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How to Find Pokies Machines With the Best Payouts

How to Find Pokies Machines With the Best Payouts

If you are one among the millions of pokies aficionados who love playing real money casino slots, it’s a must that you fully understand the payout rates of the pokie machines. Read on to find everything you need to know about real money slots, including online and offline casino house edge, return to play (RTP) percentage and payout rates, casinos where you will find loose pokies, and much more.

The slot machines you find at the best online casinos come with a unique return to play (RTP) percentages. This is what determines the odds of whether your gambling session will be profitable. The higher the slots payout rate, the lower the house edge. This means you will stand a better chance of winning if you chose to play such slots. Also, this is a fantastic way of reducing your losses.

Most online pokies casinos will conspicuously display their slots RTP or they will allow the casino hosting the slots to highlight it. However, not all the slots you find will be as transparent because some will make it much harder for players to know the RTP of their casino games.

Fortunately, here at NewCasinos.org, we are one of the best casino review sites, and we have done enough research and found the best paying pokies about the RTP offered. This ranges from 96% to very fantastic numbers that can go up to 99%. If you take into consideration that some casino slots have return to play ranging from 80 and early 90% range, you will soon find out why these pokie machines you ought to consider the next time you visit the best online casino.

Pokie Payout Percentages

Simply put, the payout percentage of online slots refers to the average amount of cash that would be returned to you as winnings, as compared to the amount that you wagered. The most important term to remember is “average”. The payout percentage cannot in any way guarantee the amount of money you might be winning in a single session. The thing if you spin the reels more times, you will be edging closer to the pokies payout percentage.

As mentioned earlier, a higher payout percentage is always in favour of the player. As a result, you should do enough research to determine the slots with the highest payout percentages.

NZ Online casinos make enough profits by building an edge right from the rules of the casino game. It is this edge that also determines the payout percentage and is in all the games and not just online slots.

Play Online Pokies with The Highest Payout Percentages

Online Slots with High Payout Percentage

It is the responsibility of a player to find pokies with the best odds. While online gaming is all about having fun, and this is often what most slots players prioritize, you will have more fun playing real money slots and winning some life-changing sums of money.

Keep reading to learn how you can find the top games; relevant gambling terms can improve your chances of hitting the jackpot. Or if you want to get right into the gaming action, check through our wide selection of online slots for the easiest way to find the online pokies you want to play.

How To Find The Highest Payout Percentage Pokies

Offline and online games work on the same fundamental principles based on how slots machines payout. Keep in mind, it’s essential to understand the numbers, whether you are playing on the Internet or in a land-based casino.

Online Pokies

Are you looking for casinos that payout? If so, a closer look at their payout percentages will be an amazing place to get started. You might be possibly looking to find the statistics. When it comes to the best online casinos, they are very straightforward.

The payout percentage is often posted on the information page or the rules of the game. You may also find out that some casinos list their payout percentages on the terms and conditions of the casino section. If you are finding it hard to determine the slots payout percentages, a Google search using the name of the game and a ‘payout percentage’ term will yield the desired results. If this fails to work, the best thing you should do is to get in touch with the customer support, or via live chat to get the help you need.

Technically speaking, casino sites offer slots with better payout rates as opposed to land-based casinos. Here you will find answers to which pokie machines pay the best. This is because these casinos have an unlimited number of people playing the games simultaneously and lower overhead.

It’s easy to find slot machines with payout percentages that are as high as 99%, which is quite hard to find in real-life casinos.

Offline Pokies

With regards to payout percentages, it has everything to do with how the slot machines are designed. As if that is not enough, game developers and casinos do not publish numbers of certain pokies. Nevertheless, there are great ways that players can understand the top paying pokie machines.

Fortunately, we have already researched to make it easier for you to find the best games. There are many great resources and forums for players online.

The geographic location might also tell you something about the slots payouts. Online casinos must meet the minimum payout percentage that is set by renowned gaming authorities in that specific territory. When it comes to the United States, this varies from one state to another, but it’s often 80% or higher. Also, indeed, the payout rates usually vary even in the same game based on how much the player is betting. Technically, the more you wager, the more favourite the payout percentage becomes.

Why You Cannot Cheat The Pokie Machine

Payouts Are Random: In brick and mortar casinos, most gamblers spend most of their time trying to try and predict the pokie machines payout rates, but that is useless. This is because if they are working, as it should, then the odds are the same on every single spin. The same applies to online slot machines.

Advanced Security: In offline and online slots, the payout rates are controlled by systems that are fitted with high-level security. Technically speaking, this makes these machines unhackable. Most casinos spend most of their money and time, making it impossible for cheaters to compromise the machines. And if the security cannot do anymore, the law enforcement will deal with the rest.

Criminal Charges: In many regions, many special laws have been passed, which make it illegal to steal or cheat from casinos. The same applies to offline and online pokies. The gambling history is surrounded by many stories of cheaters getting caught as they try to cheat and losing everything. The charges also come with very high fines.

Loosest Pokie Machines: When you hear other players talk about “tight” and “loose” slot machines, they are talking about the payout percentage. A looser pokie machine pays out often and a higher percentage, whereas a tight machine has a lower return to play and will pay out fewer times.

Looser slots are much better for players. This is the reason you find some mobile casinos using loosest slots as a marketing gimmick to attract more slots players.

Besides the RTP, another vital metric you also need to consider is the ‘hit frequency’. This is the number that shows the possibility of every spin becoming a winning spin. However, it does not say the amount of money that a player is likely to win, just how likely the player can win as opposed to losing.

How To Find The Best Loose Pokie Machines?

Are you searching for the loosest pokies you can find, the Internet has everything for you. The best online casinos offer the highest return to player percentage mainly because they have a lower overhead as compared to the land-based casinos. However, with regards to offline slots, players have created some theories regarding how to determine the loosest games.

There are a few players who believe that the loosest pokies are positioned at the most visible parts of the land-based casino establishment. Because the casino wants new entrants to see, other players, winning and feel the urge to get into the gaming action. Slot machines that are closer to the cash redemption slots are thought of as loose.

Mainly because the house wants customers to withdraw their winnings to see other players winning, this gets players lured back to the machines. This can be confusing because the same hypothesis advises players to avoid pokies close to lines like shows and buffets. This is because the house knows that customers here are just passing the time and won’t be playing for long.

Best Pokie Machines Payout

Wondering which pokie machines pay the best? Look no further! Below we have listed the best-paying pokies machines for you.

1. Mega Joker – 99% RTP

Mega Joker by NetEnt

pokie machines from NetEnt, a renowned software provider are some of the most popular slot titles you will find today. However, none will beat the Mega Joker when it comes to the highest RTP. Offering a stunning 99% Return To Player rates and the progressive jackpot that grows to become incredible. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this game has become so popular despite being in the market for the past 5 years.

The only drawback is that there are no significant bonus features and the available graphics are quite basic because it’s a classic slot. In essence, that interesting combination of the random jackpot and the extreme RTP is quite impressive to players that want to play real money slots.

2. Monopoly Big Event – 96% to 99% RTP

Monopoly Slot Games

Most people are familiar with the all-time favourite board game known as Monopoly. The good news is that you can now play the slots version of this game with a much higher RTP. This can be as high as the RTP. Built by Barcrest, this amazing casino game, features a 20-payline slot feature that allows the player to experience amazing bonus rounds and the fascinating spins.

Other amazing features of this fantastic game include the locked wilds, wild reels, persisting wilds, epic spins, progressive multipliers, and the free spins round. All the amazing minimum RTP of about 96% and the bonus features can be played with as little as $10 per spin or anything up to a maximum of $500 per spin.

3. Ooh Aah Dracula – 96% to 99% RTP

Ooh Aah Dracula by Barcrest

The Ooh Aah Dracula built by Barcrest is a fascinating slot game because it offers players a good chance to play different game modes. As a result, players can purchase the spins at a much lower price, and this will have a 96% RTP. The good news is that you get to spend less when playing this slot game for real money. The good news is that you can take full advantage of the generous free spins rounds that you can enjoy with additional benefits like the extra wilds.

4. 1429 Uncharted Seas – 98.60% RTP

Uncharted Seas - 1429

Thunderkick is a renowned software developer that is known for many top-notch pokie games over the years. However, 1429 Uncharted Seas is by far the most popular of the games developed by this company. This game was first introduced into the gaming world back in 2014 and because of its higher RTP standing at 98.6%; this game is trendy at the top online casinos.

Final Thoughts

One of the main reasons why many people prefer playing pokie machines is because of the higher chances of winning life-changing sums of money. With slots, you get to explore the fascinating progressive jackpots. While winning might not be as easy as it sounds, a single win can get you millions of dollars.

However, when it comes to the payout percentage and the RTP, this is something you will have to compromise with games that offer the biggest jackpots. Please keep checking our online casino guides for more updates about top casino pokies. We strongly hope that your question on which pokie machines pay the best has been perfectly answered in this post.

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