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Best Twitch Casino Streamers to Watch

Best Twitch Casino Streamers to Watch

If you’ve ever visited YouTube to watch some videos and typed in slots or casinos, you will have seen how popular this type of gaming is. Many also upload videos as Twitch casino streamers and build their own live stream audience. Today, we decided to look into this video platform and see which Twitch slots streamers are popular in 2022.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a video live streaming platform based in the USA. It was established in 2011 and features all types of live-streamed events from around the world. The company’s current CEO is Emmet Shear. The streaming platform is popular and receives hundreds of millions of visitors each month.

There are thousands of streamers across countless categories. One niche popular on Twitch is gambling. There are many Twitch slots and casino streamers that record their gambling sessions live for everyone to enjoy.

Who Can Stream on Twitch?

The great thing about streaming on Twitch is that it’s available to everyone. All you need is a decent computer and recording equipment to get started. The platform allows you to offer free streams to your viewers, or subscription packages starting at $4.99 per month.

Thanks to this amazing business model, many streamers on Twitch have earned millions of dollars. In the most popular categories like video games, Twitch streamers play famous games like GTA V, World of Warcraft, Dota, Call of Duty, and Fortnite, which receive millions of views.

The most popular Twitch casino streamers have close to a million followers, proving that the online gambling niche is active and growing on the platform.

Different Types of Twitch Gambling Streams

Twitch is a diverse platform that features streamers across many niches, including gambling. There are several categories that these Twitch gambling streams fall under. We’ve outlined them below.

  • Slots: Twitch slots streamers are the most popular within the gambling niche. The top members have millions of followers who tune in daily to watch them play online slots, bonus buys, and high stakes casino action.
  • Live Casino: There are many casino streamers on Twitch that focus on live dealer games. These users stream live action with games of Baccarat, Blackjack, Game Shows, and Roulette to 1000s of fans.
  • Virtual Casino: The Virtual Casino area showcases online casino and social casino clips. Here you can find clips of card and table games, as well as virtual slots and other similar games.
  • Poker: Card players can visit Twitch to watch online poker players stream the action around the clock. The site also features land-based poker tournaments, which are streamed live. There are many cash games and tournament clips for Texas Hold’ Em poker.
  • Sports Betting: Another popular style of gambling on Twitch is sports betting. Many users stream their live sports betting sessions, or make videos discussing their betting tips for the next week. This can be an excellent place to learn new betting strategies in 2022.

Most Popular Twitch Casino Streamers

We’ve gone through the Twitch to find the most popular casino streamers on the platform. We’ve ranked them below based on the number of followers they have. These are the best users to pick if you enjoy watching casino and slots live streams.


Roshtein is a famous Twitch casino streamer that’s been making videos since 2016. Currently, he has over 926,000 followers in 2022. His top video has accumulated 720,000 views in the last two months and continues to grow. Roshtein regularly live streams his casino sessions, where he does high stake bonus buys on slots.

Roshtein Slot Streamer


Elmiillor is a Spanish casino streamer on Twitch. During his streaming career, he has amassed over 778,000 Twitch followers. His top slots clip has over 123,000 views in the last month. He records live streams playing new slots and doing bonus buys on Gamdom crypto casino.

ElmiilloR Slot Streamer


Stevewillsendit is a famous gambler that records videos on Twitch. He has built a following of more than 666,000 people. He records regular streams of high stakes gambling, like playing a $80,000 balance on slots.

Stevewillsendit - Twitch Casino Streamers


Xposed is an exciting casino streamer that records slots and live casino twitch streams. He has over 481,000 followers, and his most popular video has nearly 100,000 views. He mostly plays slots and bonus buy features at Stake Casino with cryptocurrency.

Xposed Twitch Slots Streamers


IlGabbrone is proof you don’t need to bet heaps of money to be a popular Twitch slots streamer. This Italian streamer has over 473,000 followers and focuses on producing low stakes gambling clips. He plays online slots, as well as live dealer casino games.



Teuf is a French video streamer that records gambling videos on Twitch. He has more than 242,000 followers, and his most popular recent clip has had nearly 100,000 views in the last month. He records mid-high stakes action, playing mostly slots at Stake online casino.



ClassyBeef is a famous casino and slots Twitch streaming channel. This is a big operation, with eight live streamers: Biggo, Joe, Jonte, Espen, Georgi, Nando, Lamar, and Fredde. The channel has over 235,000 followers and many exciting clips of live dealer and slot casino games.



DeuceAce is a casino channel that features streams from Adam and Jay. They have over 220,000 followers who enjoy watching them play live dealer titles, and slot bonus buys. Their top videos receive over 100,000 views each month.


Von Dice

Von Dice is an avid slots player who enjoys streaming his casino sessions to more than 196,000 of his Twitch followers. Many of his clips are playing slot base games and hunting for bonuses, which his audience loves. His most popular recent clip has amassed 90,000 views in 10 days.

Von Dice - Twitch Casino Streamers

Casino Daddy

Casino Daddy is a big streamer in the gaming space, and they provide over 14 hours of live streams daily. They are growing their channel and now have 167,000 followers. They record most online slots sessions and big bonus buys.

Casino Streamer - CasinoDaddy


If you enjoy gambling action, then tuning in to Twitch to watch the best casino and slots live streamers might be a good idea. There are plenty of free entertainment options, and best of all, you can experience high stakes action, without worrying about losing your own money. Twitch is a cool platform that’s definitely worth checking out if you record slots videos and want to grow your audience.

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