Top 5 Myths Surrounding Online Casino Slots

Online Casino Slot

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have in the online gaming world, there are some myths that refuse to die down. It is these myths that have created a somewhat negative image about mobile casinos, and that has led to people becoming hesitant to try them. We think it is time that the public was introduced to the truth, and have debunked the top 5 myths surrounding online casino slots.

There are lots of myths in the mobile casino world, so we have focused on online slots because it is one of the easiest and most popular online gambling games around. Progressive slots are popular in every mobile casino, but recently there has been a decline in the number of people playing them. This is down to misinformation about online casino slots, so here is the truth:

Myth #1: Playing with bonuses decreases your chances of winning

One of the most common myths you come across is that when you use a bonus on casino slots, it decreases your chances of winning. Therefore, it is better to play without applying a bonus, which makes no sense at all. The Random Number Generators have no idea when a player has used a bonus when playing slots. So, the chances of you winning remain unaffected, whether you use a bonus or not.

Myth #2: Online slots are scripted for ‘hot streaks’ and ‘cold streaks’

That is another myth that makes no sense whatsoever because online slots can’t be programmed that way. It is only in movies where they show how easy it is to program slots to go on hot and cold streaks. There is nothing like that in the world, and it is down to pure luck and chance, and any streak that occurs is completely natural and random.

Myth #3: A slot that’s just paid out a jackpot won’t do it for a long time

This is another assumption that people have made about online slots, but there is nothing that shows online slots to play in that manner. The game is pure luck and chance, and if your stars are shining particularly brightly, you may land two jackpots in a row!

Myth #4: A Slot That Hasn’t Paid Out Recently is due for a Cashout

Like the previous myth, this one is also related to assumptions, and for people that are superstitious, if they notice a slot not paying out much, they think that it is due for a cash out because of natural selection. However, it doesn’t work like that, because online slots are random by nature.

Myth #5: New Slots are Launched for a Variety

This one is probably the only myth on this list that makes sense. It is true to some extent that new slots are launched for variety, but there are other reasons behind it as well. It is mostly about giving people different experiences when they are playing online slots at the most recommended mobile casinos in the world.

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