Basketball Betting Casinos

Basketball is a fast-paced, action-packed game that has a lot to offer in terms of betting. When it comes to basketball betting, sports betting enthusiasts simply have to have a good idea about the important facets of placing a successful and profitable bet before they start laying their money on the line.

Types of Basketball Bets

Money Line

One of the most common methods of betting on a game of basketball is the utilization of the money line markets. With these types of bets, the player is simply betting on who they think will win the game. In an instance where team A is listed as 3.440 and team, B is listed as 1.364, a $10 bet on team B would allow the player to win $13.64. Ultimately, this leads to a profit of $3.64.


Another option for basketball betting is the handicap betting option, and this is usually preferred when a specific team is heavily favoured. In this instance, there is a huge bias in terms of ability and so sportsbooks will usually offer their bettors a handicap so that they can level the playing field, in a sense. The handicap is represented along with a – or + value, and it is used to adjust the score to determine the winner, in the event that bets are placed on the handicap, of course.


The total betting option is a form of basketball betting which is also known as totals. This form of betting option allows bettors to determine whether the combined points within a game will be under or over a certain number. In an instance where the following odds are listed: over 210.5: 1.962 and under 210.5: 2.110, players who bet $10 that the game would be over 210.5 would make $19.62 if the result of the game was 116 – 98. In the event the player bets their money on under 210.5 for the same score, they would lose their bet.

Doing Your Research

Bettors do not simply need to have a sound strategy in mind before opting for basketball betting – it helps to get to know the teams, as well as the players. An injury to a great player can make all of the difference when it comes to the outcome of a game, and be aware of the team’s physical state and performance levels can also go a long way in helping a player make a sound decision on the outcome of a game. What is more, once bettors have a sound strategy, they can begin to explore some of the more complex betting strategies that will consistently help them to improve the rates of their profitable bets.

Ultimately, basketball betting can be great fun, but it is not without effort. The more time and effort a bettor puts into their bets, the more likely it will be that they find success, and this is why a great source of information can make all of the difference.

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