugins are user friendly. All you have to do is select a country and start browsing. Once this is done, the VPN company then assigns you the IP address from any of the many servers the provider has in that specific country. Furthermore, the gambling website you are seeing, you also not know where you are accessing their website.

Nevertheless, this comes with its fair share of challenges. If you make a mistake and use the VPN to pinpoint you in a location where the online casino is not licensed, it can result in your account being shut down or locked. You can avoid this by choosing a country that is not on the online casino’s restricted jurisdictions.

Making use of the VPN to throw off an online casino might somehow be extreme, but this can also serve other purposes. As you search around the internet, you will constantly leave “footprints.” Even at times when you have not logged into Google apps, Twitter, or Facebook, these platforms collect data on exactly what you are up to. That said, you may use the VPN just as a way to navigate around the murky waters. But it helps to know that the big tech companies are not spying on you as you gamble online at the best NZ online casinos.

Gamble with Cryptocurrencies

As of today, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are taking the entire world by storm. Many gamblers have now adopted these cryptocurrencies as a way to make sure they maintain privacy when gambling online. With this virtual currency, there is no way your bank or other financial institutions will ever track your gambling trends.

Gamble with Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is by far the most popular crypto. Unfortunately, many players believe that it’s 100% untraceable and anonymous. If you have ever heard of the phrase “gambling myths” then this is one of them. A quick check on the internet will help you find many criminals that have landed themselves in jail after engaging in unlawful business for bitcoin on the web. While bitcoin is not anonymous, it’s private, which is good enough for many gamblers. Many new bitcoin online casinos have been reviewed on NewCasinos.org.

Secondly, making use of bitcoin or other cryptos such as Dash means you get to play online casino games without the transactions appearing on your bank statements or credit cards. This is a positive thing about privacy when gambling online mainly because gambling is greatly stigmatized by many people, especially those that don’t enjoy online gambling, including many bankers. Because at some point, you will have to convince these people to give you some form of a loan, you must ensure your gambling transactions remain off the books.

Also, you will most likely be required to share sensitive information with the online casino you have chosen, though, because of the Know Your Customer laws. However, if you still feel the need to go anonymous, you should choose the crypto online casinos without registration. Check out our list of the top online casinos to find one where you can play without having to register.

Research Before Installing Casino Apps

It can be tempting to download an online casino app and start playing roulette or blackjack from your iPhone. Nevertheless, it would be best if you were careful to know the permissions that you are giving them.

Research Before Installing Casino Apps

This is because you don’t want to download an online casino app and install it on your device and possibly agree to all the prompts that show up. You might install a casino app only to realize later that the app is updating your social media profiles with promotions and offers. Imagine if this happens when trying to gamble privately. This means that everyone, including your employer or worse family, gets to know about what you have been doing without their knowledge.

It is always recommended that you take enough time to read the terms and conditions of the casino app before you download and install it. This will be a great way to ensure you protect your data from third parties. Some rogue online casinos will even sell your sensitive data to marketing firms or other casinos. This is risky because the data might include the strategies that you use, your partners, or the casino games you are playing and more.

Keep in mind that downloading an online casino app is great, but you must be careful about the permissions you give the casino.

Never Use Debit or Credit Cards

If for those that do not want to use cryptocurrencies, using your debit or credit cards directly is not wise. Also, sharing your credit/debit card information online is not safe and with the huge number of alternative payment techniques that protect your financial transactions, doing so is completely unnecessary.

Never Use Debit or Credit Cards

It only takes a short while, just a few minutes to create a PayPal account. Although PayPal is not the epitome of anonymity and privacy, it is a much better alternative than using your credit card details online. This is because when a cybercriminal or hacker breaks into a gambling site you are using, the only thing they will see is the PayPal email address. They might find a few transactions that you had carried out previously, but there is nothing much they can do with such information.

We strongly recommend that you take some time to familiarize yourself with the types of casino payment methods available. There are some that you might not be aware of, but they offer greater privacy than using debit or credit cards.

Always remember that there will be some links between yourself and the money you gamble with. The trick is to make sure you minimize the risks and ensure the links are weakened. Also, there is nothing like total privacy about online gambling, but the best thing is to make sure you do everything possible to keep your gambling private. Learning about the optional payment methods will, without a doubt, help.

Clean Your Tracks

Privacy when gambling online is not about keeping the casinos and big-tech companies from knowing so much about your gambling habits. Sometimes you may want to sop colleagues, roommates, and friends from knowing about your casino activities, especially if you use your work computer to place wagers.

Take note of the fact that if you find yourself trying to hide your gambling habits from your family, then it is highly likely that you need help. Seeking help with your gambling problem is the best advise, but if you keep hiding the gambling problem, then it will become worse.

If you do not want gambling-related history on your browser, you should instead use Google and completely go into the incognito mode.


Overall, gambling privately on the web is possible. The question you should answer is how far you are willing to go? For most gamblers, using Google’s incognito mode and the cash for voucher payments is enough. If you still want to ensure more privacy when gambling online, then you should try out any of the tips listed above.

Have you enjoyed reading this article, please share the tips with your friends who are concerned about their privacy when gambling online.

Some of the tips listed here can be used for different reasons besides online gambling. If you despise the idea of anyone monitoring your gambling habits, make these privacy tips a habit while gambling online. If you feel you have a problem gambling, then please seek help right away! Our footer has few links where you can seek help immediately!

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