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Slot Tournament Tips and Tricks That Everybody Should Know

Slot Tournament Tips and Tricks That Everybody Should Know

Are you tired of playing against the house on slots machines, and looking for something more exciting, fresh and rewarding? If yes, you might want to try your hands on slot tournaments. They offer an amazing way to beat boredom, have a blast, and compete against fellow players for a chance to win eye-watering prizes.

As thrilling as it might be, however, taking on slot tournaments and coming out a winner isn’t an easy walk in the park. Here are a few things – tips, pointers, and tricks – you might want to know before diving into the exhilarating world of slot tournaments.

Get to Know the Tournament

Unlike slot games that allow players to win cash and build a bankroll, casino slot tournaments are usually point-based, with each participating player looking to rake in as many points as possible within a given time. More often than not, there’s a buy-in which consists of the house fee and amount that goes into the prize pool. As such, the more players that sign up for the tournament, the bigger the prize pool, and the more lucrative it’ll be.

No two slot tournaments are created equal, and they often vary greatly from one online casino to another, which can be a little confusing. That’s why it pays to take some time to understand the ins and outs of the tournament, including the set rules, ranking criterion, deadlines, and other nuggets of information you might need to stay ahead of the pack.

Dig Into the T&C’s of the Tournament

As might you expect, every slot tournament comes with its own terms and condition which you have to follow from the word go. Most of them offer top players free cash prizes, while some give out bonus cash that often comes with a wagering requirement. Whenever possible, go for ones that offer worthy cash prizes like free gizmos, tropical holidays, money or gadgets. A slot tournament with a $100 buy-in, for instance, is not worth it if the rollover requirement on the cash bonus prize is anything more than 10x.

Be Ready to Snap Up Freeroll Tournaments

Freeroll slot competitions are a rarity in the online casino scene, so when they come around you shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of them. These are slot tournaments that have no buy-in but usually offer smaller cash prizes than you’d expect in conventional slot competition. Nonetheless, they offer a level playing field to all players, meaning that you have absolutely nothing to lose, and something (albeit small) to gain.

Get Your Timing Right

Again, it’s crucial to know the deadlines associated with the tournament so that you can get in on it early enough. With more time in your hands, you will have an opportunity to learn the ropes of the game, sharpen your winning strategy, and become an ace in the tournament. What’s more, playing the slot tournament during quieter times will dramatically boost your chances of landing the big prizes. It’s also worth remembering that the more the players you’re playing against the lower your odds of winning top prizes.

When all’s said and done, the last thing you want is to start a 10-minute tournament with 5-minutes remaining on the clock.

Build Your Bankroll before Joining the Tournament

Most tournaments are designed to rank players based on how much they bet, making it hard for those with smaller bankrolls to climb the points ladder. The good news is that there are nifty ways you can grow your stack before hitting the tournament. If you are a new player, the chances are that you can get a welcome bonus that’s valid on slot tournaments. On the other hand, if you are already an account-holder, you can also cash in on loyalty points and deposit bonuses to spruce up your bankroll before starting the tournament.

Stay Alert on the Spin Button

With time is of the essence, it is important that you spin the slot as fast as you can to boost your chances of winning. Remember you’re racing against not only the clock but also your fellow players.

Try Max Bets

If you are participating in a tournament where players are ranked based on winnings, you might want to stake on high-paying games with bigger denominations to land better payouts. With max bets, you are also more likely to hit jackpots.

Slot tournaments are a great way to size yourself up against other players and get a chance to walk home with a huge prize. Enter with a significant bankroll, always stay alert, and make sure to read through the T&C’s. More crucially, it pays to read online casino reviews to zero in on one that offers the very best of slot tournaments.

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