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Boxing is an all-time favourite sport in the USA among many other countries. Betting makes it even more exciting. What is a better way to spend the weekend than sitting at home with friends and family and placing bets on your favourite boxer? Boxing betting is not only thrilling; they are a source of bringing in extra cash as well. So, all the boxing fans out there should increase their love for the game even more by placing bets on their favourite stars. To help you get cash for sure, professionals calculate the odds of the winning side. So, if you are a boxing lover try out your luck today.

You can check these betting odds online so that you can be sure which side to place your bet on. These days, it is very easy to place boxing bets. There are many online bookmakers to choose from. They provide you with boxing betting odds as well as match schedules. You can bet on various players at once to increase your chances of winning. Betting online is very simple and yet beneficial if you win. You cannot only place bets but you can also create odds on some sites. This is an excellent opportunity for those of you who know the game well.

If you think that you can predict the outcome of boxing matches, you should definitely create your own boxing betting picks for others to place bets on. Since boxing is a very popular sport, you are bound to get a positive response. Actually, betting used to be all about luck, but now the betting odds are calculated by formulas also; the professionals who create betting odds know the game.

Types Of Boxing Bets

If you like boxing and closely follow your favourite fighter’s performance, then you already have what it takes to place a winning bet on a boxing match. That’s right, gambling on entertainment has been around for a very long time and many people who love sports, also make profits by placing bets on them.
If you are new to gambling in boxing, then let me tell you about the common types of bets that you can easily place.

First, let us discuss Moneyline betting. You simply bet on who is going to win the match. It is relatively easy because, in most matches, the fighters are not equal in strength or capabilities. Since it is a win for sure situation, the odds on such a match are very low, e.g. the lines of such a match would look something like this:

  • Stronger Boxer -170
  • Weaker Boxer +350
  • Draw Boxer +999

-170 simply mean that you need to risk $170 to win $100. Whereas the +350 means that you can wager $100 to win $350. Since a draw is very rare, it usually has the highest odds and in our match, you need to risk $100 to win $999.If you had been following these boxers and you knew that the weaker boxer has had a history of winning fights, which were not in his/her favour, and that the stronger boxer had retained injuries in the last few matches, then you might have the information to make huge profits.

Another type of betting is Boxing Total Bet. Boxing total could either mean the total number of fights before the match ends, or how many points will be scored. Usually, a limit is set and you have to choose over or under, e.g. the number of rounds in a match was set to 8; if you feel the fighters are strong and neither would go down early, then you could bet on over and wait for the match to go above round 8. Otherwise, you could bet under and expect the match to end before round 8.

You could even bet on a knockout: Boxing Knock Out. If, you feel that a knockout is likely to happen, then why not earn from it. The odds for a knockout would normally look like:

  • Boxer A by KO -150
  • Boxer B by KO +250

Be careful though, if the match ends normally then you don’t win. Now like many others, you can too, utilize your knowledge of sports to make money.

Betting among friends is fun too, but the amount of cash you can win through online bookmakers is much more fun! Plus, with the latest techniques used for calculating betting odds, you are bound to win. So, what are you waiting for? If there is a boxing match tonight, you should definitely check out the betting odds. Even if you are an occasional better, it does not matter; maybe you will get lucky and win. When you place bets regularly, your chances of winning increase. So, why not give it a try? It might just be your lucky day!

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