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The Story of Norma Dolores: Slots Empire Casino Jackpot Winner

The Story of Norma Dolores: Slots Empire Casino Jackpot Winner

Norma was one among millions of people that never believed that people actually won by playing casino games. However, she has always been interested in poker. It all started at college when she used to play it with friends on Friday nights. After graduation, she started working, and she could afford to be at a casino venue once in a while.

She could see people taking money home, and she became encouraged and more interested in gaming. The glamour of casinos was what excited her the most. Online gaming started sprucing up, and her perspective changed. She knew she could now make real money. She signed up to Slots Empire Casino and immediately fell in love with Jacks or Better.

With the help provided by the online casino, she also learned about other video poker games like Deuces Wild and All American Poker. The first game Dolores played was free, thanks to Slots Empire’s no deposit bonus provided by the online gaming casino. Well, at this point, she was still learning and didn’t get to make wins.

After ready an article (“Why You May Want to Skip That Next Casino Bonus”) that I wrote a while back, she realized that if she was going to make money, she had to play with her money only. So the next time she wagered with $50, the amount triples and she got encouraged. A couple of losses followed, but she took it as a learning experience. Norma’s success didn’t happen overnight, but it came at the right time. One night after a tiresome day at work, Norma went home and started playing poker from the comfort of her bed and a cup of coffee.

She didn’t know that the $500 she bet with would make her a millionaire. Norma won $1.5 million for playing her all-time favourite poker game: Jacks or Better. It changed her life for the better. Norma quit her 8-5 job, and being the risk-taker she is; she started her own supplies business. Norma does not regret ever signing up Slots Empire Casino. Given a chance, she would do it over and over again.

She is still playing and making the small wins which have helped her amass funds that help her take care of a few bills and dates. For you to share Norma’s success story, here is what you need to do.

1. Sign up to a reliable online casino

There are tons of online casinos today. However, not all of them are to be trusted. Always check the reviews and affirm that the casino is legit. You do not want to make winnings only for the casino to refuse to pay you or refund your deposit. Also, some casinos lack fair practices, and your wins may end up not being worthwhile.

2. Practice

Practice makes perfect. As much as some casino games are won by chance. Versing yourself with several strategies and playing the game regularly gives you an edge. Play against people who are better than you and borrow some notes from them. As you practice, you get to identify your flaws and correct them. This will get you closer to the jackpot.

 About Slots Empire Casino

Slots Empire is a Curacao licensed online casino that allows players from the United States and Australia to sign-up. The platform offers the gamblers up to 350 choices of games, and a generous 220% deposit welcome bonus for every new player that signs up. The casino has strict regulations meant to ensure the security of the gamblers. It allows multiple methods of making deposits and withdrawals, allowing you flexibility as you wager. Sign up today: you could be the next jackpot winner!

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