Why You May Want to Skip That Next Casino Bonus

In today’s world of online gambling and casino play, everyone is looking for the biggest and best bonuses. But as a casino player, is claiming a bonus the right move to make?

There are many reasons that it may not be the best decision to claim a bonus from a casino. Let’s take a few minutes and talk about some reasons you may want to pass on your next casino bonus opportunity.

Outrageous Wager Requirements

When you claim an online casino bonus, you are also committing to their “fine print” or requirements of that specific offer. Many times (nearly every time), this includes outrageous wager requirements.

What do we mean by outrageous wager requirements? Most bonus terms & conditions will have a “rollover amount” in place with each bonus offer. For example, if you accept a 100% up to $500 bonus. You may have to wager 20x the bonus and deposit amount before you can cash out.

In this example, if you deposit $500 and claim a $500 bonus. You would have to wager $20,000 in total before you can cash out any winnings. All online casinos and bonus offers have different wager requirements set with them. From 8% to 10% to 20% rollover. But in the end, these massive wager requirements really make it hard to cash out.

Cash Out Becomes Tougher

This next one goes directly along with the point above. Due to these large wager requirements, it is nearly impossible (or way tougher) to cashout. Many think they can deposit, claim a bonus, win quickly, and cashout.

NOT THE CASE when you accept a bonus offer. You have to meet strict rollover and wager requirements. There may also be certain games that don’t count towards these wager requirements.

Remember, the casino is not in this business to just GIVE OUT free money. So if you are wanting to cash out quickly, you may want to pass on the next offer you get.

Our Casino Bonus Section

So hopefully that gives you a little insight into why you may want to avoid accepting casino bonuses. We want to be super honest and transparent here at NewCasinos.org — so taking these bonuses isn’t always the best option.

But there are times you DO WANT to claim a bonus. If you are a grinder and in it for the long haul, meaning a quick cashout isn’t needed — you may want to claim a bonus. We have a very detailed section with all of the latest bonuses at some of our top online casinos.

  • No Deposit Bonus Offers
  • Free Spin Bonus Offers
  • Welcome Bonus Offers

If bonuses are still for you, feel free to browse our bonuses and claim the one that suits your needs.

Good luck as you get started with your next online casino. Whether to accept a bonus or not is the first question you need to ask yourself. Most people automatically assume the answer should be YES. But with tough wager requirements and cashout limitations — the right answer for you could be NO.

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