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Sports Betting Tricks Used By Professional Gamblers

Sports Betting Tricks Used By Professional Gamblers

Punters bet on sports for different reasons. Some punters do it because they feel it makes watching their favourite sports more exciting, while others simply do it because of the amusement it gives them. However, for other people, betting on sports is all about putting their sports knowledge to use with hopes of beating the bookmaker.

Not all bettors who place real money bets are concerned about the money they lose or win. Any amount of money lost is seen as the cost of entertainment, and the money won as a bonus. Even the punters betting for fun may be fascinated by the thrill of winning over the real profits they make.

Every punter wants to know the secret of being a winning gambler, but not many are willing to tell you about these secrets.

Nevertheless, there are different tricks that professional gamblers can follow. Following is a list of sports betting tricks that are used by professional gamblers for long-term profits.

It’s important to understand that these online sports betting tricks usually work together. Although you can start with a few of them, you will eventually learn how to use all 6 of them. Luckily, if you understand the most important one, the rest will easily fall into place.

Use Their Eyes And Systems

Every punter would love to have sports betting systems that utilize statistics to generate winning bets. This is something that every sports bettor would love to have.

Although it’s possible that such betting systems do exist, none have been found to have to be effective or guarantees winnings. The best time to use the sports betting system is after you handicap sporting events, but you still have to do more to place winning bets.

Successful sports bettors use a combination of betting systems and their brains and eyes to place winning wagers. The best thing you can do is to build systems that use results and statistics to help you find lines and games that offer real value. Also, you need to watch various games and use what you are able to see to make more informed decisions.

Know When To Get Big Money Into Play

Many punters who place bets on sports don’t know what to do to get big bets down. However, many of the same bettors want to make betting on their favorite sports a full-time job and make a decent living from sports betting.

One of the most important things that professional sports bettors understand is when they make long term profits, the margins are always thin. This means that if you are looking to make enough money you need to get more money in action.

For instance, if you can make 1% of profit in your sports bets throughout a year, you must get $1,000,000 into play over the year to make at least $10,000 in profit. Keep in mind that a 1% profit margin isn’t something that you should take lightly. Unfortunately, there are many professionals’ gamblers who don’t know exactly how to get this done properly.

Can you get $100,000 down in bets each month? This is more than $3,300 on average each day. And you not only have to put this money into play, but you must also find enough games that provide real value to get this done.

Consider Using The Lines For Better Profits

For example, if you consider two betting lines on the NFL game offered by two different bookmakers.

New york jets + 2.5

New york giants – 2.5


New york jets +3.5

New york giants -3.5

Professional sports gamblers look for the lines that are different at different bookmakers. If they find different lines this gives them more chances to make a reasonable profit. One thing that many professionals do is wagering both sides of the game.

You do not find a real value just because you have found two different lines. However, different lines usually improve your winning chances after you assess the game.

Using the game in question with the lines listed here, when you handicap the game and bet on the fact that the Jets will win, you are going to wager on the line where there are 3.5 points.

On the other hand, when you handicap the game and bet on the fact that the Giants will win by 6, you are going to wager on the Giants, here you give 2.5 points.

Although a single point difference in these lines may not look like a huge difference, it could be the difference between losing and winning. Every time you place a bet with a better line, this increases your profits.

Successful gamblers know the long-term power of exploiting and finding the best lines. You might have to start doing the same before you place another bet.

Value Is The Only Thing

Professional sports bettors usually focus 100% on real value. There is nothing else that matters. Incase you find the real value you place the bet. However, in case you do not find the real value you do not place the bet. It’s that simple.

Yet, many professional sports gamblers allow different types of things to influence how they place bets. If you focus on the value 100%, or if you are letting anything else impact your betting decisions.

Placing real money bets on sports, as a professional sports bettor is a business. If you start to treat your sports betting endeavors like an enterprise, then you will ultimately become a long-term winner. An enterprise that is largely based on profits. Nothing else will matter.

The best thing you can do right now is deciding to never place real money sports bets if you cannot find value.

Value is an amalgamation of lines and effective handicapping. You do not know if the line and game offer real value until you choose to handicap the game. After you handicap the game in question and predict the result you can then compare your prediction to the lines available. It is only then that you can find out whether the game offers any value.

Manage Their Bankroll

Do you have a different bankroll for your sports bets or do you use your bank account or cash from your pocket to place real money bets?

As mentioned earlier, if you treat your sports betting activity like a business, it’s highly likely that you will make profits in the long term. A major part of treating your online sports betting activities like an enterprise is using the dedicated bankroll.

As a result, the best thing you can do is to properly manage your bankroll. You should know the amount of money you can wager on every game to maximize your winning chances while ensuring you do not wager too much so if you have a losing streak it hurts your bankroll.

The best remedy to such a situation is to make sure you have enough funds in order to maximize the bets you place and seek real value for your endeavors. However, this is not realistic for many sports bettors, so you need to learn how to effectively manage the bankroll so that you can maximize your profits.

Have No Loyalty

If you are looking to become a successful gambler, then you cannot be loyal. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be loyal to your family and friends. This means that you shouldn’t let loyalty stand between you and profitable bets.

You most possibly started placing bets on sports because you are a die-hard fan of a certain team. Although it’s fine to place bets on your favorite team, you cannot continue doing so if you start treating all your online sports betting trends like a business.

As mentioned earlier, value is the only thing that should matter to you most as a professional sports gambler. It does not matter how much you love your team or how you want to continue supporting them, if there is no real value, you should not bet on them.


The first thing you should know about the sports betting tricks that professional sports bettors use when betting on sports is that real value is everything and the most important thing. After you learn to only focus on value, every other sports betting trick in this article is more effective and easier to use.

Professional sports bettors know how and where to look for the best lines, how they can use the lines to boost their profits, how to effectively manage their bankroll, use their eyes and winning systems, and know-how to get more money in action as they should.

Finally, always remember that nothing about becoming a professional and successful sports bettor is easy, but when you use the sports betting tricks outlined here, you will find the simplest path to making long term sports betting profits.

Again, you should thoroughly investigate all possible ways to make enough money as a sports gambler before you make a deposit and start wagering.

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