Volleyball Betting

Although volleyball is not the first sport that comes to people’s minds when betting is mentioned, this sport can be quite entertaining if you decide to try your luck on volleyball betting.

Learn The Rules of The Sport

Before you can start betting on volleyball, you need to understand the rules of the game very well. The sport has one of the best-laid our rules which may not be as obvious even to the professional volleyball lovers. The most important rule in volleyball is not to touch the ball more than three times when it is on your side of the court – but the block does not count. Also, no player can consecutively touch the ball more than one time.

Also, pay special attention to the faults that involve things such as touching the net. Once you understand the rules, you can now start learning what type of bets are available in volleyball betting.

Types of Volleyball Bets

Money Line

The money line is a standard bet in almost every competitive sport where you get to pick the winner of the match. There is no spread, just odds on each team to win the game.


Handicap is usually measured in sets. For example, if one team is given a handicap of -2.5, it means that only straight sets will give them the victory. Naturally, this means that the other team is given a handicap of +2.5 and you can win the bet if even if they win only one set.

Total Sets

You can also try and predict a total number of sets that will occur in the match. This is not a difficult bet as the usual number of sets in a volleyball match is between 3 and 5.

Volleyball Betting Strategy

Although there are no detailed betting strategies for this sport, there are a few tips and tricks that you should take into account when you decide to bet on volleyball.

First of all, make sure you understand the dynamics of each team, and what players are attending the tournament you are betting on. Sometimes teams will not be at full strength in all tournaments. Some are much more important than others, such as the Olympic tournament.

Secondly, take into account that volleyball is one of those sports where the individual quality is minimized, and the overall team quality comes first.

Thirdly, the tournaments in volleyball are usually scheduled closely together, and you need to take into account how much energy the players will have. For example, one team can play three games in three days consecutively and then meet the fourth team on the fourth day, but the opposing team had two or three days rest in between.

Finally, volleyball is not a popular betting sport, and the Pareto Principle may take place here. This principle suggests that the sports which are less popular are more suitable for betting as they provide greater value since there is less focus on it by the oddsmakers. If you do your homework, you can be profitable betting on volleyball. Good luck!

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