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Baseball is often considered one of the most popular sports for passionate bettors. This is mainly due to possibilities and the analytical approach that needs to be adopted to get the maximum return out of it. Let’s see how baseball betting works and what the strategies are.

Know the Rules

The first rule is to know how baseball works. This means that you need to understand the game. You need to know what pitchers are on the mound, who has home field, what the weather is like, and so on. Once you understand baseball deeply, you can proceed to bet on the MLB.

Three Basic Baseball Betting Types

There are three types of the most popular bets in baseball, and they are Money Line betting, Run Line betting, and Totals Baseball betting. Each bet type has some advantages and some disadvantages which will be looked at here.

Money Line

Money Line is simple – it is betting on who is going to be the winner of the game. However, there are tons of things to consider to get the most out of it. First and foremost, you need to see who the starting pitcher is, as they are the most likely to affect the odds. The same goes for the hitters when you look at the offense. It is wise to look at their statistics such as plate appearances or on-base percentage and draw conclusions from them.

Run Line

Things start to get slightly more advanced with the run line betting type. Namely, it requires better knowledge of baseball but, in essence, you need to know that 1.5 point handicap must be covered by both teams for the bet to pass.

Run Line betting strategy is helping experienced bettors assume the winning chances in percentages. To convert the odds and turn them into probability, you need the following formula (Risk/Return) x 100.


Totals are the most difficult to guess, and they are also called “Over/Under” bets as well. The bettors try to guess the total number of runs (points) that will be scored in the game or they can make it easier by guessing whether the runs will be more or less than the number of runs proposed by the bookmaker (which is usually an average number of runs scored). Bettors who are not willing to risk usually go for the second option and sometimes even combine several games to get the better odds.

Other Factors

Analyzing players and teams is not enough if you want to get serious in baseball betting. In fact, you should also take into account some external factors such as the weather and the advantage of the home field. For example, due to the different sizes of the stadiums, sometimes more runs are scored and sometimes less. Although all of these may not be crucial, they can certainly change some things during the game of baseball.

Good luck with your baseball betting and it’s time to go out there and build your bankroll.

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