When is The Best Time to Play Slots?

When is the best time to play slot machines at a casino

The iGaming marketplace is currently dominated by virtual slot; a genre that accounted for close to 64.5% of the entire 2018 online CGY. The dominance can be attributed to the popularity and wide availability of slot games online. Unlike other games, slots are easy to play and have proven to be popular among both casual and professional players. When is the best time to play slot machines at a casino is not an easy question to answer. And that’s because their is no answer to that question, only speculations.

Gamers get to enjoy access to a host of many low-variance titles as well as clearly defined RTP (return-to-player) rates. RTP rates help the players to gain perception on how much they can expect to earn for every $1 spent on a slot machine. It also gets to reveal the edge of online casinos associated with all available slot games.

While the RTP rates are insightful, they, unfortunately, do not help the player to know when is the best time to play slot machines. All successful players understand the need to develop a playing strategy. However, it is not possible to develop a good strategy if you do not have all the pertinent information.

So when is the best time to play slot machines at a casino?

Only Play When You’re Available Bankroll Allows You Too

Although low variance slots are known to provide regular base game returns, the returns delivered are in many cases too modest. High-variance slots, in contrast, will tend to include progressive jackpot games. Any person looking to secure a good prize should target progressive jackpots.

These games do, however, have a downside in that they require the players to stake to the maximum; a fact that can easily diminish your bankroll if you are not careful. Negating this risk will require you to come up with a unique betting strategy.

Ensure that the strategy will help you utilize your bankroll to the maximum, even as you seek to take advantage of available bonuses. A good strategy will make sure that the only time you play a certain progressive jackpot game is when the bankroll permits you. This strategy is designed to provide you with the best chances to walk away with bigger prizes.

Developing the strategy will require you to first sit down and review the pay-table for each preferred game. Go through the governing rules as well to establish what percentage of your bankroll you have to part with for you to try your hand on the progressive jackpot. The analysis, simple as it may appear, will enable you to determine the total number of spins that you can play with the capital at hand.

At this point, you can now make a decision to start playing or opt to come back at a later date with a more substantial amount. On the other hand, you can also seek out the other slots that do not require a big investment. But note that such jackpots do not offer good returns and that the probability of emerging a winner is quite slim.

The above playing strategy is designed to help you identify the best slot titles and games that offer better value for your existing bankroll. Applying it will help you gain an understanding of the ideal time to play the titles depending on the amount you are required to wager.

Play When the Jackpot Has Improved, But with a Slight Margin

If you happen to be a regular at NewCasinos.org, then you already know that many casinos provide information on their rolling jackpots on a regular basis. Data is made available to the gamers as the jackpot continues to grow. And although the size of the jackpot itself can compel you to play, the figures do not tell you when to join a given game.

The numbers will also not tell you the impact that an increased demand level may have on your winning chances. Simply put, the greatness of any rolling jackpot is dependent on volume and time. These two are normally combined to help come up with potentially big jackpot rewards.

Whenever a jackpot grows to a certain level, it starts to go viral as more players start to play. Increased demand translates to an increased number of spins, which in turn greatly lowers your chances of winning. Often, many gambling syndicates and big hitters will make their move at this particular point in time.

In conclusion always use an appreciation and understanding of good fortune to inform all your gambling-related activities. The decisions that you will make when playing will influence your fortune levels as well as overall experience on an iGaming platform. Gaging your mood levels in advance will also prevent you from making costly mistakes. In short, do not play when you have had a frustrating day or when your mind is preoccupied with other issues.

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