Soccer Betting Markets Online That are Popular

Soccer is undoubtedly the biggest sport in the world not only by the sheer numbers of people who follow it worldwide but also commercially, it has no peer. Now most people, apart from the Americans, call the sport football and it has had a lengthy history which we will leave for the historians.

So it will be a no brainer that soccer betting is also one of the biggest money makers for sport bookies with a lot of markets available to all potential punters. Horse racing isn’t really far off if we consider the high stakes wager that we normally see but still soccer pales this by far. Being a global sport; online sportsbooks have gone out of their way to make available thousands of professional leagues, tournaments and soccer events which means you can wager every day or night all through the week.

We recommends only the best bookmakers online which offer soccer betting legitimately and worry free.

Popular types of Soccer Betting Markets

There are lots of different soccer bets that you can make depending on the online bookmaker that you are registered under. While this list will not be comprehensive, new players can learn some of the popular markets and get a good start on soccer betting. They include:

  • Win-Draw-Win
  • Correct Score
  • Team Goals
  • Half-time/Full-Time
  • Handicaps
  • Total Goals
  • Draw No Bet
  • Last Goal scorer
  • Anytime Goal scorer
  • First Goal scorer
  • Corners

Easy to Understand

Most of these markets are relatively easy to understand with the name almost giving away what you are actually betting on. For example the goal scorer bets will allow punters to make a selection of who they think will score the next goal, mostly during the in game betting.

Similarly Score markets tend are based on prediction of the number of goals that will be scored by a team or prediction of the final or halftime score line. The Win-draw-win market is the easiest of them all in soccer betting – it is based on simple prediction of who will end as the winner or whether the game will end as draw. will point you in the right direction in terms of where to make your sports bets. Register with any of the online sportsbooks to enjoy fantastic bonuses and some of the widest coverage of sports events and wagering variety online.


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