Vegas Crest Casino Winner

Vegas Crest Casino Winner

Gambling has, for many years, been enjoyed by many people as just a way to unwind. With the onset of online gambling, many more have had the chance to enjoy themselves. Most people don’t play casino games so that they can win, but every other time, some people are lucky enough to win on top of being able to enjoy themselves. The winners range from young gentlemen to elderly ladies. You need a success story to reassure you of the benefits of gambling. Lately, because of the impressive numbers of people who play online casino games in the comfort of their own homes; there has been an increase in online winners. 

Mishelin recently played roulette on Vegas Crest Casino and won herself a cool $250,000 in October of this year. Michelin never started by playing roulette online. However, because she was experiencing challenges resulting from her advancing age, she decided that she would still enjoy all her casino games at the comfort of her home. She has been going to the casino since the 60s when she was still a young wife. When she got married to Frank Mishelin in the early ’60s, she discovered her love for the casino when he took her there for their first date night. They had been going there regularly throughout their marriage.

When Mr. Mishelin passed away in 1997, Beryl (her maiden name), was left with a big void. All their four children had gotten married and were raising their families in different states throughout the country. With her husband absent, Mrs. Mishelin needed something that would make her feel that she was still connected to her husband, and to act as a sweet reminder of what a happy married life they shared. She didn’t need much retrospection because she knew that it has to be the casino. She continued going to play her favorites, blackjack, and roulette, for many years until 2013 when she developed rheumatism, and it became quite hard for her to frequent the casino.

She was in for a lucky treat because online casinos had already quite developed. One of her daughters introduced her to online gambling because she noticed that her mother was saddened by losing a connection to something that reminded her of her loved ones. They scouted several sites together and settled on Vegas Crest Casino because it had high rates and had all the fantastic casino games that Mrs. Mishelin could indulge in. Over the years she has won several times. She acknowledged that she has somewhat of a winning streak. However, throughout the years, her latest win is her best yet. With $250,000 she plans on putting some money in each grandchild’s college fund, as well as give a certain amount to a rescue center run by her church.

For the remaining amount, Mrs. Michelin’s children have advised that she invests it in making herself more comfortable in her home, especially because she has been experiencing quite a considerable amount of discomfort due to rheumatism. Mrs. Mishelin says that she will continue to play on her online casino because that is the best site that she has come across so far

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Vegas Crest is a certified online casino that looks to give players a memorable online gambling experience. On signing up, you are awarded 100 free spins and up to 200% bonus on your first deposit. The security of the gambler is guaranteed by the SSL encryption used by the site, and customer support is available 24/7. Become a winner just like Mrs. Michelin with the tons of games provided by the casino.

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