The Suspense and Uncertainty of Golf Betting

Betting on golf has always been a unique experience, mainly because golf is a sport where suspense and uncertainty play a very important role. If you plan to place bets on this sport, it would be nice to know a bit more about the way golf betting works.

Here is a list of the newest sportsbooks on the market where you can bet on Golf!

Find a Sportsbook You Like

There are hundreds of online platforms which mainly focus on sports betting, but not all of them support golf. Once you narrow down your search to those that support it, make sure to check the odds that they offer as well as the golf games that they cover. Some of the sportsbooks may cover only the major events, while there are some which cover almost every golf competition in the world.

Odds in Golf

The odds in golf work very similarly to the odds in other sports. The basic bet is to try and guess which player will win the event. For example, if the player has a 14-to-1 odds, this means that your initial deposit will be 14 times bigger if this player wins. In other words, if you pay $100 and bet on that player, your return would be $1400.

Types of Bets

One of the other types of bets involved in golf is the so-called “proposition bet”. One of the classic proposal bets in golf is whether the player will hit the hole in more or fewer tries than the bookmaker proposes. For example, if the average score for a certain field of a player is 4 and you bet on “under”, you will win the bet if the player manages to score in 1 to 3 tries. If he does not manage to do that, it’s your loss.

There are various bets on golf. You can bet on whether there will be a hole-in-one play in the match, or you can try and guess the winning margin. One of the other interesting bets is to try and guess the top amateur in the tournament.

Strategy for Betting on Golf

Although there is no particular strategy, you can still use several pieces of advice to take into account.

First, the era of Tiger Woods is over and there is not a safe bet. Simply, there is no guarantee that the favourite will win the tournament.

Secondly, do not just consider the number of winnings a player has in their career. Try to research the more recent history of that golfer and their performance in the last couple of rounds.

Thirdly, explore various options and do not place your bets only on one player. Instead, try to focus on five or even six of them.

Know When to Stop

Golf betting can be very interesting and captivating just like every other type of sports betting. Therefore, you should know your limits and know when to stop as many inexperienced players are often sucked in and cannot control themselves when it comes to betting. You must remember that, after all, it is all just a game and it should never be taken too seriously.

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