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Top 10 Gifts for Gamblers

Top 10 Gifts for Gamblers

Picking gifts for your friends, whether for a special occasion or simply because you want to is not an easy task. When you have to do it for gamblers and poker players, the process of gift searching becomes even more unnerving. Whether your friend or loved one prefers horse racing or dabbling in a bit of poker, one thing is clear, that a generic gift for a gambler will not do.

The good news is that if you are close to a gambler, you might already have a clue as to what their favourite gambling activity is, which will make it much easier to select a gift that is suited to one’s personality. The internet is awash with quirky, funny and affordable gifts to suit friends and relatives of yours that love to gamble. Although gamblers are some of the toughest people to shop for, here is a comprehensive list of top 10 gifts for gamblers:

1. Poker Table

Poker Table

Every gambler that hosts games at home needs a poker table. There is a wide range of poker tables in the market from high-end designer ones to low-end models that will only cost you a couple of dollars. Most at home-game poker players will be happy with a mid-level poker table but if you want, you can also have one custom made to suit your friend’s habits and predilections.

2. Plastic playing cards

Plastic Cards

Coated paper cards are prone to wear and tear after continued use. Therefore, plastic playing cards would make perfect gifts for a passionate poker player. Plastic cards are designed to last forever because they are impossible to crimp or ruin even when you spill drinks on them.

3. Dice


Getting dice for a craps player or dice related paraphernalia is also a welcome idea when looking for gifts for a gambler. You can easily find affordable casino quality dice online for less than $30. If you are used to visiting casinos where craps are played, you can probably talk the management into giving you free used dice. Casinos are only allowed to use sets of dice for so long before they have to be retired; most give these away to loyal customers as a way of keeping them happy.

4. Books about Gambling

Books about gamblingImage Source: nehdc.net

There are books written about almost every gambling activity that you can think of from blackjack to video poker. Antique books can make interesting gifts particularly if you are buying for a veteran player. Guidelines to gambling, as well as fictional gambling books,  can be great choices for a book-worm gambler.

5. Movies about Gambling

Movies about Gambling

Image Source: shaftsburycasino.com

There are plenty of great classic and contemporary movies that feature gambling as the main theme. Most of these movies cover topics and activities that only a gambler would relate to or understand. Though it might be a bit old-school to buy movies on Blue-ray or DVD, great movies like Casablanca, Two for the Money, Havana, The Hustler, 21, and the Cincinnati Kid are worth having to keep as mementoes. To really up to the ante, see if you can have the DVD set signed by the main actors/protagonists to add value to the gift or buy a prop related to the movie online.

6. A real slot machine

slot machine

Finding a slot machine that fits your budget can be a long shot but nowadays, nothing is impossible with a deep internet search. Real slot machines make excellent gifts for individuals that have been gambling for years. If your friend is a collector, no gambling collection is considered complete without one. You will want to look in online thrift stores as well as your local antique store to find something truly worth buying.

7. A poker Set

Full Poker Set

Image Source: baractivity.com

If you are buying a gift for a gambler that you have just met or one that is just getting started in the world of gambling, then a poker set can be the perfect gift. Most fans of gambling also typically end up playing some form of poker. Additionally, there are many other varieties of games with stakes that can be played using a poker set. Therefore, a poker set can be the ultimate present for the avid poker player.

8. Gambling-Related Apparel

Gambling Related Apparel

Image Source: dhgate.com

If you carry out an online search for ‘gifts for gamblers’, you will see that gambling-related apparel makes up a huge proportion of the search results. There is an endless array of gambling-related gear that can fit any gambler’s personality and taste. Such gits include pokies, special dice, keychains, t-shirts, funny coffee mugs, drinking games, posters, and so on. If you are looking for a unique gift that is affordable, these types of gifts are usually small and handy so you should not have too much trouble making up your mind.

9. A trip to a casino, preferably Vegas, Atlantic City or Macao

Las Vegas Strip

When it comes to picking gambling gifts, nothing can beat a trip to the world’s best and biggest gambling destinations. Think of top destinations like Macao, Atlantic City and of course, Vegas. If you are up for some crazy adventure, forget the store-bought gifts and surprise your friend or loved one with an unforgettable weekend (or week) at a top casino hangout. Such a trip would help you to score bonus points with your recipient and you will also get a chance to create lasting memories that will solidify your bond forever.

10. A Poker Training Course

Poker Training Course

Image Source: Twitter.com

If you are buying a gift for a gambler that is a beginner or an intermediate player, then why not get them a poker training course to advance their skills? There are plenty of poker training courses that are offered by celebrated poker players. Such training courses are offered online and are designed to teach participants poker strategies that can increase their likelihood of success. There are also plenty of poker training sites out there for those that are not just looking to review fundamentals or improve their home game, but also those that are interested in becoming full-time professional poker players.


Buying a gift for a gambler is not much different from buying a gift for any other individual. When trying to select a gift for a gambling addict, you can never go wrong by buying something related to poker. The best gifts for gamblers are also those ones that are tailored to their personalities.

Is your friend into laid-back betting activities or those that involve a fair amount of socializing? There are plenty of online stores that offer special gifts and knick-knacks for that special gambler in your life so you can be sure that there is something for everyone.

Another gambling gift not mentioned in the top 10 though are gift cards that online casinos provide. You can search the through a list of casino brands and most of them to offer a gift card that sometimes includes a special bonus offer. You can also go to Neteller and purchase a gift card of any selective online casino brand on work with. It’s a pretty cool gift and I’ll add it to the next list of top gambling gifts

So, get started today!

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