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The Fluffy Invasion of the Slotting World

The Fluffy Invasion of the Slotting World

Many moons ago now, the relatively-unknown software company Eyecon released an online slots game called ‘Fluffy Favourites’. This was as basic a slots game as possible with five reels, 25 paylines and a decent 95.6% RTP (return-to-player).

Somehow, this game has become immensely popular. Fluffy Favourites to online pokies is like Harry Potter when it comes to popular children’s literature, or Avengers Assemble within the realm of superhero movies. Like both those examples of modern-day culture, Fluffy Favourites too has spawned several sequels, some of which have moved beyond slots.

There is no other online slot or pokies that have had so many sequels inspired by it, and there perhaps is no slot that’s more popular in terms of the number of spins that are taken of its reels. Here we take a look at Fluffy Favourites and the other titles it has spawned.

Fluffy Favourites (2006)

Fluffy Favourites (2006)

It’s hard to believe it, but Fluffy Favourites is now a teenager! The simple features of the game can be forgiven when you think that back in 2006, ALL online slots were pretty basic.

This game had plenty of fluffy symbols – all cute critters such as lions, rhinos, pandas, duck and even a cute dragon. It’s probably the cuteness of the symbols (and the lack of complexity) that made this initial release such a success.

Slots players everywhere especially loved the appearance of Nellie the pink elephant, especially the little dance she performed whenever she arrived on the reels. This drove people wild – as Nellie was a wild who substituted for all other fluffy symbols and also doubled your payouts.

One additional element was the Toybox Pick bonus in which a mechanical claw would reach into the slotting toolbox and pull out a prize multiplier worth up to a maximum of 100 times a player’s total bet.

Fluffy in Space (2016)

Fluffy in Space (2016)

After taking over the slotting world, there was only one realm left for the fluffy critters to conquer – space! A decade after the original game everyone’s favourite fairground critters were strapped to a rocket and sent beyond the stratosphere! Some people were pleased that they’d thought they’d seen the back of them, but happily, the fluffy faves arrived safely into orbit.

Hippo, panda and gorilla (and all the others) were back and in business, as was Nellie who remained as a wild and sometimes arrived stacked two symbols high! Nellie could also now summon three free spins in which she became ‘sticky’ (probably via eating too much candy floss) and remained as a wild in her triggering position throughout the free spins.

One new symbol was the ‘planet scatter’ symbol, which acted as a scatter and awarded an initial amount of six free spins. Free spins could be added to during the free spins round up to a maximum of fifty per feature.

While the graphics of Fluffy in Space were a decent improvement from the original game, the sounds and music remained the same, which was a disappointment to many.

Fluffy Too (2018)

Fluffy Too (2018)

Yes – that is not a typo! The ‘direct’ sequel to Fluffy Favourites was not called ‘Fluffy Two’ or ‘Fluffy II’ but ‘Fluffy Too’.

This game was more like an update of the original title than a direct sequel. To everyone’s delight, Nellie was back as the star of the show, although this time when she broke into her wild dance, she’d turn her back and start wiggling her bum at you – how rude!

The graphics used were now a significant upgrade from the original, as (finally) was the music and sounded used. More features had been added, including the coin pusher side game that’s based on the ‘coin cascade’ game seen in arcades in seaside towns all over the coast of the UK. During this feature, a top prize was availably maxing out at 100 times the players’ bet per coin.

Fluffy Too has not (yet) matched the popularity of the slots game that spawned it, but it’s still a delightful game to play.

Fluffy Fairground (2018)

Fluffy Fairground (2018)

Released a whole decade after Fluffy Favourites came to Fluffy Fairground, which seemed a sensible name for a sequel as the fluffy critters in the original game were based upon the kind of fluffy critters you could win by playing fairground games in the real world.

In truth, there was not that much of an upgrade with Fluffy Fairground from the original, except that the graphics were a whole lot better. All the usual fluffy critters returned for this sequel, Even Nelly was back, still dancing and still awarding wild wins.

One additional feature that was new though was the Bouncing Castle bonus game. This was another ‘pick your prize’ feature, but this time you got to pick three prize multipliers as opposed to one.

Some versions of Fluffy Fairground had three progressive jackpots. There was the Power Pot (which seeded at £25,000), the Maxi (£500) and the Mini (£50).

Fluffy Games That Are Not Slots

Fluffy Favourites Bingo

Fluffy Favourites Bingo

Those fluffy critters had obviously had enough of rolling around the reels as one day they escaped and invaded bingo land! Fluffy Favourites Bingo is a 90-ball bingo game with a progressive jackpot. The game is played out in the usual way when it comes to online bingo, all done while the fluffy favourites themselves look out over the balls as they bounce and drop.

Wins are obtained via one line, two lines or the complete full house. That progressive bingo jackpot we mentioned seeds at £1,000 and can roll over into stunningly huge amounts. To win the fluffy jackpot a player needs to land a full house within 35 bingo calls.

That’s it for now in the realms of those fluffy faves! There has been no new Fluffy-related release since 2018, but we’re sure on is just around the corner. Keep your eye on the slots and bingo news, and you’ll be the first to hear about that latest slotting adventures of everyone’s Fluffy Favourites!

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