Tennis Betting

Tennis is a sport with a long-standing tradition. Tennis Betting has also been a popular activity for quite some time. If you are a tennis fan and you never placed a bet on this sport, take a look at the following rules for betting on tennis.

The Basics of Tennis Betting

One of the main ways to bet on tennis is to simply pick a winner in the match. This is all done before the match begins and you just have to let the match finish and see the results. Of course, betting on Federer against a player who is lower than the 100th place on the ATP list is not really fun, and that is why most of the bookmakers allow you to combine the odds (betting on several matches at the same time).

For example, you can choose to bet on several matches played on the same day during the Australian Open and hope for the best.

The betting odds are similar to other sports – the stronger player will probably have smaller odds on them while the weaker ones have higher odds. However, tennis is an individual game (unless played in doubles) and anything can happen – that is why it is so fun to bet on tennis.

Types of Bets in Tennis


Instead of betting on one match, one of the most popular tennis bets is to try and guess the winner of the tournament. The odds will be lower if you are betting on the currently popular players such as Nadal. However, you can take a risk and try to bet on someone who is not the favourite. This usually requires that you know players very well and that you follow news about their past results and shape.


You can also have handicap betting – to guess whether the player would perform better or worse than his or her average.


Similar to handicap, this type of bet is guessing the number of games and sets in a match.

Correct Score

Usually, the most difficult to guess, the correct score is a real challenge for the pro tennis betters.

Live Betting

Live betting or in-play betting opens a whole new world of possible bets. It really depends on the bookmaker whether they will have all the options available for live play, but if they do, you will be able to place bets on things such as individual points, games, sets, and match.

In other words, each time someone is about to serve, you will be able to place bets on who will win the point at that moment. This is not a popular way to bet as it requires you to be fast and it is possible mainly in online casinos. On the other hand, betting on the outcome of the game or the set are popular ways to bet in live play.

Furthermore, you can also place live over/under bets, guess the correct score during the match and even do the handicap betting on individual games and sets.

Tennis Betting Casinos

Tennis betting is definitely worth trying, and with a little practice, you can get good at it quickly!

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