What Are Progressive Slots?

progressive slots

If you fancy a big payday at an online casino, playing progressive slots is perhaps your best shot. These online casino slots don’t just pay – they pay big time! Their payouts dwarf those of classic online casino games like roulette and blackjack by a huge margin. And they’re not just stupendously rewarding, progressive slots are equally exciting and fun to play.

At NewCasinos.org, we pride ourselves on being progressive slots specialists. We’ve done thorough research, and condensed our years of experience into this list of best online casinos to play progressive slots. Remember not all online casinos are created equal – don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Which begs the question: what actually are progressive slots? That’s the question we look to tackle in this blog post.

Welcome to the World of Progressive Slots …

For lack of better a description, progressive slots are the superstars of slot machines. Also called progressive jackpots, these slots can pay hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars on a lucky spin. But if you have played regular slots, then you know also they do have jackpots. So, what’s the difference?

Unlike conventional online slot games that have “fixed jackpots,” progressive slots have jackpots that grow with every spin. As you wager more and more coins, the jackpot rises. When you hit a jackpot on a regular slot, you will be paid a fixed amount. If the jackpot is 300x, you will be paid 300 times the size of your stake. You will win 300x your wager whether you placed £0.05 or £1000 per spin.

That’s not the only fundamental difference between regular slots and progressive jackpots. Progressive slots, for one, have bigger and more lucrative prizes than traditional slots. When a progressive slot is won, the high prizes usually reset to the standard default amounts. It will then rebuild as more and more players place their wagers on the progressive jackpot.

Types of Progressive Slots

Most online casinos carry three types of progressive slots:

Standalone Progressive Jackpots

Standalone progressive slots are still the staple of land-based casinos. But they aren’t as popular with online casinos. Each progressive slot machine comprises a jackpot ticker. However, the bets wagered on that particular machine are the only ones that increase the jackpot. That’s why not many standalone progressive slot machines pay more than £10,000.

Local Progressive Slots

Local progressive slots take it up a notch from standalone. This is usually a network of progressive slot machines within a specific casino. It can consist of scores to hundreds of slots. If you are lucky, you can land more than £100,000 on a local progressive jackpot. Nonetheless, their jackpots are usually lower than £1,000,000.

Wide Area Network Progressive Slots

This is a progressive jackpot slot that’s run over a network that cuts across all online casinos that carry the game. If it’s a NetEnt progressive slot, for instance, the jackpot can be won by anyone in any casino running that slot. Also, the jackpot prize is the same across all the online casinos on the network. In our experience, wide area network progressive slots are found in most white label online casinos.

How to Win at Progressive Slots

Regular slot machines pay a jackpot when you land a fixed trigger. It could be landing 3 symbols in a line or a particular pattern. With progressive jackpot slots, that’s a whole different story. The triggers often vary from slot to slot. Some pay randomly, while others need you to spin a bonus wheel. Either way, beating the progressive slot isn’t a joke. Isn’t that why they are rarely won?

The trick is to weigh up your chances. If you’re competing against a large network of players in different casinos, your chances of winning are slim to none.

Popular Progressive Slots

We don’t just review online casinos. We also dissect online casino games to find out which ones offer the most value to players. Here some of the progressive slots worthy of your top dollar:

Wheel of Fortune: its popular quarter version has a jackpot beginning at $200,000.

Mag Moolah: It’s powered by Microgaming software so you know it’s solid and fair. Its jackpot is often won before it hits $1m.

Elvis: It’s model after the prince of Rock & Roll, Presley.

Megabucks: You can be the lucky one in 50 million.

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