What Different Kinds of Online Casinos Are There?

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Online casinos leave you spoiled for choice. Not only do you have an extensive selection of online games to choose from, but you also have the luxury to choose which kind of casino to play at.

Yes, you read that right; not all online casinos are the same. Even though there are more than 1500 online casinos operating on the internet today, they can be further classified into two three distinct classes, namely;

  1. The Software Download
  2. The No-Download
  3. HTML-based Online Casinos

Join us as we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each type so that you have a better understanding of which option to choose.

1. The Software Download:

This is by far the most commonly used form of online casinos. The aptly-named software download casinos boast a unique interface which must be first downloaded from the casino’s official website.

Generally speaking, these types of casinos ask the user to download an installation file from their website (usually a .RAR file or a .ISO file). This file, once downloaded and extracted, creates all the different files needed for the installation.

Once you’ve installed the software download, you might need to add an exception to the Window’s Firewall (which allows the program to communicate with the Internet). And once that’s all done, you have the luxury to play your favorite game whenever you want!

2. The No-Download:

Not everybody has the time (or the patience) to download large installation files (which roughly translates to tens of GBs of data); some people are just looking to get their gambling fix. This is where the No-Download online casinos come into the picture.

As its name suggests, No-Download online casinos don’t require you to download a single file from the internet. All you need to do is to install a plug-in or an extension and you can gamble and bet to your heart’s content.

No-Download are pre-packaged and ready to go. Simply load the plug-in or the extension and start gambling with your friends (or strangers)!

3. HTML-Based Online Casinos:

Hypertext Markup Language casinos are a unique blend to say the least. Even though they function a lot like their no-download counterparts, they don’t require plug-ins like Flash Player or Shockwave Player, etc.

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The beauty of HTML-Based Online Casinos is that they require only one thing from the user; a stable internet connection. All you need to enjoy a game of poker or blackjack with your friends is a web browser and an internet connection, and you’re good to go!

Owing to their simple requirements, HTML-based online casinos aren’t nearly as flashy as no-download casinos or as sophisticated as software download casinos. They enjoy a unique position in the online gambling community; with some gamblers criticizing them for their basic design while others praise the very same aspect.

And there you have it; a definitive guide on the different types of online casinos. We hope that after reading this guide, you can easily identify which casino type is better suited to your needs and that this guide has helped enhance your gambling experience.

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