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5 Tips on How to Win at Craps

5 Tips on How to Win at Craps

Anyone who’s 18 or over with money can get to an online casino and become a gambler. However, you’ll definitely need to be a skilled expert to sail through to the wins. Craps is one of the best games you can play, especially when you have good bets. However, it can be awful when you are dealing with the wrong stakes. In any case, you should always aim to play like a master.  In this post, we’re going to guide you on the various tips on how to win at craps.

Before you consider playing craps, it is always vital that you have a thorough understanding of the gameplay rules, edges and everything to do with craps. Otherwise, you may end up losing games that you should have won merely if you understood the nit-grits.

Craps has two main varieties of gamblers: the right side and the dark side. Unfortunately, the majority of players do not consider the edges when they are playing craps. Instead, they are too excited in the euphoria of participating in a game to notice that they could be losing money.

Betting is indeed all about playing around with luck and instincts. Several people have already won lotteries worth millions of dollars by just being lucky. However, as an expert gambler, you should never depend on luck alone to save you! If you leave your winnings to be determined by chance, you will only be playing like the ordinary people do- like everyone else. Indeed, there’s a need to move the next step and engage your mind!

Casinos are there to make money- not to change your life by giving you millions of dollars at the expense of their profits. Here, the rule is to understand the math of the craps game. While the probabilities are meant to favour the house, you should try and play in such a way that you’ve got increased edges, and your losses are manageable. Let’s get to the 5 golden tips on how to win at craps.

Understand the Rules

Craps indeed have a litany of several rules. The rules are endless, and this may be a little frustrating for people who love to do it the freestyle. And yes- rules are almost always dull. However, you’ve got to learn them if you’re to succeed. Just like in Chess, you can never possibly become a grandmaster if you do not know how the knight and pawns move. Likewise, you cannot make it in the game of craps if you aren’t conversant with the dices, calculations and chances.

Be Patient

One of the most crucial skills that a gambler need is a little patience. And here, patience is not the emotional concept of standing still waiting for results- far from that. Instead, it’s the art that lets you wager more as you wait to win. It is the belief that you’ll win, and the tactics you set up to increase your chances of winning at craps. This is a crucial tip on how to win at craps!

It would help if you were tactical on how you pick your bets. The winnings will probably come on big hands, so, you should be patient and when they come, pounce like a cat! Among the top ways that you can do this is to have a small bet that you can place on the pass line, then pick single odds and relax. Do not bet more chips until the time they announce the winner.

By being patient, it is possible to apply your tactics intellectually. For instance, you’d be placing the majority of your bets with winnings. So, you have minimal risk to worry about. Depending on the crap betting system that you are using, you could raise the unit by 30% after you get a winning bet on the pass line. You could even double your odds. Every system you use will need you to be patient.

Bet Responsibly

One of the most overlooked betting tactics is responsible for play. This involves knowing how much money to put into a craps game. Also, it tells you when you should gamble and when you shouldn’t. Since they are more personal attributes than things a casino would be interested in discussing with their players, these tips are still crucial.

Why? Playing responsibly means you have enough plans for your money. Always wager what you can lose comfortably. Do not use money intended for rent, food or your lifestyle to bet.

Also, responsible betting means you’d have time to think about the tactics to use during the bet. If you are asking how playing responsibly helps you become better at craps, here it is! First, you’ll get motivated to play the game. Remember, when you have a well thought out plan in place, you’ll not depend on luck. Instead, you’ll have enough skills to beat the casino at craps! Responsibility is the act of doing the right things- and betting the right way is undoubtedly one of them!

Choose An Appropriate Approach

Playing basic craps for fun requires little effort. It would help if you focused on the fun more than anything else. However, because you have also placed a substantial amount of money, you need to get a return. Success in a game of craps requires you to follow a superior system.

As earlier stated, the house is bound to win in casino games – that’s how they make money. Craps, especially, has a high house edge compared to other competitions. Some crap bets go as high as 14% house edge. In such instances, any reckless betting will lead to loss of money. The percentage you get at winning craps can always be increased if you have the best strategies in place.

As a rule of the thumb, whether you’ve just started as a newbie or you’re seasoned be sure to start with Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line Bets. Such bets are usually easier to win as the house has only 1.41% advantage.

Go for the Odds

There’s usually zero house edge for these games. However, as expected, there’s always a catch! The odds are only made when one of the four main bets has landed on a number. Expert crap players know this. You have the chance to increase more to your betting but without any worry about the edges.

I hope you enjoyed reading these 5 tips on how to win at craps and let us know in the comment section your thoughts on these crucial tips. Good luck!

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